Repair Enhancement Magics 1.0.0

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Config edits that makes enhancements from repairs stronger.

Enhancements from repairs not strong enough for you? This is the mod for you.


  • Only rare enhancements can roll upon repairing equipment with repair kits
  • Enhancement effect applied on 100% of repaired value with repair kit
  • Armor:
    • DamageReduction improved from 10-20% to 67-80%
  • Weapons:
    • WeaponDamage enhancement disabled ( I don't know what this does, probably reduces weapon durability burn)
    • WeaponSpread enhancement improved from 10-20% to 50-60% (20 MOA will repair down to 10 MOA approximately)
    • MalfunctionProtections enhancement improved from 75-90% to 294-296%

Known issues

  • Does not change enhancement chance??
  • Armor enhancements do not seem to work on vanilla helmets and armored rigs
  • Enhancements probably do not work on mod armors without armor type tags or does not inherit any of the base game's armor's property(clone function in items.json)


Unzip and drop contents into your SPT installaion folder


Delete repair.json and rename repair.jsonb to repair.json

Only made this mod because I have no idea how to work with the modloaders and that would be required for the thing I actually I wanted to make. I'm sure it can be implemented that way too.

  • Hey so when I get the enhancement, it just has durability of zero, and when I use it, it just disappears immediately. Idk if I did something wrong or what.

    • I usually run with a mod that changes repair max durability loss to 0. I think SVM was the one I have turned on but there is many alternatives.

      My process of enhancing something is put the repair amount slider to left/lowest in the repair menu, spam repair till an enhancement is rolled. Then I slide the slider to the right/max and repair it, which should result in the last repair block having the enhancement on them.

      But sometimes I do get the enhancement that breaks after 0.00xxxx durability loss and I think thats just a BSG thing.

      ReLOAD07 below pointed out a way to change the enhancement chance by editing some values in Aki_Data/Server/Database/globals.json , you can try that but make sure to keep a backup of the globals.json.

  • chances for enhancement is located in Aki_Data/Server/Database/globals.json

    under "LightVests" and "HeavyVests" section

    "CommonBuffMinChanceValue": 0.1

    "RareBuffChanceCoff": 0.1

    i changed both of these to 100 for both light and heavy vests and they seem to give an enhancement 100% of the time that its possible to get one

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    • Thanks for finding that, I'd probably not touch that for now since its got alot more dependencies and might break things with my limited understanding. It appears you can even change the number of max buffs("BuffMaxCount": 1)?

  • Hello. So you simply modified a few values in one of the default SPT-AKI files (\Aki_Data\Server\configs\repair.json), that you admittedly said you do not know all the ramifications of? I'm just a bit confused as to what use this "mod" achieves for users? Reading the repair.json file, it appears that file (and your changes to it) only effect repairs made from the [Repair Kit] and not from repairs made by the traders after a raid? Is that the case? If you have any additional clarification of what exactly this "mod" (or simply changes to one of the system config files) accomplishes, I think it could be helpful. Thanks in advance and for contributing to making these great changes to EFT.

    • Mostly yes. Enhancements only rolls when you repair equipment with a repair kit, I just changed a few values around and it adds nothing really.

    • Thanks for the clarification :)