ERT - Extended Raid Time 1.0.0

Please be patient as people update their mods for 3.5.0
There is no value in asking modders to update their mods - they're most likely well aware and spamming mod comments with requests won't change anything.

Modders - we encourage you to report people that annoy you either through DMs or with repeated comments asking about updates - Staff will happily hand out warnings to offenders.

Life's short in the Tarkov region, but Raids are shorter - too short if you ask me! Have you ever wondered how you should reach your extract in time with a backpack full of tank batteries?

//ERT/ Extended Raid Time

Welcome to this little mod of mine that will extend your raid times.

/What it does:

ERT will simply change the values for in raid time. No longer will you have the need to more or less run across the map, just to get to your extract in time!

I changed the values of all raid timers from their respective original time counts (20-50 minutes) to an amount of your choosing. You can choose between 90, 120 and 180 minutes.

This will grant you time to explore, loot and traverse any of the maps more freely, since you don't have to pay attention to the clock as often as you have to in vanilla Tarkov.

Since this mod only changes one value per config file, it should work with any other mod you've installed. However, you're free to write in the comments if something does collide.

/How to install ERT:

1. Pick the raid time you want to have in your raids. This accounts for all maps, for the time being.

Each folder contains 10 subfolders for the respective maps ('bigmap', 'interchange' and so on).

2. Create a backup folder of "Your main SPT directory/Aki_Data/Server/database/locations".

3. Copy the folders contained in your chosen folder into "Your main SPT directory/Aki_Data/Server/database/locations".


Thanks for downloading my mod. If you have a special wish for a personal raid time setting or other things controlled by the config files, please feel free to contact me.

I'm happy to help :)

  • do you plan on updating the mod? if you do when? I'm really interested and just wondering if you do plan to update it

    • 3.5.1+ mods are completely compatible with all of the current updates.

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    • Yeah, I'll update the mod as soon as I'll notice SPT receives the next bigger update. For now, it should work just fine like gothghost already mentioned.

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  • what to do if this made me impossible to load raid and forgot to backup?

    • can someone provide me their location files?

    • ended up working eventually, DK why

    • Sry that I took so long to respond, just logged back into the hub. My mod shouldn't collide with loading the raid itself. Maybe you installed some other mods along mine? I tested it on a fresh install and it works just fine.

      Apart from that, I'll update the mod so you guys have a backup file in case you didn't back up the files as suggested.

  • I like this mod it changes just the time. A lot of the other raid timer mods change other things I use other mods to deal with.

  • @xRaptor. First off, that for creating mods for us. But I just have to ask, with so many current mods that already do this simple singular function, can I ask why you chose to do this for your first mod? Again, I'm just curious in case it does something different. Thanks in advance

    • Well honestly, this is my first step into this modding scene and I wanted to make this as lightweight as possible. I'm lacking the skill and the programs to do proper standalone mods, but I have a bit of knowledge when in comes to modding existing config files to my or another person's liking, so there's that ^^

    • Cool. Thanks for the explanation. And again, thanks for creating mods :)