ATLAS Custom Weapons & Equipment 1.2.0

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Port of ATLAS's old re-textures/modifications of weapons, equipment, and clothing to SPT's latest version.

All credit goes to ATLAS for his original mods and Nomad_420 for his ports and permission to update his mod! <3

This mod should restore the functionality of ATLAS's original mods as close as they can be, plus it is updated to add weapon malfunctions and the PEQ-15 night vision fix that BSG relatively recently added. Read the known issues below for a list of differences.

This mod adds a lot of items so it is possible that I missed something, please let me know if there are any issues you come across.

WARNING - Before updating SPT versions, if you want to carry over your profile and won't have this mod in the next version, make sure you follow the uninstall directions at the bottom *before* updating!

Realism Compatibility: I have no experience with Realism myself, but please check out this simple mod for realism compatibility: REALISM COMPATIBILITY FOR ATLAS WEAPONS & EQUIPMENT

Note that I have not tested this mod myself.


Download the .zip file, extract all, and add the folder ATLAS-GEAR to your user/mods/ folder in SPT. Make sure it is just the folder with all of the contents, not a folder with another ATLAS-GEAR folder inside of it, else the mod will probably throw an error!

The directory should look like this:


and not this:


Config Options:

  • "lvl1Traders" - Make the trades available at level one traders instead (doesn't change anything else)

To change any of these options, open "config.json" with Notepad, change from "false" to "true" (without quotes), then save and close the file.


If for whatever reason you need to remove this mod, make sure you remove any new items that this mod adds from your inventory before you delete the mod folder, including changing back to normal clothes and deleting any presets that have new items!

List of Items:

  • Weapons:
    • Atlas ATL-15 .300 BLK Precision Rifle (Mechanic 3)
    • Atlas ATL-15 5.56x45 Precision Rifle (Mechanic 2)
    • Knight's Armament Company SR-25 7.62x51 FDE (Peacekeeper 4)
  • Ammo:
    • .300 AAC Blackout APXT (Peacekeeper 4)
    • .300 AAC Blackout TT (Peacekeeper 3)
  • Weapon Parts:
    • Glock 9x19 Viper Cut slide FADE (Mechanic 3)
    • URX-4 handguard for AR-10 and compatible FDE (Peacekeeper 4)
    • Upper receiver KAC 7.62x51 for SR-25 rifle FDE (Peacekeeper 4)
    • 182mm Titanium Nitride Barrel for ATL-15 .300 BLK (Mechanic 4)
    • 277mm Titanium Nitride Barrel for ATL-15 .300 BLK (Mechanic 3)
    • 379mm Titanium Nitride Barrel for ATL-15 .300 BLK (Mechanic 4)
    • Raptor charging handle for AR-15 Red (Mechanic 4)
    • Atlas SMR MK88 13.5in M-LOK Handguard for ATL-15 (Mechanic 4)
    • Atlas SMR MK88 9.5in M-LOK Handguard for ATL-15 (Mechanic 3)
    • Atlas Blue Break 5.56x45 muzzle brake (Mechanic 3)
    • Atlas Hyper Beast Mini .300 BLK suppressor (Mechanic 3)
    • Atlas RC2 .300 BLK suppressor (Mechanic 4)
    • Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 holographic sight FDE (Mechanic 4)
    • Atlas MIAD Pistol grip for AR-15 (Mechanic 4)
    • Atlas M7A1 PDW stock for ATL-15 (Mechanic 4)
    • ATL/PEQ-15 tactical device (Mechanic 4)
    • Atlas .300 BLK Upper for ATL-15 Precision Rifle (Mechanic 3)
    • Atlas 5.56x45 Upper FDE for ATL-15 Precision Rifle (Mechanic 2)
  • Gear:
    • Atlas Anti-fragmentation Glasses (Ragman 3)
    • LBT 6094A Slick Plate Carrier FDE (Ragman 4)
    • LBT 6094A Slick Plate Carrier ODG (Ragman 4)
    • Atlas Knight Backpack (Ragman 3)
    • Atlas GPNVG-18 Night Vision (Peacekeeper 4)
    • Atlas Quick Armor (Ragman 3)
    • Atlas FAST RAC Headset (Peacekeeper 4)
    • Atlas Alphabolt Compact Chest Rig BLK (Ragman 3)
    • Atlas SLAAP Armor Plate (Peacekeeper 4)
  • Clothing:
    • ATLAS X69 Upper (Ragman 1)
    • ATLAS X69 Lower (Ragman 1)
    • ATLAS X88 Upper (Ragman 1)
    • ATLAS X88 Lower (Ragman 1)
    • ATLAS X99 Upper (Ragman 1)
  • Weapon Presets:
    • ATL-15 BLK Default (Mechanic 3)
    • ATL-15 FDE Default (Mechanic 2)
    • SR-25 FDE (Peacekeeper 4)
    • Honey Badger CXVIII (Mechanic 4)
    • MINI (Mechanic 4)
    • MLR MKII (Mechanic 4)
    • MSR MKII (Mechanic 4)
    • XTR MKII (Mechanic 3)
    • G17 FADE (Mechanic 3)

