Fontaine's Ammo Rebalance (FAB) 1.0.3

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Rebalances ammo and armor stats so that most ammo is now usable, and makes rifle rounds act like rifle rounds.


  • Version 1.0.3

    Nerfed and buffed armors to fit BSG's balance in terms of trader availability and pricing: buff to Steel Armor durability (Slicks, AVS, Eagle, TV). Nerf to Banshee rig's armor level and durability. Increased the armor level of almost all helmets by 1, increase armor level of some faceshields, and of SLAAP and Bastion plate.

    Things are getting less realistic but more balanced to BSG's decisions :thumbup:

  • Version 1.0.2

    Nerfed early-game armors like 6B23 and 6B13 to better reflect trader progression (armor levels were taken from Realism mod which changed trader progression). Values aren't "correct" anymore but if you want that use Realism mod.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Corrected M855 damage and rebalanced it, FMJ and M856A1 a little.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Hello. Love the changes you made to the mod. I was really scratching my head at why some stats were so high on easily accessible armor. However, there are still a few cases I am scratching my head over. Why is the cheap Banshee rig armor class 10, while the super expensive Slick is armor class 8. Those are just some examples. It seems this mod is fairly unbalanced still when it comes to equipment stats vs accessibility. But perhaps I am missing some point.

    But then again, I much prefer balance over realism. I also think the helmets are quite underwhelming. If even the best helmets barely protect you against pistol shots with buffed setting on you wonder why even bother with using them at all.

    Perhaps the material system comes with buffs/debuffs I haven't considered when my reaction is "why in the world is this higher class than this?".

    • These stats are taken from Realism mod and are supposed to be realistic, let me know what you think are issues and I'll look into them, it's slowly morphing into its own balance. This was originally meant for people who asked for a standalone version of Realism's ammo/armor changes.

      Helmets in this mod aren't there to tank rounds, but to protect you from time to time mostly from Scavs, I find helmets being able to tank rifle rounds to be extremely cringe tbh and prefer having skill rewarded for landing headshots. Yes, Tarkov armor is a lot more nuanced than armor level, there is materials and blunt damage to consider.

    • I understand the appeal of wanting realism. However, I don't think realism always mix very well with video games. As with a good movie, a good video game does not add redundant features that serve no purpose. If the helmets don't effectively have a purpose because they defend too little, then there is no reason anyone should use them. If there is no reason for anyone to use them, why use them at all? Then they are just items there with no purpose except cosmetic. On the other hand if you balance everything to have a purpose and they increase in utility as you get better things they serve a clear role with progression.

      If something doesn't serve a purpose, they have no reason to exist. Removes importance and doesn't allow them to be the tools they can be. If videogames get too realistic they become boring and tedious. I don't think anyone that plays video games genuinely want that. That's just my 2 cents anyways.

      Of course. This is your mod, your domain. I just wanted to discuss this topic because it is interesting. Not telling you how to make your mod.

      PS: shooting someone in the face hitbox when they have a helmet you otherwise couldn't pen is so much more rewarding and difficult. As with faceshields, choosing to go for leg meta or having to steadily beam their head to kill them also requires skill, i'd argue it takes more skill. You give the player an unexpected hinderance where they need to adapt instead of the correct answer always being "just aim for the head".

    • Helmets protect against most shotgun and pistol rounds and have the ability to ricochet rifle rounds, if you feel that's not worth while then that's up to you, player choice. It's very hyperbolic to say they are just cosmetic because most of them don't stop rifle rounds but do stop pistol and shotgun rounds. I am not a believer in everything needing to be good or have a solid purpose, especially in a looter shooter where it's about scavenging gear. If you loot a helmet off of a bot, you're not going to say "pah, it only stops pistol and shotgun rounds, not going to wear it in my empty headwear slot". Also, seeing helmets soak rifle rounds kills me inside, as does having HP rifle rounds have lower pen than pistol rounds for example. That's what this mod aims to address.

      I find base EFT/SPT painfully boring. I'm into tactical, realistic shooters and I'm a gun/gear nerd, I find it fun playing with real world gear and weapons that behave as they should in real life and experiencing them in some small way virtually. It also offers up emergent, unintended balance and gameplay that, when things are true to life, can recreate real-world scenarios/balance/meta. To me that's a lot more interesting than some RPG/MMO predictable progression.

      Anyway this is redundant because I buffed helmets so that more of them are able to stop basic rifle rounds, and the buff config option will make them a lot more viable.

    • Fair take my friend. Have a lovely evening.

  • Question. When I edit the files for lets say bullet velocity why do they keep being overwritten?

    • Because you're editing the .js files that are getting compiled from the .ts files

    • Would you also happen to know why they sometimes are not overwritten and sometimes they are. Could you point me in the direction of where I can edit those files? Are they just the ts files?

    • the ts files

    • thanks. seemed to work. awsome mod.

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  • Can I use this mod with SPT Realism? Will it overlay the Ballistics from SPT Realism? Will the same happen with the medical system, since the ballistics will change?

  • Could you please provide a guide and or explanation on how to modify ammo stats?

    • I think there's a few mods that let you change ammo stats now

    • Do you know which one's? Thanks.

  • Is this different to the changes in anyway in your realism mod?

    • Damage is scaled to default EFT health, so shots to kill difference between pistol and rifle rounds won't be as wide I suppose. Also because head health is higher in default EFT some pistol rounds will require 2 shots to the head to kill. Apart from that pretty much the same thing, some rounds may be better/worse.

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  • Nice, Has chance of bleeding on these been upped too?


    I have been waiting for this one, I AM SO HYPED I DON'T CARE USING ANIME SHIT AAHHHH animehappyhop

    Anyways, If you love ammo rework mods as much as I do, this is the stuff. Inject it right into your heart now.

    Thank you Fontaine, may the moustache ever grow manly upon your face!

    Reply from Fontaine ():

    It's getting bigger every day!