Featured Traveler 1.1.1

Not quite open world.. but close! Travel through the Tarkov locations to get access to traders, stashes, and even multiple hideouts!

  • Version 1.1.1

    If you are updating from a previous Traveler version, make sure you OVERWRITE the previous version. Do not delete the Traveler folder in your user/mods folder or you will lose your extra stashes and hideouts.

    Added config editing documentation:

    This should be helpful for all of you who have wanted to change up where things are, or even completely overhaul the map pathing!

    Link to doc

    -Fixed issue where vents would not be visible at secondary hideout locations

  • Version 1.1.0 HOTFIX

    I borked the directories on the 1.1.0 update, this fixes that. You may have to delete some mod guts from your user/mods folder... sorry guys :(

  • Version 1.1.0

    Please be aware that any previous Traveler profiles will not function with this version. It is highly recommended to start a completely fresh profile to play with this mod.


    • you may consider this explicit permission to do whatever you want with any Traveler versions prior to this one. If you are interested in iterating on or otherwise doing something with Traveler versions 1.1.0 and forward that is prohibited by the license (redistributing an edited version, using it in a modpack, etc.) please reach out to me first. There's a very high percent chance that I will be okay with it.


    1. Updated map routing to support the Streets expansion.
      • Old underpass extract is now connected to Expo Checkpoint
      • Old Evac Zone extract is now connected to Crash Site
      • Download includes an updated map image, be sure to take a look if you want to see the differences!
    2. The config looks a little different now and should be a tad easier to read in some cases. (more improvements to that will hopefully be coming soon)
    3. Any stash that is upgradable (by default all stashes at every trader) can now be upgraded separately from each other. A stash size will match the stash hideout station at that location. Interchange Safe Room and Customs ZB-13 will now have static stashes that can't be upgraded (although they are pretty big still). Check the stash section of the config if you would like to change these settings.
    4. Any trader can now be a medic, allowing post-death healing from them at those locations. By default only Therapist and Jaeger are medics, but this can be changed in the config if you prefer.


    • I found the durability mechanic on the Marked Letter to be very inconsistent. Sometimes durability would properly lower on death, sometimes it would not. I also found that I prefer to play with it being a permanent item anyway, so I scrapped that feature. The Marked Letter now has no durability.

    Other Misc. Changes:

    1. Switched to DrakiaXYZ's version agnostic version of the PTT-Extracts plugin (Thank you, Drakia!)
    2. New PTT-Extracts plugin source: https://github.com/DrakiaXYZ/SPT-PTT-Extracts
    3. Various backend code cleanup things (it's spaghetti in there, don't tell BSG or they may try and hire me LOL)
  • Version 1.0.5

    SPT-3.6.0 update. No changes made to Traveler, Fontaine just updated the PTTExtracts.dll plugin to work with SPT-3.6.0 (thanks for doing that!).

    If you have a customized version of Traveler installed on your 3.5.8 install, you can copy it to 3.6.0. Just make sure you replace the plugin with the updated one from this version.

  • Version New Map Image!

    No mod changes, just added a full res version of the map below to the zip. :)

    Thank you Franch Dressing for making this awesome open world map!


  • Version 1.0.4 HOTFIX #2

    Website spam go brrrrrrrrrr

    (fixed another bug I forgot about causing hideout stations to not lock properly when first loading the game)

  • Version 1.0.4 HOTFIX

    Fixed bug causing Marked Letter to not lose durability, and OOR Quest Stash always being disabled.

    Still note the update instructions/ info warnings on 1.0.4 version please.

  • Version 1.0.4

    This version will ONLY be compatible with SPT-AKI 3.5.7 and 3.5.8

    If using an SPT version older than shown above, replace PTTExtracts.dll file in BepInEx/plugins with one compatible with your version

    If you are updating from a previous Traveler version, make sure you OVERWRITE the previous version. Do not delete the Traveler folder in your user/mods folder or you will lose your extra stashes/ hideouts.