Known Issues:

  • The SR-25 FDE uses default SR-25 audio instead of the RSASS audio like the old ATLAS mods.
  • The barrels and muzzle devices do not glow red-hot like they should because that feature did not exist when ATLAS first made his mods. I believe I can eventually change them to working, but there is no ETA at this time.

Original mods:

Let me know if there are any other issues with it!


  • Version 1.2.0

    SPT 3.9.X update

    As with 3.9.0 itself, this version will not work with pre-3.9 installs. I tested this version briefly and all seemed well, please let me know if you come across any issues!

    Also changed the code framework to use a more general "custom" naming scheme as opposed to the original "atlas". This will not matter for most people, just a behind-the-scenes change. :thumbup:

  • Version 1.1.1

    Hotfix - Fixes missing clothing and should fix armor presets (caused issues with purchasing armor off of the flea market).

    Massive thanks to PETTAN for making the armor presets!

  • Version 1.1.0

    SPT 3.8.0 update

    As with 3.8.0 itself, this version will not work with pre-3.8 profiles. Also since some things have changed with how EFT handles IDs, please let me know if there are any errors that you notice!

  • Version 1.0.5

    Fixed new .300 Blackout ammo incompatibility - .300 Blackout CBJ should now work with the ATL-15

  • Version 1.0.4

    3.7.X update

    Also a lot of backend changes to the framework for anyone that wants to use it :thumbup:

    Let me know if there are any issues!

  • Version 1.0.3

    Small fix - changed the mod category of the SR-25 handguard FDE to mod_handguard in the SR-25 upper receiver FDE like it should have been.

  • Version 1.0.2

    Small fix - make the ATL/PEQ-15 able to be placed in the tactical slot of the Atlas SMR MK88 Handguards

  • Version 1.0.1

    3.5.1 update + some code cleaning/changes

    Edit 2023-03-09: Changed the compatible version to 3.5.X so no error appears in server window. No other changes

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Sorry if this has been answered, but is this compatible with Realism?

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    • Not by itself but there is a mod linked in the description that adds that compatibility.

  • The all mighty condor is back!

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  • Is this working with 3.8.3?

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  • Realism Patch?

