Waypoints - Expanded Navmesh 1.5.1

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Expand where bots can explore with full map navmesh coverage!

Expand the area that bots can roam using Waypoints!


1) Open the downloaded zip file in 7-zip

2) Select the folders in the zip file in 7-zip

3) Drag the selected folders from 7-zip into your SPT folder

Demonstration Video (Yes, it's SAIN, but the same concept applies to all of my mods, I'm not making mod-specific extraction example videos):



  • Full map navmesh coverage. Mods can now be created that allow bots to explore more areas of the map than ever before
  • Dynamic door blockers. Tired of bots getting stuck on locked doors, or "fake" doors? No more, now they're all blocked off to bots!

Recommended Mods

Waypoints works great by itself to make bots move a little more freely, but works much better when paired with mods that utilize the expanded nav mesh. Below are some mods that make Waypoints even better!

  • BigBrain by Drakia - While this doesn't interact directly with Waypoints, it does allow mod developers a way to fully take control of the AI in Tarkov. This is a dependency for both SAIN and Looting Bots.
  • SAIN by Solarint - Fully custom bot combat AI, utilizing a dynamic cover system which integrates amazingly well with the expanded nav mesh available in Waypionts.
  • Looting Bots by Skwizzy - Bots can now wander around and loot dead bodies, containers, and loose loot. This combined with the expanded navmesh in Waypoints allows bots into areas never before accessible, so they can loot the best of loot.
  • Questing Bots by DanW - Bot can now do quests! They will be given a quest to do, and go through the actions of that quest as if they were actually a player doing it. Encounter bots in places you never thought you'd see them.


This mod should be compatible with other bot-adjusting mods.


I've created custom navmeshes for every map, so bots are now capable of getting almost anywhere that a player can walk to. Bots however are not capable of complex actions such as jumping, or crouching, so there are still some areas of maps that bots won't be able to traverse.

The newest iteration of the navmesh is based around the same settings BSG has used for creating their meshes, but expanded to the full map. This does limit bot navigation in certain areas, but ensures there is less likely to be issues created by trying to force bots into places they can't actually navigate.

Special Thanks

I want to give special thanks to Solarint for his assistance in making the collection of waypoints provided with the original version of the plugin, as well as being a sounding board for ideas and issues encountered during development. And for his work on SAIN to make Waypoints even better!

Thank you to TINYTEETH for testing the mod before release, and making sure I didn't destroy the world by accident! And for all the feedback on the custom nav meshes so I could make sure they were ready for release.

Thanks to Skwizzy for making Looting Bots, which makes great use of the custom nav meshes, and has resulted in many jump scares due to bots being nowhere near where bots generally wander.

Thanks to DanW for making Questing Bots, the added behaviour for bots due to that mod are amazing, and you will almost always encounter bots while running around doing your quests.

A huge shoutout to the SPT Discord's #mods-development channel as well, for their help in testing out the mod during development, and generally being an amazing resource for getting this mod developed.

If you enjoy my work, you can feed my caffeine addiction

NOTE: Any requests for assistance MUST be accompanied by the "BepInEx/LogOutput.log" file. Any support request without this file provided will be met with a request for this file, then ignored. Log content can be uploaded to: https://pastebin.com/

  • Version 1.5.1

    This version will only work with SPT 3.9.x

    • Add new Woods navmesh
  • Version 1.5.0

    This version will only work with SPT 3.9.x

    • Update for 3.9.0
    • Drop woods expanded navmesh for now, needs to be re-generated due to map restructuring
    • Handle Ground Zero level 21+ map
    • Disable GroupPoint patches, as BSG refactored that part of the code. Will need to see if it performs better
  • Version 1.4.3

    This version will only work with SPT 3.8.0

    • Block barbed wire on Shoreline
    • Fix navmesh break on Ground Zero
    • Instead of copying the cached points to all bots, just reference our cached list directly
  • Version 1.4.2

    This version will only work with SPT 3.8.0

    • Further performance improvements when bots spawn

    Technical details:

    Utilize a shared list of CustomNavigationPoints or all bots, there was no need for every bot to get its own. There were only 3 properties out of the entire object that was bot dependent, and only a single bot can be on a point at a time, so that wasn't even necessary.