    Small update:

    1. Added "disable_out_of_raid_quest_stash" to config for you hardcore masochist folks (disabled by default). Thanks FullerK_55 for the idea! Setting it to true will disable your out of raid quest item stash. I'd recommend not enabling this if your profile currently has items in that stash.
    2. Removed some logging I left in by accident from previous update, and set the unlock level for the flea back to level 10 instead of 1.
  • Version 1.0.3 HOTFIX

    Fixed "accessible_everywhere" setting on traders in the config not working correctly (still read all the notes and instructions below on the 1.0.3 version, please)

    Thank you ComradeJagrad in the SPT discord for reporting that bug!

  • Version 1.0.3

    This version will ONLY be compatible with SPT-AKI 3.5.7 and 3.5.8


    How to update:

    1. Save a backup of your profile. You can use one of your backups from user/mods/Traveler/profiles/.profile backups.
    2. DO NOT delete your old Traveler version. Overwrite it with this version instead to ensure you don't accidentally delete Traveler profile files.
    3. Delete Kiki's MarkFIR mod if you had it installed.
    4. Enjoy :)

    note: If you are using a version older than 3.5.7, install this update and then replace the PTTExtracts.dll file in BepInEx/plugins with the dll file from the version of SPT-AKI you are using.

    What's new:

    1. Broken old FIR tweak has been replaced with kiki's MarkFIR mod built in. Thank you kiki for permission to use it! With that set to true, all your items will be made to be FIR upon the end of a raid (even on death)
    2. Purchases from flea and traders will be FIR (configurable)
    3. Run Through status won't happen anymore, extracting will always count as Survived

    Other fixes:

    1. Uninstall feature should be working correctly now
    2. Dangerous Road quest tweaked to be accessible (extract changed to Underpass instead of the vehicle extract)
    3. Backend cleanup of the mutli-stash system
  • Hey thank you so much for that great mod. I was wondering what happened with the underpass extract to go from streets back to interchange (emercom) ? I dont see it as listed in the available extracts while playing on streets but is clearly listed as a two way extract on the Traveler franch map that comes with the mod.

    Thanks again and thank you for your hard work!

  • Thank you again for this, the mod breathes new life into the game for me.

    I'm curious if you're open to feature ideas for future iterations of the mod. If not, pretend you didn't see this.

    If you are open to it, I'm playing around with the idea of limiting specific extractions to either BEAR or USEC PMCs to simulate control of that space by either the UN or RUAF. I'm working on simulating this by just updating the available extracts based on which faction I have for the profile, but having a way to handle this systematically via a parameter in the offraid_positions section of the config would be amazing.

    I thought I would bring it up just in case it seems like an interesting idea for a future update.

    • That is a cool idea. I'm not currently implementing new features but I'll keep that in mind for when I ultimately get back to adding new stuff :)

  • Hello, I have another question about customizing exfils.

    What is the minimum required to add inside the config if I want to use a non-pre-configured exfil?

    From what I can see, there are these categories: "stashes"/"hideouts"/"offraid_positions"

    Do I need to write for each category for this new exfil to work? Like ZB-1012.

    • All you'd need to make an extract work is have it hooked up to an offraid position. Adding stashes and hideouts to that position is optional.

  • Hi!

    I have quite an issue with this mod: seems like the entire map spawns nearby my spawn point.

    In the first 3 minutes I have to kill somehting like 5 PMC before proceed.

    An example is that I'm trying to reach Skier in Shoreline but as soon I spawn, 3 other PMC spawn behind me, making impossible to reach my objective.

    Is it a known issue? There is a way to fix it?

    Thank you!

    • Traveler doesn't affect bots in any way. You can use Swag + Donuts to overhaul bot spawns.

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    • I had this happened to me in warehouse 17, which is also a hot spawn spot in SWAG setting so no surprise there, i move my home hideout to live with Proper. good guy, too.

  • About exfil id, most of them are easy to understand, but like streets we have E1/E5/E6/yard
    is there anyway i can understand where they are referring to?

    Also, it seems like we only have pmc exfil enable, can we config scav exfil to use for pmc ext or trader post?

    • Look in the locales file mentioned in the config editing guide. You can search that file for the name as it appears in game. Just keep in mind a lot of the locale keys differ slightly from the actual extract ids so only use it as a reference.

      Also to save you trouble, E8 on Streets is broken for some reason.