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  • getSizeByInventoryItemHash() Przedmiot o tpl: 575c716cbedac41ab557af94 nie został znaleziony
    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_props')
    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_props')
    at InventoryHelper.getSizeByInventoryItemHash (C:\snapshot\src\helpers\InventoryHelper.ts:830:51)
    at InventoryHelper.getContainerMap (C:\snapshot\src\helpers\InventoryHelper.ts:908:34)
    at InventoryHelper.getStashSlotMap (C:\snapshot\src\helpers\InventoryHelper.ts:1040:21)
    at InventoryHelper.canPlaceItemsInInventory (C:\snapshot\src\helpers\InventoryHelper.ts:248:52)
    at InventoryHelper.addItemsToStash (C:\snapshot\src\helpers\InventoryHelper.ts:88:19)
    at TradeHelper.buyItem (C:\snapshot\src\helpers\TradeHelper.ts:226:30)
    at TradeController.buyTraderItemFromRagfair (C:\snapshot\src\controllers\TradeController.ts:195:26)
    at TradeController.confirmRagfairTrading (C:\snapshot\src\controllers\TradeController.ts:139:22)
    at TradeCallbacks.processRagfairTrade (C:\snapshot\src\callbacks\TradeCallbacks.ts:35:37)
    at TradeItemEventRouter.handleItemEvent (C:\snapshot\src\routers\item_events\TradeItemEventRouter.ts:36:44)
    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_props')
    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_props')
    at InventoryHelper.getSizeByInventoryItemHash (C:\snapshot\src\helpers\InventoryHelper.ts:830:51)
    at InventoryHelper.getContainerMap (C:\snapshot\src\helpers\InventoryHelper.ts:908:34)
    at InventoryHelper.getStashSlotMap (C:\snapshot\src\helpers\InventoryHelper.ts:1040:21)
    at InventoryHelper.canPlaceItemsInInventory (C:\snapshot\src\helpers\InventoryHelper.ts:248:52)
    at InventoryHelper.addItemsToStash (C:\snapshot\src\helpers\InventoryHelper.ts:88:19)
    at TradeHelper.buyItem (C:\snapshot\src\helpers\TradeHelper.ts:226:30)
    at TradeController.buyTraderItemFromRagfair (C:\snapshot\src\controllers\TradeController.ts:195:26)
    at TradeController.confirmRagfairTrading (C:\snapshot\src\controllers\TradeController.ts:139:22)
    at TradeCallbacks.processRagfairTrade (C:\snapshot\src\callbacks\TradeCallbacks.ts:35:37)
    at TradeItemEventRouter.handleItemEvent (C:\snapshot\src\routers\item_events\TradeItemEventRouter.ts:36:44)

    • Based on the tpl "575c716cbedac41ab557af94", I don't think this is because of ATLAS-GEAR, but I could be wrong. Do you have any more information?

    • yeah it broke my profile but i reinstalled the mod and tried on another profile and it works well.

      also it would be really cool to add a black ops-core gunsight mandible to have a full black ops-core helmet.

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    • Hmm, ok weird. As long as it is all good now, I guess.

      And an interesting suggestion, thanks. I'll think about it but don't hold your breath.

  • Been trying forever to find out how to change the price of APXT, any idea how I can do this?

    Edit: Found out how to. Going into database/traders and picking Peacekeepers trader assort and finding the ID of APXT, changing it from 15.

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  • for me the apxt ammo doesnt explode and instead just functions are ammo with very middling pen, is there a dependency mod that's needed?

    EDIT: Found out its not the mod, its my game. explosions of any kind dont work at all. threw an impact nade and the ai reacted to it, but it never blew up even though it was a direct impact. everytime the ai walked into that room they yelled out about grenades. and later an ai tried throwing one at me but it just never blew up and disappeared. no clue whats causing that lol

    • Hmm, yeah that is weird. No dependencies, though.

  • So what are the ID's for the ATL-15 .300 and 5.56, the reason i am asking is because i want to add the two base variants to Shiny Airdrops, however i cant see to get the ID's for these guns

    • If you navigate to ATLAS-GEAR/database/atlas_items.json and open that with a text editor, each item is laid out as an object, and the thing you are looking for is the "sptID" of each item.

    • yeah i finally figured it out, thank you anyway, managed to get them added in

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  • EDIT: Nevermind. Solved.

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  • Mastery does not progress....

  • I have done everything correctly and it says "The mod ATLAS, Nomad 420-ATLAS Gear Collection isnt compatible with the actual aki version,"

    Mod creator ehhh can you try to help?

    • What version of SPT are you running?

    • the Most recent one 3.8.0

    • Hmmmmmmm. And version 1.1.1 of this mod?

    • Based on that error it sounds to me like you are trying to run Nomad_420's old version of the mod and not version 1.1.1 of this mod.

    • Then how do i run the 1.1.1 version in the case?

  • whats the characteristics of the APXT blackout round ?

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    • It is an explosive round. Quite powerful, more a meme than something serious if I am being honest. Also take care to not be too close to the target you are shooting with them.

    • yeah 100% don't be too close, was shooting at a guy and height over bore shot the fence right infront of me and killed me lol, very fun tho

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  • Black PEQ15, 10/10 would recommend.

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  • when I try to apply foregrips or any sort of attachments to the Weapons of ATLAS I get red errors in console not being able to find ID'S of objects instance of objects failed etc no idea what's causing this

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    • This might be a mod conflict as I cannot seem to repeat this. If anyone else gets this please comment here as well.

      If you want, you can send me your logs so I can look into it at some point, though it could be a while.

