Extra RM Ammo 1.0.2

Adds various types of ammo and some unreal but enjoyable cartridges.

My first mod ever, YIAAA! bugcatrainbowbugcatheadbumpingsacrifice

This mods adds real ammo variants to the game, some prototypes and a fantasy one too (.300Blk Super AP).

The folder has TWO OPTIONS, "Vanilla" and one called "Realism" which tries to be balanced specifically to work with "SPT Realism Mod" by Fontaine.

This mod wouldn't be possible without Mighty_Condor's code and "M Ammo" by Pettan, who also helped me a lot through the process with recommendations, ideas and also identifying errors.

Also thanks to Validoleech's work giving us Russian locales.


· Ammo added:

- Birdshot BBB 12/70,

- Buckshot No.4 (6.1) 12/70,

- Buckshot 000 (9.15) 12/70,

- Flechette BIG FAT 12/70 (Real but not an specific caliber or brand),

- Drangon's Breath 12/70 (Well, you want it, you got it, FAIARBAAALLS!!) sacrifice

- Flechette KS23 (Not Specifically Real),

- M-1152 9x19 (New US Army standard FMJ ammo for M17/18),

- M-1153 9x19 (New US Army standard JHP ammo for M17/18),

- 7H21-03 9x19 (PS gsp),

- 7H30 9x19 (PP gs),

- 7H31M 9x19 (PBP-M),

- 7H42 9x21 (BP),

- AP 9x33R (Not Real),

- T6B 5.7x28 (It's funny it's better than AP - SS190),

- T6BS 5.7x28 (Not Real),

- 7H6M 5.45x39 (PS gs, replaced the older PS - 7n6),

- 7T3M 5.45x39 (TM, replaced the older T - 7t3),

- 7H10M 5.45x39 (PP gs, replaced the older PP gs - 7n10),

- 7H20M 5.45x39 (BP gzh, replaced by the newer BP gs - 7n22),

- 7H24M 5.45x39 (BS-M, replaced the older BS - 7n24),

- M-193 5.56x45 (Original Vietnam era 5.56x45, still used today),

- SS-109 5.56x45 (Original NATO standard),

- DM-11 5.56x45 (German version of SS109),

- DM-11A1 5.56x45 (Newer and better version of the older DM11),

- DM-31A1 5.56x45" (German equivalent to M855 A1),

- Supersonic AP .300BLK (Not Real),

- 7H26 7.62x39 (BP +P, newer version of BP with +10% pressure and better penetration),

- 7H27 7.62x39 (PP gzh obr. 43, just better than normal PS),

- M-80A1 7.62x51 (Newer and better M-80),

- MK-316 7.62x51 (Long Range Sniper Match HP Round),

- MK-319 7.62x51 (Enhance light penetration and reduced muzzle flash for short carbines),

- M-62A1 7.62x51 (Newer and better M62),

- M-118 7.62x51 (Long Range Sniper Match Lead Free round),

- 7H43 7.62x51 (It's an AP Round But the Real specifications are unknown),

- 7H1M 7.62x54 (Just newer than normal PS gzh),

- 7H13-01 7.62x54 (PP gs, better penetration than PS but less than SNB),

- 7H41 7.62x54 (Real specifications unknown),

- 7H45 8.6x69 (Real specifications unknown),

- API 8.6x69 (Treated as Exlosive ammo, but in reality is API)

· Installation:

· Extract folder in 7z file to your mods folder.

· Choose your build:

- Realism

- Realism no fancy stuff

- Vanilla

- Vanilla no fancy stuff

· Take the folder called "zExtra RM Ammo" and put it in the folder called "mods".

· The directory should look like this: "/user/mods/Extra RM Ammo/"

· Uninstalling:

If you want to remove the mod make sure to not have any of the added items in your profile before deleting the folder.