    • I later found a page that seems to list "all" the available exfil i can use:


      But it seems like still missing some, like for example pinewood basement exfil, where i would like to use as a trader post. and Shopping mail / elevator.

      Also like E1(Underpass) was already removed from the game as i understand, wjat will happen if i still use it as exfil/trader point?

    • E1 wasn't removed, it was just moved to a different extract. Again, you can search up each one in the locales file.

  • Hmm I might've messed something up on my end. Here's the error that shows up. Have you encountered it before? What I did was add a new offraid position to Factory in Camera Bunker Door. I added Therapist to it as well as the Flea Market. I didn't think it'd be an issue, but, well...

    • Fixed, it was a syntax error. I put a bracket where none was needed lol

  • Amazing mod, love the concept.

  • Is the stash size upgrade bugged?

    I use 2.5m to upgrade the stash size to 10x38 but it's still 10x28 when completed.

    I tried to debug and remove Traveler mod and the stash become 10x38. :/

    Btw I do not use multi stash or multi hide-out

    • It may be necessary to enter and then exit a raid to get your stash size to update. Sorry about that.. I've had to work around a lot of jank to get it to work at all.

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  • 3.7.3 After death, the profile breaks and the following error appears in the server log: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '639199277a9178252d38c98f'). I tried to look in the mod files for a link to this id and couldn’t find it. Regardless of the profile, this id remains the same

    • In my death backups i found this:

      "Improvement": {
      "639199277a9178252d38c98f": {
      "completed": true,
      "improveCompleteTimestamp": 1700734805
    • Is that id number your profile id? I'd do a ctrl f in your profile folder for that id to figure out what it's pointing to.

      Also, make sure your profile name doesn't have spaces in it.

    • I also haven't tested Traveler on 3.7.3 so there could be issues there as well.

    • I was having this same issue and tracked it down to entering my home hideout location after the damaged wall activates. It's "level" value in the (Traveler) hideout file ticks up from "0" to "3" (I'm guessing it's supposed to go to a "1") and causes a crash when ending a raid in that location. Reloading the game after that results in an infinite loading screen. If I restore my profile backups and manually edit it from a 3 to a 1 after it switches, all is normal and I can go in and soak up the water. I haven't played enough after this to know if this is a permanent fix or not but I can play normally for now. I guess I'm just waiting on the next stage of the wall to activate.

      At first I thought it might be 3.7.3 because it happened immediately after I upgraded, but I rolled everything back to 3.7.1 and restored older profile backups and it happened again with the same timing so it seems to not be a 3.7.3 issue.

      I don't know if this is even a Traveler issue or not. I have a TON of mods and use Mod Organizer 2 so I was reluctant to post about it before I saw someone else have the issue.

      The full error I got originally is as follows:

      Again I don't know if any of that error message is due to my jank MO2 setup or not.

      I hope this helps. I love this mod by the way!

      EDIT: I also went ahead and set the other hideouts wall levels to 1 to avoid the same issue for them. I'm not planning on fully upgrading all the other hideouts anyway so those walls can just leak forever. I should probably mention that the wall is "type" 22 near the bottom of the hideout files.

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    • Thanks for finding out this freaking wall

      Edited the profile to rollback wall upgrade fixed this issue

  • Does current version work properly on 3.7.2?

    • Probably but I haven't tested it

    • So far it seems to work fine for me on 3.7.2

  • I'm looking to add a modded trader to the trader config section, but I'm struggling to identify where I would find the trader_id for the modded traders (For example Saria Shop).

    Does this value need to match a value in the modded trader files, or is it just something that the Traveler Mod references?

    • It needs to match the modded trader value.

    • Just found the Config Editing Guide in the mod files. thank you for the incredible documentation!

      Edit: For those who may be looking for the Config Editing Guide - it's under the user\mods\Traveler\config directory

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  • Love this mod. Is there anyway to make every trader have the ability to insure your items?

    • Thanks! Not currently, no

  • It seems that in the latest version there isn't an option in the config file to make the marked letter be permanent (persist through death). Is that something that was changed recently?

    • In the latest version all marked letters are permanent

  • Hey I have a question, if I wanted to make the Marked Letter have a durability again, is there any way to do that with the current version? And if i'm able to do that, how would I do it? Other then that, I love the mod, great work!