    • I can send them it will take some time tho. but yeah it seems to be Atlas that suffers from this as other custom items take changes to attachments with no issue. it might be a mod conflict but I have no idea with what tho.

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  • can second the clothing issue. not related to all the clothes as i haven't run it for the new update and the atals clothing isnt there

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    • Will be fixed in the next version, which I should be able to upload shortly, sorry about that!

  • Seems this newest version can have a few errors, relating to the clothing and the new armor presets. Apologies for missing the mark on these things; I will begin to look into them later when I get back from work today hopefully.

    The above should be fixed with version 1.1.1, but please let me know if you run across any errors!

    Please continue posting any errors you find in the comments. Thank you!

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  • v1.1.0 - None of the new clothing shows up for me. Possible mod conflict with All the Clothes mod?

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    • Will look into this when I get home from work today, but not sure yet. Probably something I overlooked.

    • It was in fact something I overlooked, and should be fixed in the next version, which I will upload shortly. Thanks for reporting it so quickly!

  • will this be updated to 3.8.0 one of my favorite mods!

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    • Yes, it is a priority for me this weekend but it will most likely not be done for a while still. By a while I mean maybe 24 hours. End of the weekend at worst.

    • Update: Is proving to be slightly more time-consuming than expected, but should be done in the next couple of days.

    • take your time great mod!

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    • Can't wait!

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    • Update is live! Thanks for being patient! ^^

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  • I am getting this error "assault carbine 010421_ATL_WPN_ATL15_BLK doesn't have a matching caliber in weaponCategories" how to fix? :)

    • thats ok, musicmaniac explained that is caused by custom quest loaders, so custom quests are only allowed to accept vanilla gear, srry for bad english and explanation

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  • if you guys want, i made this compatible with my version of realism. Hmu if you want it ! :)

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    • Yes please!

    • i need it :D

    • Sorry for the delay, i had a lot going on and no time for tarkov nor any games for that matter. Are you guys still interested ? If so should i post the files in this thread ?

    • yes,please!

    • umm.. you're gonna hate me but i haven't switched to 3.8 so all my files are still on 3.7.5 ^^'

      The way i did it was to manually go into user, mods, atlas gear, database, items.json and edit the values to make it balanced with my realism recoil preset. Sorry again

  • What's the best way to disable some of the ammos or prevent bots from spawning with them? I just got lit up 2 raids in a row by a bot with that stupid explosive .300 Black APXT ammo. That ammo is ridiculous.

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    • That... would be annoying, yes. I have to be honest though, I am not sure. That happens because of the SPT server itself (or potentially a mod) and their code so I would not know off the top of my head and would have to look into that.

      Sorry for the disappointing answer, but it could take a while if at all for me to look into based on my lack of time and energy these days.

    • if you go into database>atlas_items.json you can delete the block of code that contains the ammo and it should get rid of it

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    • Oh, I mean, if you just want to disable it outright, change the "enable" in whatever item you want to disable to false in atlas_items and that should disable it. My bad, I think I misinterpreted the original question.

    • Hey @Mighty_Condor, if you want to disable the ammo on PMC bots, you can look into the bots config (Aki_Data/Server/configs/bot.json). There's a blacklist under equipment.pmc.blacklist.cartridge you can push a string array with the caliber name to. Caliber545x39 = [ "5c0d5e4486f77478390952fe" ] for example will blacklist PMCs from spawning with Igolnik ammo, for example.

      Quick typescript example for Igolnik:

      import { IBotConfig } from "@spt-aki/models/spt/config/IBotConfig";
      import { ConfigTypes } from "@spt-aki/models/enums/ConfigTypes";
      ... (within your PreAkiLoad function, etc)
      const configServer = container.resolve<ConfigServer>("ConfigServer");
      const botConfig = configServer.getConfig<IBotConfig>(ConfigTypes.BOT);
   ["pmc"].blacklist[0].cartridge["Caliber545x39"] = ["5c0d5e4486f77478390952fe"];
  • Is there a way to get the ATLAS NVG to mount on Wolfik's Heavy Trooper masks? It's a mod that adds new Tac-Kek Heavy Trooper mask variants, your mod is already compatible with the vanilla one. Could you maybe point me to where I can add an ID or something like that?

    • ATLAS-GEAR/database/atlas_items.json


      Add the following after "locales", and make sure to put a comma on the end of the locales brackets:

              "addToExistingItemFilters": {
                  "mod_nvg": [

      If you are not familiar with editing json files, I would highly suggest you verify that the json is correct before trying to run it.

