0.13 Usable Items 2.1.0

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A collection of the usable/useful items from the new Tarkov patch ported to SPT-3.4.1.

Special thanks to the SPT devs for dumping the relevant json files required for these mods to work, and for everything else! <3

Note: This mod is no longer needed if you are running SPT version 3.5.0 or later as all the new items are included by default!


Download the .zip file, extract all, and add the folder MC-ITEMS to your user/mods/ folder in SPT. Make sure it is just the folder with all of the contents, not a folder with another MC-ITEMS folder inside of it, else the mod will probably throw an error!

The directory should look like this:


and not this:


Config Options:

  • "oldLocales" - Change this to true to try and use with older SPT versions (potentially 3.1.0 and newer, 3.0.0 and older will not work)
  • "lvl1Traders" - Make the trades available at level one traders instead (doesn't change anything else)
  • "enableZyrachiyClothes" - Change this to true to be able to buy Zyrachiy's clothes from Ragman

To change any of these options, open "config.json" with Notepad, change from "false" to "true" (without quotes), then save and close the file.


If for whatever reason you need to remove this mod, make sure you delete any new items that this mod adds from your inventory before you delete the mod folder! This includes changing back to normal clothes!

List of Items:

AK 100-series metal skeletonized stock

AK CNC Guns OV GP handguard

AR-15 Griffin Armament Gate-LOK Hammer 5.56x45 flash hider
AR-15 Griffin Armament M4SD-K 5.56x45 sound suppressor
AR-15 RTM ATP buffer tube
AWC Thor PSR XL multi-caliber sound suppressor
Azimut SS "Khamelion" chest harness (Olive)
Hexatac HPC Plate Carrier (Multicam Black)
PNB (Product 16) stimulant injector
Perfotoran (Blue Blood) stimulant injector
Precision Reflex handguard bottom rail mount
Precision Reflex handguard long top rail mount

Precision Reflex handguard short side rail mount
SJ12 TGLabs combat stimulant injector
SOG Voodoo Hawk tactical tomahawk
Tasmanian Tiger Trooper 35 backpack
Trimadol stimulant injector
Zryachiy's balaclava (folded)
Zryachiy's balaclava

AR-15 Precision Reflex GEN III Delta Carbon handguard
Obdolbos 2 cocktail injector

Shellback Tactical Banshee plate carrier (A-Tacs AU)

SAG Bit low profile dovetail sidemount

USEC Mission Upper (clothing)

USEC Rangemaster Lower (clothing)

BEAR SPN Upper (clothing)

BEAR SPN Lower (clothing)

Zyrachiy Upper (clothing)

Zyrachiy Lower (clothing)

Things Not Added:

  • Under-Barrel Grenade Launchers - I'm pretty sure these would require a bunch of client modding that I don't know how to do, sadly.
  • Upper/lower handguards - didn't really see any point adding these in
  • Other barter items/keys/etc that have no use in 3.4.1

Known Issues/Differences from Live:

  • Banshee plate carrier uses the Strandhogg layout, this is necessary because it uses a custom layout that cannot be put into the game without client modding
  • The Zyrachiy clothing option's hands are set to one of the BEAR hands, this is necessary because the assets for Zyrachiy's hands don't exist currently in the game as far as I can tell.

Let me know if there are any issues with it!


  • Version 2.1.0

    Added missing usable/useful item: SAG Bit low profile dovetail sidemount

  • Version 2.0.0


    • New 0.13 clothes
      • USEC Mission upper and Rangemaster lower
      • BEAR SPN upper and lower
    • Zyrachiy's clothes (minus the hands since the asset for them doesn't currently exist)
    • Banshee plate carrier with the layout of a Strandhogg


    • Zyrachiy's balaclava (folded) can now go into the head slot
  • Version 1.0.0

  • is zryachiys clothes added? cant find them on ragman

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    • Check the config options on the Overview tab :)

      Usually I try to make things as similar to live as possible so I made that false by default.

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    • alright i got it thanks

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  • Just a suggestion: I noticed that the new Ak dovetail mount seems to be missing


    It´s not a big deal, but given that this mod adds all sorts of new weapon mods, it would be nice if you could fit it in with the next version if you plan on doing one.

    Btw nice work on porting all the 13.0 weapons and the mods.

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    • Shoot thanks for letting me know. I remember looking at the mount but must have forgotten to actually add it.

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    • (See version 2.1.0)

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    Happy 2 Thumbs Up 2
  • Hay which trader sells the 0.13 scav bosses mask?

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    • None of them, like in live. Flea market is where that one is

  • What about the Banshee pc is the problem? If it's the internal slot layout you could use a different one from one already in game, so at least its partially in

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    • Yes it has its own unique layout. I just figured if I did that, it wouldn't be the banshee anymore... If I make a next version I will consider doing this, though.

    • Please add this in a future version if possible, I definitely wouldnt care if the layout was different, the main reason i want it is for the looks anyway tbh

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    • (See Version 2.0.0)

  • Thank you so much! :thumbup:

    Edit: @Mighty_Condor Can we get the underbarrel GLs too?

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    • Hate to say it but, the GLs are beyond my skills. :( They are considerably more challenging because they require changes to the client I believe.

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  • 580-ar-15-precision-reflex-gen-iii-delta-carbon-handguard-with-m4-altered-with-18-ba

    altered some database, it is somehow more aesthetic to me


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    • where you get that sight man lol looks good

    • search Gaax weapons

  • Where is grenade launcher maan?

    • Those you will probably have to wait for 3.5.0 for. They would likely require a decent amount of client modding that I don't know how to do.