    • Unfortunately no, I scrapped it entirely in the code because it seemed to be really inconsistent.

  • Will version 1.1.1 work with SPT 3.6.1?

  • :) Privet dear author Jehree! I have a little problem, just want to have a common stash in my home and traders' hideouts except for other evac locations, how could I set the config for the 8*8 temporary stash still existing in the game while set "multi stash: false"?

    • why ignore my comment??

    • Because I didn't feel like explaining it at the time lol. I'm not getting paid here.

      Set multi stash to true, add all the traders' offraid positions to one stash and they'll all give you access to that same stash.

  • I'm having some trouble setting up some exfils for streets. For some reason the devs decided to use initials and numbers to describe locations instead of their real names, so I've no idea if E1 refers to Cardinal Apartments or Crash Site or anything. Do you know if there is a config or file I could reference to get it all straight?

    • Never mind, I got it. There's a global en.json file in the spt folders that has every item and location in the game and its corresponding name!

    • Yep! I believe that is covered in the config editing guide, take a look at that if you haven't yet and still need help

  • Hey mate, just wondering if you had a map image without any of the markings. I'm editing the exfils and such and would like to make my own version of the French Dressing image for my own use

    • French Dressing just used this map https://tarkov.dev/map/openworld-2d but if you want mine as well I can send it :)

    • Hey thank you! Yesss if I could also have yours that would be great :D

    • Also sorry I totally forgot to do this, I'll get the image uploaded for you today

    • Here you go :) https://www.mediafire.com/view…69y7/it_be_a_map.png/file

      you'll have to add Labs to it, I fucked up the layers so I don't have that version without path lines on it

    • Thanks a ton! I can't tell ya how awesome this mod has been to edit and play. It's been a lot of fun. Right now I've been just holed up in customs, too scared to go anywhere else since one doomed trip to Woods, but now I think I've gathered enough to make the trip once more.

      This has been a great experience is what I'm trying to say lol. Thanks for the mod, and the maps!

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  • having a problem when extracting. screen will just go black and nothing will happen after

  • Hey there. Really enjoy the mod so far. One thing though, I love playing factory with all PMC's option using SWAG and donuts.

    I noticed there is a config.json file that has ""checkpoints":[" inside, as well as the checkpoints in game.

    Is there a way to add custom checkpoints? I'd like to make one for Factory so I don't have to run all the way from Prapor to get to Factory. Help appreciated! :)

    • Yep, you just need to add more offraid positions to the checkpoints array

    • Hey again. Tried to add the checkpoint to factory, currently getting an error which is not letting me spawn. The error reads "Error reading string. Unexpected token: StartArray." Then a string of numbers. Here is what I have:













      "regen": {


      Just added the last two, factory gate 3 and far corner. This is in the checkpoints section. In the offraid positions array, I have only 1 additional position at the very beginning:




      "bigmap": "Factory Far Corner",

      "woods": ["Factory Gate"]



      "bigmap": ["Factory Far Corner"]





      Could I get a hand cleaning this up? I'm not a coder by any means ^^

    • You need to search the offraid positions for their names, you can't just throw a map and extract name on it :P

      Customs.Warehouse17 for example isn't dynamic, it's what I actually named the offraid position.

    • Funny cause I just figured it out lmao. I'll post the code I added here in case anyone needs it in the future. Some of it might be redundant, but it works with no issues so far:
















      "factory4_day": ["Gate 3"],

      "factory4_night": ["Gate 3"],

      "bigmap": ["Factory Far Corner"]



      "factory4_day": "Gate 3",

      "factory4_night": "Gate 3",

      "bigmap": "Factory Far Corner"





      "bigmap": ["Factory Far Corner"]



      "factory4_day": "Gate 3",

      "factory4_night": "Gate 3",

      "bigmap": "Factory Far Corner"



  • There needs to be a way to make previous fir items you bring into a raid not have their fir status removed. The make-everything fir config is nice but way too cheaty imo.

  • is there a way to make the checkpoint system always active or increase the durability of the therapist's marked letter?

