AT233's Titanfall 2 Weapons and Attachments 2.0.0

R-201, C.A.R and G2A5| Thermal capable red dots along with a hipfire laser module.

This mod is now split into 2 parts.

Included in the attachment mod are the hipfire assist laser and the red dot sight.




MFAC shop module required


First install my custom trader

Extract with 7zip (

Extract folder in 7z file to your mods folder

The directory should look like this:





The original work is done by AT233, I just made it work on the newest version with some fixes.


"SPT-Realism" added to incompatibilities in package.json, you may remove the parameter to make it work with "SPT-Realism" BUT do not post "SPT-Realism" related support questions here.

The original mods can be found below

  • Version 2.0.0


    • Update for 3.8.x

    Extract with 7zip (


    "SPT-Realism" added to incompatibilities in package.json, you may remove the parameter to make it work with Realism BUT do not post Realism related support questions here.

  • Version 1.0.5 FULL

    3.7.x update

    The installation should look like this

    /user/mods/AT233-Titanfall 2 weapons/

    /user/mods/yAT233-Titanfall 2 attachments/

    Please install latest version of the custom trader if you are getting any errors in the server console.

  • Version 1.0.4 FULL

    The weapons and the attachments are now split into 2 different mods. Mastery now works for all the new weapons.


    The installation should look like this

    /user/mods/AT233-Titanfall 2 weapons/

    /user/mods/yAT233-Titanfall 2 attachments/

    Also MFAC shop module is now updated. Please install Version 1.0.2 if you are getting any errors in the server console.


  • Version 1.0.3 FULL

    FULL version

    G2A5 caliber fixes

  • Version 1.0.2

    More R-201 fixes.

    You should be able to add attachments in raid without crashing the game now.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Possible fix for the R-201 inventory bug.

    So I made the base weapon 5 width, 2 height

    The chassis take away -2 width when merged with the base weapon

    Then have the barrel give it a +2 width.


  • Version 1.0.0

  • Be aware, all the old bugs from the older version are still in.

    If the R-201 doesn't appear after you buy it, just restart the game or go into a raid.

    The R-201 may cause inventory bugs, so it is advised you place it at the bottom of the stash or in a container. FIXED?

    You can't remove mods from the R-201 in raid (leads to crash). FIXED?

    Because there is no set weight on the 2 new reflex sights, it causes them to spawn disproportionately common on AI weapons.

    • Recent patch fixed the modding the R-201in a raid bug. :)

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  • I was running the R-201 in a raid earlier and despite the Inspect Window showing it as an Assault Rifle, when I killed enemies with it I ended up leveling my SMG skill.

    Is the R-201 setup properly on the backend or do you think another mod is somehow reclassifying this weapon?

  • The guns and magazines are loading as doge cubes but everything else is fine

    • Wait for MPT to be updated with the fix.

    • Actualy i figured out the issue the server dosnt properly download the Bundled assets you have to copy the assets to the user/bundles/assets and replace the files

  • Is the small circle on the hipfire sight intentional? Appears on some hipfire sight.

    • Its there on the original mods i got them from.

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  • It was updated!!! I was waiting so patiently!! CAR SMG IS BEST SMG!!!

    R-201 is pretty cool too, I guess. Thanks, Pettan. You're a swell person.

  • Gonna install and find out anyways, just wanted to ask if the old incompatibility with SeeItemValue is still a thing? Either way I'll find out and test the old fix if I run into issues.

  • Seem to be having issues with mags that I can't reload in raid nor in the inventory or even stash, once I remove the mag from the gun after buying it, it won't let me put it back in or insert the same mag but bought seperatly off the trader basically making the guns useless

    • Yeah im having this issue too. i cant even put the mag back in the gun with preset/modding screen either

    • I don't know what other mods you have.

  • Bullets do not have a map and do not display the associated bullet attributes

  • can we get the wingman added?

    • Nope, I can't do weapons I only maintain the port.

    • so you porting the wingman isnt a option?

    • more likely unless its made already it would be difficult to add, pettan ported the old weapons to the newest version of spt

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  • Does this work with 3.5.7?

  • Are you able to restore Mira's mods and KCH Armorys mods? They were dope, Mira had the m16 rifle and mp5k addons, KCH armory just had a whole bunch of cool weapons.

    • I think KCH stuff are in KMC weapons which still works for me in 3.5.6.

      For Mira's weapons I'm not sure those bundle files are even usable in the current version and I don't know how to do any bundle related work.

    • Hmmm... I don't think the bundles in the original are complete yet. This is just a test, I don't have the permission or plan right now to do anything with this. I have some code I need to update for my MFAC stuff first before thinking of more ports.


  • I thougth these were going to be team fortress 2 when I saw the title

    • Same, would love to have the some of TF2's shotguns (despite the size of them looking like they'd take KS23 ammo)

      Also other weapons such as the stock sniper rifle, smg, pistol and some of the melees like kukri, bat, bottle would be cool

  • у меня не работает мод если точнее у меня магазин не хочет заряжатся в оружие

    • They work on my end, redownload the file again.

    • сам модуль mfac или мод с оружием или всё вместе?

    • я удалил мод имено этот но не помогло

    • сделал всё как вы просили но не помогло

    • I don't know what you are saying. Its probably the localization file not working properly, in that case I can't help you

  • I remember the original having some major bugs.

    Hopefully they've been fixed. I'm still installing, to see if that's true.

    • This is just the latest version from the linked mods, so the bugs that are in those versions are still there. There are alot of custom slot IDs(_name) on the bundles which really fucks with SPT, thats why you see alot of those white boxes.

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    • I've put out a patch to try to fix the R-201 inventory bug, see if that works for you.

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  • Does it work in version 3.5.5? :love: