.300 Blackout Expansion 2.2L

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Before there was the MCX, there was a modder with an AR-15 and a dream.

This is a legacy version for AKI 12.9.X. You can find the 12.10.X version HERE.

As the title implies, it's all about .300 AAC Blackout. This new (not anymore lol) caliber has similar ballistics to the vanilla 7.62x39mm munitions, but it's 'MERICAN. It also fits into STANAG magazines, which leads to the other inclusions...

Instead of just adding this ammunition type alone, this mod also adds a custom .300 Blackout AR-15 and a few barrels for it so that you can play with the caliber and what it offers right out of the box! It's like a M4A1 with slightly worse base stats in exchange for firing ammunition that hopefully doesn't but probably does break the game.

All ammunition can be bought from the Mechanic, and all weapons/parts can be bought from the Skier. See README.md for detailed information about what each ammo type/weapon part does and what loyalty level is needed to unlock them.


- Seven Ten new rounds from an entirely new entirely cool? ammo type.

- Glorious .300 Blackout assault rifle.

- Four special .300 Blackout barrels for the assault rifle.

- Rounds correctly load into and feed from STANAG magazines.

- Correctly mounts AR-10 muzzle devices instead of AR-15 muzzle devices.

- Intensifies the mod developer's crippling depression.


- Add another example .300BLK weapon, maybe. If this happens, it'll likely be a .300BLK MDR-X.

- Add to bots... But maybe not this time, considering how jank it was with the AK-15.

- Learn to code.


Compatible with the ATL-15.

Look at that sexy custom lower receiver texture on that .300blk AR-15. Mmmmm.


  • Version 2.2L

    Added support for features introduced in upgrade to BlackoutEXP.

    • Ammunition types will now have unique assetbundles to make it easier to tell them apart.
  • Version 2.2

    The "Shush" update.

    Ever wanted subsonic .300blk? No? Did you at least install the ATL-15 mod? Also no? Well shit, guess this isn't the update for you. Sorry about that.


    • Added three new subsonic ammunition types purchaseable from the Skier.
    • Added cross-compatibility with the ATL-15.
      • The ATL-15 can now accept ammunition types and barrels from this mod, and the ARBLACKOUT can accept ammunition types and parts from the ATL-15.
  • Version 2.1

    The "Tactical Polish" Update.

    Well, still waiting on A8 here, but I guess it's nice to have an updated version of A7 to tide us all over. Also helps that this one seems to run a tiny bit less slow for me to boot, lol... Anyway.

    This update adds some polish to the mod in a few places where it might be appreciated. That's all.


    • Corrected typo in localization.
    • Weapon now has custom textures to differentiate it from the vanilla M4A1.
    • Weapon now shares firing sounds with the SIG MCX.
    • Barrels are now able to attach the SIG SRD suppressor.
  • Version 2.0

    It's finally here, lads! Vanilla .300 AAC Blackout has made it into Tarkov, aaaaaaaaaaaand... it's underwhelming as shit. Only two ammo types? Minimal customization for the MCX? What the hell.

    This update makes the MCX compatible with all of the ammunition added in this mod, and makes this mod's .300BLK AR-15 compatible with the vanilla .300BLK ammunition types as well as changing it to better reflect the presentation of .300 Blackout ingame.

  • Version 1.0.1

    • All rounds have had their bullet velocities just under doubled.
      • Turns out I was balancing 100-odd grain bullets as if they were 200-odd grain bullets. Whoops...
  • Version 1.0

  • file:///C:/Users/metal/Videos/Desktop/Desktop%20Screenshot%202021.07.19%20-%2019.18.16.58.png

    In this link is the code that the server is giving me when trying to load SPT with this mod installed. I don't understand what it means as I am not a modder or have any experience in this field. I would very much like to know what it means as well as how to fix it to make it work, thank you for any help that is presented.

    • Your link doesn't even work.

    • And you should be using this version of the mod anyway,

    • I'm unable to see what your talking about, the link in your comment just sent me to the exo skeleton mod, which from my understanding is completely unrelated to this mod, long story short the server is kicking back a trace error saying "core_f is not defined" and I honestly don't know what that means

    • This is for a version of AKI that is extremely outdated. Quite literally the only way this mod has value anymore is to people with a very specific version of SPTarkov that I don't think I can discuss on this website and even then it still doesn't work with said version of SPTarkov.

      Your core_f is not defined error indicates that you're using this mod on a post-1.0.0 version of AKI, and as such you should be using THIS MOD instead. For future reference, if a mod has no version listed under it, then odds are it won't function with more recent builds of AKI whatsoever due to either age or depreciation.

    • Thank you for the clarification, I ended up finding the up to date version of the mod about 20 minutes after posting my previous comment. It works great, absolutely wonderful mod. Keep up the good work carl, I can't wait to see what you bring to the table further on down the line.

      Thanks 1