  • Version 1.0.2

    - Added Dragon's Breath 12/70. Hot, warm and scorching round sacrifice (It does not burn, but has a massive chance to cause bleeding)

    Now we have 4 options:

    - Vanilla full

    - Vanilla without non real ammo

    - Realism Mod full

    - Realism Mod without non real ammo

    And also Russian locales thanks to Validoleech



  • Version 1.0.1

  • Cool mod, I hope in the future new ammunition will have its own unique textures

  • Really like the mod, been having a lot of fun collecting new ammo and trying it out.

    I do have a Question; Specially for realism, will bots end up running this ammo?

    I am just curious, because I haven't seen a bot with the ammo (I'm assuming since the Tiers are preset for bots in realism mode that they will not.)

    • If you use any mod that touches the bot loadout, they will not appear. In my case I've deactivated the loadout modification in Realism Mod configuration.

      But I use other stuff who does modify them, so I edited the loadouts manually.

    • Fantastic response, thank you very much.

      I've been using this mod probably for 30~40 Hours, and I sat down yesterday and was thinking. Have I ever took any ammo from PMCs or Scavs(That was Mod Ammo)? I honestly couldn't remember. But this answers my question very clearly.

  • man I like this

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  • On downloading, I saw that some of the textures aren't necessarily accurate to the real life rounds. For example, the M80A1 has an exposed penetrator similar to the M855A1. Many of these textures already exist on other rounds, but with different dimensions, so would it be possible to, for example, rescale the bullet from an M855A1 to fit 7.62x51 bullet dimensions for the M80A1 model?

    Just some ideas on how to do textures now that the rounds mechanically work.

    Edit: Something in the description listing the ballistic coefficient of each round would be nice as well for those who like long range sniping. The Tarkov Ballistics website has those for vanilla rounds, but we'd have to dig through files to find them currently in the mod to enter them in manually on the Ballistics website.

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    • Would be dope to see custom ammo models. I was surprised the DUDS mod has one.

    • The Blackout AP actually states it uses the M80A1 projectile reloaded into .300 blk casing. And is accurate

      Edit: I'm unsure how they're split up in their actual models but the projectile actually exists in game.

    • If I ever have enough time I'll try to reach SiulSC and try to develop a full texturized ammo update.

      He already done this beauty:

    • I thought about the fact that .300 Blk uses M80A1 projectiles when I opened my ammo stash and saw some. I don't know a ton about 3d modeling, but I know a few different mods pull pieces off of models in other games, so I'm sure the same principle would be applicable to parts of models already in the game.

    • Hey Sanote you can also reach out to YankeeNoodle742 he made D.U.D.S round.

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  • Very cool mod, a lot of cool rounds. I wanted to add some 7.62x25 cuz every 7.62x25 has very low pen. Here are P-41 and THV (from TAU-44 arma community), I spend like 10 mins changing stats so they might be too op. If you want to add them

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    • Thanks for the info, I knew about the P-41 from wikipedia but nothing more. I'll try to search for those rounds and look for some yt video about them.

      The next update gonna be focusing on 9x18, .45ACP, 7.62TT, .357, 20/70, 4.6x30 and 5.7x28.

    • Also, it would be nice to have specific rounds sold by proper traders. It is not a big issue but I guess it would be more "realistic".

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    • The reason I didn't work with different traders for each ammo (Nato, Warsaw Pact, neutral) is because with this way is easier to avoid errors.

      If I have enough time I'll try to use Prapor for Russian ammo, Peacemaker for Nato-american ammo, Skier for Nato-Europe and Jaeger for all neutral ammunition.

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  • Y'know what would be funny to see? Getting the BB Rounds in-game to work. Be interesting if you could look into that.

    • They can work already. There is a BB magazine but it is not compatible with any weapon.

      Go to: Aki_Data/Server/database/templates/items.json

      You will need to add the ammo called "patron_6mm_airsoft" with id: "6241c316234b593b5676b637" in the slot called "Chambers" in the part: "patron_in_weapon" in a weapon like the Sig MCX with id: "5fbcc1d9016cce60e8341ab3".

