Grenade Trajectory Prediction Line 1.0.0

Can be equipped with undermounted grenade launchers,Show where the grenade landed

This mod originally released in:

You can buy the GrenadeTrajectoryPredictionLine from Prapor,Can only be equipped with undermounted grenade launchers,open by hitting T,ctrl+T can change color

Place the 'AT.PredictionLine.dll' in \BepInEx\plugins folder

Place the 'zAT-GrenadeTrajectoryPredictionLine' in server mods folder(user\mods)In case the fittings don't fit,It is recommended to load this mod in a later order

Note: Make sure the muzzle velocity is unchanged. This accessory may cause the weapon thumbnail to disappear when enabled

  • is this compatible with 3.5.5.?

  • OMG, I barely use grenades but with this mod now, I will use GLs a lot more!

    • It can only be used on undermounted grenade launchers (M203 and GP)bugcatfat

  • What sorcery is this, it adds an item slot to existing weapons and it works with some custom GLs too. senkothink


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    • The principle is that there is a gameobject named"fireport"at the muzzle of the Grenade launcher in bundle file,Just add an accessory named "fireport" in the Slots section of the weapons items(.json) file

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