New games support

Download any EFT version outside of its official way can get you banned.
If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game and keep it installed on your computer to play AKI.

Hello everyone !

I'm ereshkigal and i'm making you a little news about some changes in the community!

New game support

We are opening the pub to some new games to play with all of you ! List of the new games we created a group for:


Yes ! There's been 3 new CS:GO servers opened for the PUB. You can find them with these IP:
* [EU] - Senko's PUB #1 | Zombie escape | FastDL:


* [EU] - Senko's PUB #2 | Multigames | FastDL:


* [EU] - Senko's PUB #3 | Surf | FastDL:

Find more about the CS:GO part: on guilded

Minecraft: MC4TB

(Managed by digitalbarrito) : Minecraft for the Boys

You can find the IP to join it on: guilded


1) No Griefing

2) Generally, if you think you shouldn't do it, don't.

3) While this Minecraft Server is not directly an extension of Senko's Pub or it's Community, egregious behavior that conflicts Senko's Pub Rules and/or Guilded ToS and Community Guidelines will be dealt with accordingly.

Modpack required to play on the server: download

Have fun on the server!

TableTop RPG Group

(Managed by Senko-san )

You can find all the infos here: guilded

Dungeons & Dragons RPG

(Managed by @trainfriend and WillDaPope) :

Find everything about it on: guilded

You can aswell find everything about D&D:

These rules are IN ADDITION to the rules of Senko's Pub, and the overall Guilded ToS.

  1. All rules apply to voice chat during sessions.
  2. Characters and sessions must not contain any content that violates ToS.
  3. All sessions will be conducted in the D&D - Session channel.
  4. Microphones are required for participation.
  5. Homebrew is allowed at the discretion of the DM running the session, but you must get approval prior to starting.
  6. Do not tag @D&D DM with general questions.

Additional Changes

  • @D&D DM will act as moderators during sessions.
  • Should any rule violations occur in voice chat, they will discuss the infraction with WillDaPope to determine punishment.
  • Repeated violations that do not warrant removal from Senko's Pub can still result in loss of right to see the D&D channels.

Escape from tarkov

Nothing have changed on it, we still support EFT and continue to work on Aki versions.

Thanks for reading this article, and be sure to check every games and join us if you are willing to !