    Should be no change in bot behavior

  • Version 1.4.1

    This version will only work with SPT 3.8.0

    • Attempt to fix stuttering caused by BSGs pathfinding
    • Update Ground Zero navmesh


    The fix for the stuttering in pathfinding is to use a less strict form of pathfinding. While during my testing I didn't notice any issues, this doesn't mean the behaviour will be 100% without problems. I will be continuing to watch for any strange behavior and try my best to fix anything that comes up while not re-introducing the stuttering I'm trying to fix.

  • Version 1.4.0

    This version will only work with SPT 3.8.0

    Update for 3.8.0 support

    • Remove the capability to add new patrol points, and all associated code
    • Implement new method of handling locked doors, to work with the new method of navmesh generation
    • Add handling of special door types (Cargo doors on Labs, elevators on Labs, D2 door on Reserve)
    • Add a workaround for the fact BSG doesn't enable door carvers any more
    • Add a workaround for doors on some maps having a NavMeshObstacle instead of a NavMeshDoorLink
    • Regenerate all navmeshes using a new method, will more closely resemble the BSG meshes but expanded for the full map
    • Server mod is no longer necessary
  • Version 1.3.4

    This version will only work with SPT 3.7.1-3.7.6

    • Fix issue where multiple loads of Streets would throw an error, causing raid load to fail
  • Version 1.3.3

    This version will only work with SPT 3.7.1, 3.7.2, 3.7.3

    • Locked doors are now usable by bots once they're unlocked
    • Locked doors now properly cut the navmesh once unlocked and opened
    • Updated Streets navmesh:
      • Lexos mines now properly blocked off, no more suicide bots
      • Upper area of Lexos accessible to bots again
      • Escalator in new mall can be used by bots
    • Doors outside the usual AI cell coverage should now be usable by bots
    • Switch to 7-zip archives for releases
  • Version 1.3.2

    This version will only work with SPT 3.7.1, 3.7.2, 3.7.3

    • Resolved bots being braindead on certain parts of Streets and Interchange
    • Add rotation to editor panel
  • Version 1.3.1

    This version will only work with SPT 3.7.1

    Update for 3.7.1 / 26535

  • Version 1.5.1 as a zip instead of 7z, maybe this will help with the false positives some people are getting: https://github.com/DrakiaXYZ/S…iaXYZ-Waypoints-1.5.1.zip

    Also updated the download link in the version tab to be the zip file

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  • Hey Drakia, Thanks for the amazing work. Looking forward to that woods navmesh!

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  • why can i see the navmesh in game. how do i turn this off?

    • F12, Waypoints, disable Show Navmesh

  • I just downloaded the updated mod, is there no more user/mods file for this? I just see bepinex and dont know how to update mod order now.

    • Correct, there is no longer a server component to Waypoints. Client mods do not have a load order

  • so is this suppose to download as an adobe pdf? cause that is what my pc is downloading the file as and SAIN is not detecting this or swag donuts

    edit: disregard i use the source code link instead of clicking the download from external link

  • Hi, the plugin don't Work for EFT, any Updates? 😊

    • There is no SPT version for that Tarkov client, I make mods for SPT

  • Hello DrakiaXYZ!

    A while back I commented about bots getting stuck on the barge and not able to venture onto Scav Island, which you have addressed.

    Yeasterday I noticed a similar behaviour for bots on other parts of the Shoreline map.

    On the reference image below you will see an orange arrow (scav icon) standing north of gas station, near the "river" flowing down from the power station. And also a red arrow (pmc icon) standing at a cliff wall north of Pier area.

    These were static in their position for the duration of the raid, in line with bots on the barge end.

    Reference image: 2024-06-2418-59_-113.5_-39.9_285.7_0.0_0.9_0.0_0.4_13.97_0.png (2560×1440) (discordapp.net)

    Bot stuck on the barge: 2024-06-2419-03_345.4_-58.8_323.7_0.0_-0.5_0.0_0.9_14.39_0.png (2560×1440) (discordapp.net)

    As with bots getting stuck on the barge my theory is that a part of the problem why they just stand there is because they have a set route to a waypoint. And they are hellbent on reaching it, but they can't.

