AKI-A8: Close

Download any EFT version outside of its official way can get you banned.
If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game and keep it installed on your computer to play AKI.

Hello everyone!

Today I've got pretty good news to share with you all: the server refactor is almost fully done and ready for release.
I still have to fix a couple of bugs caused by the huge amount of file changes, but it's pretty stable so far.
Mod support is re-enabled, and seems to work as intended.
I do want to make a couple of mod examples, write some documentation and fix the issues I discover before I'll make a release.
For those impatient can track the development progress on the git repo.

To re-iterate what AKI-A8 has to offer:

  • supports
  • dynamic ragfair (old behaviour available in mods)
  • item selling in ragfair
  • improved bots
  • the new launcher
  • updated database
  • a huge amount of fixes
  • quite some optimizations
  • ...and more

Dynamic ragfair!

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  • When will it be released?