M Ammo 1.0.2

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Adds a few spicy rounds to the game.

Epilepsy warning!! Mod adds flashing lights in the form of a flashbang round.

I wanted to have some explosive rounds to have fun with so I made some. All ammos use ingame assets and ballistic stats as their base.

Added Ammo:

(Skier 2) 21 types of Frag rounds

(Skier 2) Flash round for 12ga

This mod is not balanced and won't be.

This wouldn't be possible without Mighty_Condor's code from his port of ATLAS weapons/equipment (ATLAS Weapons & Equipment Pack) as the framework and all the help over the DMs animeblush


Extract folder in 7z file to your mods folder

The directory should look like this:

/user/mods/zM AMMO/


If you want to remove the mod make sure to not have any of the added items in your profile before deleting the folder.

Known Issues:

1. The ammo doesn't seem to be compatible with some weapon mods that load after it. (SamSWAT's weapon mods)

  • Version 1.0.2

    • Added Frag variant of most available rounds in the game.
    • Ammo moved to skier L2
    • Changed short names for the ammo.
  • Version 1.0.1

    12ga Flash should apply the effect to enemies instead of only blinding yourself :lolivodka:

  • Version 1.0.0

  • How can I add custom ammo through your mod?

    I mean, I do want to add more variants, like 7n6-M, Chinese Type-56, Yugo M-67 or so.

    Idk if I could fuk up the game if I try editing this:

    - Database - mm_items.json (using the cloning script)

    - Locales - en.json (adding the scripts for the new variants with Name, Shortname and Description)

    - Old locales - en.json (same like above but diferent structure)

    - traders - 58330581ace78e27b8b10cee - assort (adding variants in "items", prices in "barter_scheme" and "loyal_level_items".

    Thanks for your time adding this mod :3


    Why do you use the 5.45 BT as the cloning base for the 7.62x39 frag?

    Is there any incompatibility or bug who force you to use the BT instead of any other 762 ammo to clone?

    • Yeah thats the idea, you can add by creating more entries in those field, refer to items.json in Aki_Data\Server\database\templates for the variables you can edit, mine is simplified and only try to add the variables needed to get the explosive effect (which is mostly under _props )

      I've double checked and the 7.62x39 frag has the 7.62x39 AP MAI "601aa3d2b2bcb34913271e6d" as its base.

      Most of the work is done by Mighty_Condor for the mod.ts that does all the heavy lifting,

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    • YIAAAAHH!!!

      More rounds are coming baibeeeeee XD

      Thank you for replay, mate. I'll try it right now 8)8)

      *Sorry about the false alert about the 762, Idk why it happened bugcatworking

    • Neusie news,

      I made it :D

      I try adding just two variants for the 5.56 (german variants of SS109/M855, DM-11 and DM-11 A1)

      Worked :3

      *P.D.: Now I'm gonna make a huge amount of variants and nobody can stap' me.

      If you want, let me know and I'll share it with you when I'm done.


  • B-boom boom ammo? Hell yeah!

    • Yep one of my original goals is to be able to recreate the frag rounds experience from BF3 :kekw:

      This is kinda possible if you use the auto SAIGAP1 from Priscilu Special Weapons

  • interesting mod, will AI use this ammo too? :D

    • I actually don't know, but I did loot the ammo in a bag on a bot I think. :whatever:

    • can confirm that they do and its terrifying

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    • There are so many redundant ammo types in the game that I have personally not ran into any, but some of the ammo is cloned from the most common ammo types so I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case where it got into the bot ammo pools.

      Are you running any mods that change bot loadouts such as Valen's Progression?

    • no so far i have only found 1 scav that used frag