    Could this perhaps be resolved by adding a code/function that after a certain x amount of seconds makes them set a new waypoint to another point of interest instead, when they are not able to proceed further to waypoint? If such a thing is even possible?

    If it is, it would atleast presumably resolve bots not to stay put because of something blocking their path?

    Just some thoughts on the topic I wish to share with you :)

  • Bro, your mod is very useful, great job.

    I just want to ask, is there any way to know my own coordinates now? 8o

    • If you take a screenshot, the filename it's saved as includes your position, I'm unsure of an in-game way to see your position though

  • should this load after or before the sain?

    • This is a client mod, there's no load order

  • On shoreline map at scav island bots are not able to traverse onto the island from the barge and vice versa.

    I have noticed this several times as bots comes from the main land and get stuck on the barge end towards the island.

    Also the bots on the island cant get up on the the barge and to the main land to progress through the map.

    I think this could be navmesh related?

    • This is a map geometry issue, there's no way to fix it. There's no walkable path over the barge, and bots can only navigate to places they can walk to (Jumping/vaulting are not taken into account)

    • I understand. Thanks for replying. Much appreciated 😀

      I raised the question with the small ramp leading down from the barge onto the island in mind. But I presume the nav mesh cant resolve that area.

  • Does this waypoint mod replace the non expanded version? Or is both still recommended to have?

    Thank you!

    • I've renamed the mod, but it's still the same mod. The newer versions no longer handle custom patrol points, as those were mostly a stand-in until other AI mods were created. So you would replace your previous Waypoints version with this one.

  • Does this mod manage boss pathing? Zryachiy's left cultist guard (our right facing them) gets stuck on a rock attempting to get to his spot. Confirmed via bot debug tool. Says the assignment is to get to his spot, as soon as a guard or the boss is killed, the stuck bot goes prone out of view but still able to shoot me coming across the bridge. I know this can be ignored by grabbing the transmitter, but the boss is fun to take down.

    • The mod itself doesn't modify their pathing directly, but does modify the navmesh used by all bots. I've done my best to make the mesh on the lighthouse island as close to the base navmesh as possible, so it shouldn't cause the bots to get stuck. But if it is, there's not much I can do about it (It's just a combination of BSGs terrible bot movement logic, and Unity navmesh navigation)

  • Hi, I'm having trouble downloading this mod. A single file is downloaded to the location of the mods and BepInEx file. I can't even open it because of some mistake. please tell me how to solve the problem

  • It says loading 0 server mods, What the hell is going on why is it not recognizing it at all? same for big brain mod

    • Because this and BigBrain are client mods

  • ERROR: This version of DrakiaXYZ-Waypoints v1.4.3 was built for Tarkov 29197, but you are running 29351. Please download the correct plugin version.

    • That's a you problem, my mods are designed for SPT

  • is there a way to get the compressed file download back? it gives me a individual file that wont allow me to have the mod recognized by the server

    • My mods are distributed as 7-zip archives, use 7-zip to extract them, I mention 7-zip multiple times in the installation instructions, and show 7-zip in the installation video

  • I don't know is it common issue or not, but I see stuck bots quite often in factory, where I'm playing a lot as scav. They can go to corner forever in spots marked as pink circles.

  • Are bots able to go up the stairs with the barbed wire (MG nest room above TarBank) on GZ? The purple pathing suggests they should, but don't. Then again I have 60 mods in 3.8.0 so that'll bork it.

    • Yes, there is navmesh connecting that area. However unless you're running the Questing Bots alpha release, they currently have no reason to go up there

  • Thank you for your work in improving the mod to fix the issues with SPT 3.8.0. Between waypoints and SWAG getting updated the major stutters and freezes i was getting are basically all gone and i can finally play now. 8o

  • does anyone have an issue with ai , boss or guard specifically. they get stuck sprinting into something or jumping and dont react at all? i have no clue what mod is causing it its so fucking annoying

  • It seems that the "user" Folder is missing when downloading the ZIP. With this set of Data, I can not get SAIN to work.