      Also I'm sure you'll need to go to the blacklist and delete "6241c316234b593b5676b637".

      And this is a maybe, it could not work bc you may need some trader and market config. Anyway, once you delete it from blacklist, there is a chance for the BB's and mag to appear on Fence.

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    • Late asking this but, where exactly do I add the BB ID into? The Section with 5 other ID's or what?

      Thank you by the way! pog

    • - Control+F

      - Search for 5fbcc1d9016cce60e8341ab3

      - Go for "Chambers"

      - In the same part "patron_in_weapon"

      - Then you will find a list of 300blk ammo variants ID's.

      - Like this:



      "_name": "patron_in_weapon" "_id": "5fbcc1d9016cce60e8341aba" "_parent": "5fbcc1d9016cce60e8341ab3"

      "_props": {

      "filters": [


      "Filter": [






      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then:

      - Put the "patron_6mm_airsoft" ID "6241c316234b593b5676b637" in the list (no matter the position).

      - Like this:





      "6196365d58ef8c428c287da1", (remember the commas)

      "6241c316234b593b5676b637" (no comma at the end)

    • That's what I was thinking. Thank for you letting me know!

      Going to go play airsoft in-game now, I hope the bots call their hits :kappa:

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  • Is there an option to restrict this to only real rounds? I'd love some stuff like the M80A1s, but I don't want to overmod this like Skyrim.

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    • I'll try to add more options the next update so you can choose the a build with only real ammo and one with the fancy stuff.

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    • 1.0.2 release, you gotta' ammah without bullshitah :3

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    • Thanks man! Time to be an even bigger nerd!

      Edit: Is there a list of where these round end up in traders? If they aren't at traders, is there a plan to add that eventually?

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    • They are in the market and also in Skier.

  • Big dick plays making it compatible with realism. Would you consider ever making the ammo stats in the descriptions? Many thanks regardless!

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    • Oh, I didn't think to do it like this since I use "AmmoStats" by RaiRaiTheRaichu.

    • Can I just use that for the realism mod? If so my bad, I just assumed that it had a prebuilt set of numbers.

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  • When will someone make a mod for the 12-gauge cartridge that catches fire and ignites the enemy from "John Wick 4" and Modern Warfare 2 (2022) ???

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    • i think thats pretty hard since i dont think the player is even able to burn so it'd prolly be smth like a bleeding effect to simulate the burning idk

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    • Dragonsbreath in John Wick 4? I be slacking as still to give it a looksie

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    • There is no fire damage, or at least the damage mechanic due to a burn effect does not exist. We can see it when we walk over a bonfire, it only takes life away from us. I could make a buckshot cartridge that is 10 times more likely to cause light bleeding, that could be close.

      Good idea from NxstyKxng  sacrifice

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  • Thats alotta rounds kana_o

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  • Seems to be working well for me. Gonna need some time for testing each round and their performance when mag dumping into trash

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  • I am getting this error:

    Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir 'user/mods/zExtra RM Ammo/database/'

    Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir 'user/mods/zExtra RM Ammo/database/'

    at Object.readdirSync (node:fs:1405:3)

    at Object.readdirSync (pkg/prelude/bootstrap.js:1309:35)

    at VFS.getFiles (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\VFS.js)

    at ImporterUtil.loadRecursive (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\ImporterUtil.js)

    at ATLASItems.postDBLoad (C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\SPT\user\mods\Extra RM Ammo\src\mod.js:29:38)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

    Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir 'user/mods/zExtra RM Ammo/database/'

    Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir 'user/mods/zExtra RM Ammo/database/'

    at Object.readdirSync (node:fs:1405:3)

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    at VFS.getFiles (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\VFS.js)

    at ImporterUtil.loadRecursive (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\ImporterUtil.js)

    at ATLASItems.postDBLoad (C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\SPT\user\mods\Extra RM Ammo\src\mod.js:29:38)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

    Crying 1
    • Damn, I'm gonna need time and help to solve that mess.

      What build and mod selection are you using?