Mods website: How-to

In this article, we will see how to use some of the website features.


How to see other mods from an specific author

Here we are going to see how to find authors mods.

First, find go to the author profile (for our exemple, we will use my profile, so here:


Once on the author profile, click on the "Files" text, here:

On this page, you will see all the other mods made by the author.

How to filter by AKI version

For this, it is simple, go on this page:

And then, look at the right part, here:

Select the desired version, and click "submit".

Now only the selected version mods will appear.

How to mark all mods/threads as read in one click?

That's easy.
Go to: for threads

Or to:

And go to the top right of the page, for clicking on that button:

This will mark all unread items, as read.

How to create tabs in your mod page

You want to get cool tabs in your mod page like this ?

That's simple. You need to include the following code in the text editor:


[tab='Name of your tab']Text of your tab[/tab]

[tab='Another tab title']Another text for you tab. Note that you can include any editing in it (codeblocs, lists and such)[/tab]


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