    • In the most recent version of Traveler the Marked Letter has infinite durability.

      If you don't want to update, check the config. There's an option in the older versions config to make it have infinite uses.

    • oh shit, didn't realise, thanks

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  • Couple things, so i cant extract at scav camp to ragman... not sure why, and might be dumb

    Q but how the heck do i get to labs lmao

    • The extract is renamed Survival Camp. It should work if you installed the mod correctly.

      Look at the map image in the Traveler folder, it shows how to get everywhere.

    • sorry i read wrong i got the map figured out, how come streets freezes?

    • Because it's almost winter time

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    • Haha sorry, idk why you're Streets is freezing, man. Could be a mod, or your pc, or just that BSG doesn't know how to optimize their game. 🤷‍♂️

    • yeahill give another whirl

  • Hi, is there anyway to set the Stash level manually for each hideout location? Loving the mod, but hate the level 1 stash size.

    I tried Editing the stash level in the hideout config of the Travel profiles folder. However setting as level 2 just resets on load. Setting construction true and a small time limit successfully made the stash level 2 but didn't actually increase the size of the stash.

    • After upgrading your stash you may have to enter and exit a raid for it to update

  • Hi, Bro. I would like to ask, how to increase the coordinates of the player_spawnpoints?

    I want to set up a custom trader's home in "Scav_Industrial_zone", but I don't have a player spawnpoint for "Scav_Industrial_zone". Thx

    • Oh, I just discovered that there is relevant content in the Editing Guide, thank you very much

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  • Hi. After uninstalling your mod i have an issue. The only trader that will buy my weapons obtained in raid from killing pmc's is Fence. I can strip weapon and sell every attachment normally but they wont buy the base of weapon even if it is 100/100 durability

    • Nothing in Traveler should affect what traders will buy

  • Hey this might be a stupid question but is there a way to make this easier as part of a config file change? I love the idea of this mod but I'm worried that running back and forth is going to sap my willpower and make the game too frustrating. The mechanic where Fence sends you back home is a really cool one and it makes me think, what if certain exfils (like car extracts) did that too? Like, my ideal playthrough is starting from home, planning my route to a trader or POI, finishing/turning in a quest, and then heading to a car Extract or something to head back home. I wouldn't mind paying a large fee for it, that way you're forced to walk everywhere when you're early game but money has a use when you're all leveled up.

    Is this something that can easily be done? I know I'm asking for something not a lot of people might want but I'm nervous that this mod might be really fun and then suddenly not be that anymore

    • You can certainly do that, yeah. There's a link in the config folder to a doc that explains how the config works, you are free to tweak it to your hearts content :). I've been meaning to make a video on it too, but I've been busy.

    • wait really?! That's great news, thank you! I'll check it out then.

    • Yep! The entire map pathing is all set up in the config. :D

    • Is there a way to add a price for taking an exfil? Just read your doc btw, it's fantastic!

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    • To the car extracts, yes :) there's a section for it in the config

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  • I have a suggestion and I suspect it's a big ask but, what do I know, I'm just a gamer. B) So, I've encountered a pre-existing mechanic in Tarkov that conflicts a bit with the spirit of your mod, Traveler. And my little gamer brain can't help but exploit it the maximum. The mechanic in question is Insurance.

    As you know, there is a meta game within your mod that involves managing where is stored, and what loot you store at the various locations. And, to access insurance, you have to be at the respective trader. Okay, Let me provide an example of how I exploit these two: Say I'm starting at therapist/warehouse.17 and I want to go to jaeger. But I also want to bring items from my stash at therapist to jaeger to either sell to him, turn in for quest, or store there for later use (special mention goes to the realism mod's meds as having these meds spread around various traders is very important IMO). What I could do and sometimes do is insurance the item, let's say it's a hose. I can go in naked with the hose and drop it or simple just die, activating the insurance mechanic. Now, If I can get to jaeger before the time that the insurance expires in my inventory, I can basically teleport loot around at the cost of the insurance.