    • As noted in the 1.4.0 release notes, a server mod is no longer necessary for Waypoints. This has no bearing on whether or not SAIN works, as SAIN only looks for the client plugin of Waypoints.

  • Yes I know the latest version is being flagged as a virus, no there's no virus in it, no there's nothing I

    can do about it.

    The DLL is clean, and submitting it for manual evaluation would take so long it would be pointless, as I'd probably have a new version out before the previous version was reviewed.

    Disable your AV, or use a different browser to download until Microsoft gets their shit together

  • I am also getting this flagged as a virus for the new update. Just for your awareness!

  • Just to let you know, Windows Defender is flagging the newest update as a Trojan.

    • There's nothing I can do about this, the DLL is clean, and submitting it for manual evaluation would take so long it would be pointless, as I'd probably have a new version out before the previous version was reviewed.

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    • Yep that's what I thought, just wanted anybody who were gonna lose their minds see visibility about it and you be like "no biggie" lol. Thanks for your work!

    • For whatever reason heaps of things are getting flagged as false positives since the 3.8.0 release. Did not have hardly any issue with previous SPT releases and mods.

    • We had similar issues back around 3.5.x when I first started modding, a bunch of mods ended up getting flagged as Wacatac and similar false positives.

      Trust me, it's as frustrating for me as it is for you guys, because there's literally nothing we can do about it (Outside of paying hundreds of dollars a year and adding a bunch of extra steps to each release for code signing, and even that isn't guaranteed to not encounter this issue)

  • There is still some stuttering, but nowhere near as much so amazing work there!!! Nothing to report other then letting you know that, and thanking you.

    • Generally I find the stutter now is entirely around bots spawning (I keep the BepInEx debug console up on my other monitor, so I can correlate the stutter with the bot brain being adjusted). There's a bit of a performance dip when bots are in combat, but that's always existed and expected (More calculations while in combat than while walking around)

    • Im sure everything will get ironed out with all mod autors, just take time. BSG code is a train wreck lol

  • Do these mods affect Boss's behavior as well? I've installed Sain/BigBrain/waypoints and noticed bosses are not where they usually are. For instance, on night customs (I installed the boss notifier mod), no cultists were at the location they always are at. The same thing happened on factory. Tagilla was pretty much silent and I found him walking toward gate 3 by those tanks.

    • These mods do affect bosses, but unless they've gone off chasing gunshots, they should be relatively close to their spawn areas. Unless you enable looting or questing for bosses, then they'll be anywhere.

  • Quote

    Note that this requires the Beta build referenced in the description.

    Seems to be outdated since the beta version has been fully released now.

  • Hi, i'm experiencing a weird issue with bot spawning behind walls/off map locations. Experienced this on three separate maps;

    • Factory - i can hear entire gun fights taking place behind walls where it's impossible for a player to reach.
    • Customs - in the centre of the map, near where the sniper scav spawns on the high tower, sometimes in the buildings around there which you cannot enter i can hear the ai running around.
    • Interchange - had it happen where you can leave the main road, run over the grass and get to the train line. To the left behind the sealed off wall is where i can hear the ai running around and they actually shoot at me.

    I have very few other mods in place, got the donuts and Sain but i don't believe these impact the spawn locations of the ai. I've not changed any settings either.

    Currently using version 1.3.4. I'm not enountering any errors messages or such, just freaky listening to entire battles taking place or footsteps running all around me but i cannot see anyone.


    • Waypoints does not modify bot spawns, that would be SWAG+Donuts

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  • Hi, I did everything according to the instructions, the mod does not work. I installed BigBrain and waypoints. I downloaded version 1.3.4 for SPT 3.7.4 later - is this correct?

    Log output: [Error : BepInEx] Failed to download [DrakiaXYZ-Big Brain] because it lacks dependencies: com.spt-aki.core (version 3.7.1 or later)

    [Info : BepInEx] Download [DrakiaXYZ-Waypoints 1.3.4]

    [Error :DrakiaXYZ-Waypoints] ERROR: This version of DrakiaXYZ-Waypoints v1.3.4 was created for Tarkov 26535, but you are using 27622. Please download the correct version of the plugin. Thank you!

    • I do not offer support for SIT