      You will need to find the custom mod IDs for the new masks and replace the ITEM_IDS_HERE fields (and etc.) with them in the same format.

      Also you need to ensure that this mod loads after the mod that adds in the new masks or it will most likely not find the items in order to add the compatibility into them.

    • You could also edit their mod to manually add the ATL GPNVGs into the filters of all the masks if you wanted to do it that way, as well.

      Please note that doing either of these things could create a dependency where you could have issues in the future if you decide to run one mod but not both.

    • So it should look like this? Please correct me if I did it wrong:

    • Tested it and got a faulty json error in the server prompt, seems like I got it wrong. If you would be so kind to correct me, it would mean a lot. Thank you beforehand.

  • Anyone know of any modders who can add something like .17HMR & .22 caliber weapons? Firearms like the Armi-Jager AP74, AP80 (Which probably had the 35 & 100 round magazines), etc. There were even .32ACP variants of these Italian Civil firearms, but haven't found much info on these discontinued weapons.

  • Do the recoil of these guns work with the SPT Realism mod? Last time the recoil of the guns was like vanilla :(

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    • I'm not sure how Realism works to be honest so I can't answer that. If there is something not too hard that I can do to make it compatible without affecting anything I will definitely consider it but for the moment its not on my agenda. :(

    • Understood! Thanks for the answer! :D

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  • how do I disable the clothes? both sides wearing them is making it impossible to tell apart

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    • You can try going into database/atlas_clothes.json and changing every "enable" key from true to false (only on the ones that have enable). This may or may not work as it was never something I finished testing sadly.

  • i just want to say thank you for the amazing content.

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  • Hey mate,

    So, .300 Blackout CBJ seems to not be compatible with the .300 Blackout ATL. The ammo doesn't show up when you link search the gun and when you go in raid with CBJ in the gun it says it's the wrong ammo type.

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    • Oh shoot that's right they added in new ammo types. My bad, I totally forgot that they did, and never checked if they added in any new .300 Blackout. I'm guessing that is what CBJ is?

      I'll try and fix this as soon as I can and post an updated version, thanks for letting me know!

      (It could be as late as a couple weeks or as soon as tomorrow, don't hold your breath!)

    • Thank you for the reply and take your time.

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    • Should be fixed with version 1.0.5.

  • I got this in server: "

    Required slot unable to be filled, mod_handguard on reciever_ar15_lone_star_tx15_lightweight 010421_ATL15_UPPER_BLK00 for weapon: 5d43021ca4b9362eab4b5e25

    Required slot 'mod_handguard' on reciever_ar15_lone_star_tx15_lightweight mod_reciever was empty on sptusec

    Weapon 5d43021ca4b9362eab4b5e25 was generated incorrectly, falling back to weapon preset see error above"
    Is this normal ?

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    • It is normal, yes, in that it doesn't really affect anything. I have wanted to hunt down that bug but it is an annoying one and I don't really have the time at the moment.

  • Do these weapons work with the quests that require kills with certain styles of weapon? If not, how would I make it to where they would?

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    • It depends on a few factors unfortunately. If you're talking about daily quests and it asks for the specific assault rifles category then it *might* work but if you're talking about things like Peacekeeper tasks where you have to use some NATO AR I don't think it would. It also all depends how the SPT devs wrote the server code, unfortunately. What type of quests are you talking about specifically?

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    • The mainline quests that are for specific weapon types, like peacekeeper and such.

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    • Honestly if you give me a list of the exact quests I could probably write it into the mod for you. But if you are determined to do it yourself you would have to go into the database and edit the jsons for those specific quests to include the IDs for the ATLAS guns that you want to be able to use.

      Though in this case I really wouldn't mind doing it myself so I can add it as a mod feature since that does seem like a good idea. But it would likely take a while for me to update it. Like, potentially a couple weeks even, I am quite busy :(

    • I will have to take a look at the quests and write them down, then get them to you. I don't have the time today, but I will try to this weekend, if I can remember. I will put a sticky note on my monitor to remind me.

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  • This module is great, I hope to have a chance to use it on 3.7.0

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    • It should be coming shortly. Need to test still, been somewhat busy. Hopefully today but don't hold your breath!