    Of course there are limitations and exceptions, but I was quite surprised and disappointed that I was able to accept insurance from any insurer at any location. And when I say that, my intent is not to be overtly critical here. I understand stand this is a mod and you are building upon an existing frame work, ect. But I can't help but wonder if it would be possible to fix this "loophole" by making insured items only acceptable/viewable when the player is at the respective trader/insurer? Again, I suspect it may not be possible because of possibly how the insurance functions via the menu's? IDK. I wish I could provide a cheeky alternative...

    Hmmm. One idea I just came up with is what if we could use a different pre-existing system? Here me out. Disable the insurance return function from happening. But this new system would still callback what items where successfully retrieved. Now, when the insurance triggers, it is assigned to the trader/insurer as a purchasable item with a cost of 1 ruble (not sure if it could be free or some other creative work around to basically make it free). It's not a great suggestion. It would need to keep track of off-raid positions and still track the old insurance system without triggering for the player. IDK, like to here your thoughts. Thanks!

    • Interesting ideas, I've never had this issue myself. I don't like spending money and then risking my items don't come back at all haha. There won't likely be any major changes in this regard, at least not for a while.

      I'd suggest looking into other mods that alter the insurance system itself. Make it more expensive, ban insuring barter items, make it take longer to return, etc.

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    • So far I find that my insured items come back a lot. Maybe even all the time? Could be a product of no scavs able to look my body or i've just been lucky. One mod that could indirectly adress my issue is the one that allows bots to loot the world, dont recall the name.

      Good ideas. I'll have to look into those options cuz I can't contain myself :D Thx for the reading and responding :)

    • Np! Insurance in SPT is purely chance based, so if you find that it comes back too often you can probably lower the odds a bit with SVM. :)

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  • Is there anyway to make custom exfils, maybe similar to how you have the spawn points set up?

    Also, for some reason I cannot add the Cardinal Apartments exit on streets (E8 according to the locale file). I see that exit is also missing from the useful data files list of extracts (is this file used by the mod or is it litteraly just useful data lol).

    Luckily the scav version of that exit works so is used that instead, but I'm really curious whats stopping me from getting E8 to work.

    • Yeah there probably is, but it'd need a client sided mod to do it. Maybe some day, it's on my list.

      I had the same issue with E8 on Streets. No idea, I reported it as an SPT bug.

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    • I also couldn't come up with a way to make CCP Temporary exfil work in Shoreline. But I think that extract hasn't been used in a game for some time now(not sure why they removed it).

    • Yep haha, same issue here. I think some of them are just disabled or bugged

  • HI trying out the mod looks really good, but i dont seem to be able to get off customs 17 no matter what extract i use am i missing something

    • When you enter a pmc raid, are scav extracts available to you?

      If not, you likely installed the mod wrong and the ptt extracts plugin didn't make it into your BepInEx/plugins folder

    • Its there, everything else seems to work I had to add customs 17 to flea so i could dump some stuff and get ammo trying different extracts. Its mid play through

      And yes tried rR to interchange and RR to shoreline MIlitary CP few others

      I did just notice this notice this

      [Client Request] /raid/profile/save

      [Client Request] /client/match/offline/end

      TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'includes')

      at MatchController.extractWasViaCoop (C:\snapshot\project\src\controllers\MatchController.ts:220:48)

      at MatchController.endOfflineRaid (C:\snapshot\project\src\controllers\MatchController.ts:201:33)

      at MatchCallbacks.endOfflineRaid (C:\snapshot\project\src\callbacks\MatchCallbacks.ts:188:30)

    • [Info : BepInEx] Loading [PTTExtracts 1.0.0]

      [Info :ModulePatch] Enabled patch InitAllExfiltrationPointsPatch

      [Info :ModulePatch] Enabled patch ScavExfiltrationPointPatch

      [Info :PTTExtracts] Plugin PTTExtracts is loaded!

    • Have you modified the config file at all?

    • i did after i couldnt get off customs

      i added customs 17 to ragfair to offload some stuff and get some ammo i ran out trying different extracts ))

      "Flea": {

      "trader_id": "ragfair",

      "unlock_via_offraid_pos": true,

      "//Note": "unlock_level only applies if unlock_via_offraid_pos = true",

      "unlock_level": 10,

      "access_via": [










      doesnt matter what extract i used always went back to 17 and therapist

      i ran it thru jlint to check for errors