MFAC Shop Module 1.2.0

Yet another custom trader

Does not contain any new items


Drop the aaMFACSHOP into your SPT\user\mods folder.

The file path to package.json should look like this "SPT\user\mods\aaMFACSHOP\package.json

Make sure this loads before the other mods. From 3.8.x onwards I have added the new "loadafter" parameter to my other mods.

This is a shop module for the following mods and is required for the following mods to work properly.

Yes I hope you guys like yet another trader :kannatiredofthis:

  • Version 1.2.0

    For 3.8.x

    Test fix for ragfair errors.

  • Version 1.1.0

    Update for 3.8.x

    New trader icon. Old version available in the res folder (rename/delete the new one and rename the MFAC_old.jpg to MFAC.jpg to swap back)

  • Version 1.0.3


    Removed unused code.

  • Version 1.0.2

    3.6.1+ update

    Added requirements from 3.6.0+ update.

    Thanks Chomp for troubleshooting the errors!


  • Version 1.0.1

    Removed some entries regarding what the trader can buy/see in the player's inventory.

    This should stop any errors when using a Developer Profile or having large stacks of currency in the stash that is not in a container.

    This may reduce the types of items the trader can buy from the player but it should improve compatibility.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • is update 3.8.3 availalbe? pls bro

    • I'm unable to update any of my stuff right now but is this unable to work on 3.8.3? I'm pretty sure none of the SPT changes I've read in the patch notes suggests any major changes to the traders.

  • Everything else works fine, but for some reason Alice's picture just doesn't show up on the trader screen. How can I fix this?

  • After i installed and clicked the trader, there's nothing to sell, the left side of the trading screen was blank, not even item grid, is this normal like i need certain level to access the trader?

  • is there only supposed to be 3 items she sells without other mods?

    • Yes those are there as placeholders to test the basic trade fucntions.

  • Pettan finally removed the greasy ai generated icon and replaced it with a less greasy generated icon, good job!

  • Just want to confirm that this mod works with Realism mod just fine so far :thumbup:

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    • how have you got it to work?

    • Can you bring your "SPT-Realism" related questions elsewhere. It is not supported here.

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  • It's fucked


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    • So what mods are you running?

    • It conflicts with the Seria Shop mod, when I put the MFAC below Saria, then Saria started having problems

  • I can't see items from trader level 3, for example HE Frag ammo in the MFAC Ammo mod... any ideas?

    • You have something that modifies trader stock not really my problem.

  • i installed this mod and CocoLemon's IProject and just some items shows me with images,

    the rest of then is like missing the images ..only apears an image of a dog ..

    • yep happen to me

    • Why are you posting an error related to an empty trader on the trader page. And I'm sure you aren't running a standard version of SPT or failed to follow the basic install instructions.

    • this is because you downloaded the patch and not the whole thing look in the versions to find the full thing

  • The trader is always set to level 4. Even when set back to level one, when i start the server and the game, it sets it back to level 4. Is it a bug or it cannot be lower then 4?

    • Its a feature, nobody told you to change things around anyway.

    • Understood, thanks.

  • hello guys i have a problem with a icons of traders, they are in pic of my PMC so i cant click on them. any fixes?

    • click flea market then click trader button there it should pop up in a different window and you can click them

    • doesnt work for me =(

    • its at the bottom of the esc menu, make sure the intermediate trader screen box is checked.

    • TY <3

  • Ay yo how can I change the Icon of the trader? I've changed the file in res but it's still that anime girl :C

    • Have you cleared the game cache/temp files in the launcher?

      Top right settings gear icon -> clean temp files.

    • Yup that fixed it! thanks!

  • is it working with aki 3.5.8?

  • How exactly do I install this?