Profile Fusion 1.0

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A little tool to allow for quick profile porting!

ProfileFusion - Info

Ah, it's me again!

ProfileFusion is a simple tool to let you transfer profiles easily. It features a simple click-to-use interface and a requirement-based system.

Video showcase: Profile Fusion 1.0 | YouTube

See images of the app below.


  • No hideout areas producing/constructing in profiles you want to port
  • No profiles from the same SPT install folder as Profile Fusion.exe.


  1. Extract Newtonsoft.Json.dll and Profile Fusion.exe to any SPT folder (in the same place as Aki.Server.exe and Aki.launcher.exe).
  2. Open Profile Fusion.exe.
  3. Find the profiles folder of any other SPT installations (hierarchy: SPT/user/profiles)
  4. Drag-and-drop any of the profiles from step 3 into the big box under the app title.
  5. Select the profiles you want to transfer.
  6. Click 'Transfer profiles'.

Need help?

As always, if you need help, please message me on Discord:



  • Hey,

    can you explain what this is doing under the hood?

    Is it copying the file over and changing the version number inside the file?

    Or is it doing more?

    • Hi, apologies for late reply. I've taken a smol break from the workshop.

      It is actually not changing anything. It's about 5% file copying and 95% logic/failsafe code. The code is open source on the right-hand side if you want to take a look. It really is nothing fancy, just for convenience.

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  • A MUST, thank you i was manually using profile editors to match previous builds.

  • Oh hell yeah

  • First