Featured Sights Adjustment System 1.2.0

Lets you move sights along the rail mounts of a gun!! Currently movable only along whatever a LaRue Riser can fit on


Adds a few new mounting points, 10 forward and 5 backwards to allow you to mount sight along your optic rail on your guns.


All items are added to my custom trader Alice at LL1.


To use, attach any of the positioning mount onto the SAS Base and then attach the sight to the positioning mount.


This mod wouldn't be possible without Mighty_Condor's code as the framework.

Thanks to SSH for inspiring this server mod based solution.


First install my custom trader

Extract folder in 7z file to your mods folder

The directory should look like this:

/user/mods/yzzz Sights Adjustment System/

If you are looking to move your stocks along the buffer tube try out

If you want to move your foregrip and tactical devices around try out

If you are using ALGORITHMIC LEVEL PROGRESSION it is recommended you add "MOUNT_ALL_SHIFTY" to the blacklist of its configs via "customBlacklist" to prevent any possible errors. Or you can try loading this mod after ALP in the load order.

Known Issues:

Maybe some server botgen issues perhaps?

Pip scopes kinda wonky?


If you want to remove the mod make sure to not have any of the added items in your profile before deleting the folder.


Backend/mod.ts by Might Condor - University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License

Bundles/models by PETTAN - Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0

  • Version 1.2.0

    Special thanks to Mighty_Condor for helping add a much needed function on the mod.ts.

    • Changed the filters donor from "Aimpoint QRP2 mount for CompM4/PRO sights" to "Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 holographic sight".
    • Added new MFAC LaRue LT101 QD Tactical Picatinny Riser mount usable only on the positioning mount.
  • Version 1.1.1


    Changed the base mount to be a clone of "Aimpoint QRP2 mount", this lets it fits on more rails.

    Removed unused sights from the positioning mount to reduce botgen errors.

    Added more scopes/mounts to the positioning mount filters.

    If you are using ALGORITHMIC LEVEL PROGRESSION it is recommended you add "MOUNT_ALL_SHIFTY" to the blacklist of its configs to prevent any possible errors. OR you can try loading this mod after ALP.

  • Version 1.1.0

    Fixed icon rendering issue.

    Changed mounts to 1x1.

    Clear your cache for the new preview icons.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • If you want a client mod solution use this mod by SSH, its probably better anyway.

  • Would you be able to make this work with the LaRue LT101 QD Riser? So that it can be placed further up on a rail as well as sights being placed further up on it too?

  • interesting stuff, hope you find a way someday to avoid using some weapon mods and using some sort of context menu to adjust rails position :)

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  • @Pettan, Hello. I see this mod is showing as a [Recent Update] from 6 hours ago (i.e. 3:00pm EST 09/12/2023), however the latest version is still v1.1.0 (Sep 9, 2023). What was "recently updated"? Thanks

    • I unreleased it, I didn't like how it worked.

    • Thanks for the response. Can't say I understand what "unreleasing" something does, but thanks.

  • This is awsome

  • Is it possible to use this mod without the custom trader?

    • No, I put it on a custom trader so it can be easily blacklisted by botgen mods.

  • Hello, I wanted to ask, I installed your mod and also installed MFAC SHOP MODULE. How does the principle of moving the sight closer/further work - when assembling a weapon or what? I tried to install the sight and it is installed as usual.

    • The instructions is right there on the mod overview page.

    • Hello, but I don't understand what to do.

    • You buy the mount you put it on as shown in the instructions, even a toddler can assemble this.

    • Wow, Quite the response from a mod author lol

      If you still need help friend I'll be downloading the mod this afternoon and I can help out if need be

  • can you do somethink like to move attachments in raid like scopes laser and the whole attachments in raid first person?

    • No. I don't have the skillset to make a client mod.

    • okay, and i like this mod

  • amazing work, I have an idea though, could you do something similar for stocks on tubes to allow different positions as i really hate how short some of them look?

    • image.png

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    • looks great, just need one for foregrips and you sir will have done what BSG seem unwilling to do as they need to add yet another ak variant to the game

    • foregrips sadly might not work because of the set animations

      while scopes and stocks work (even tho stocks clip into the arm and shoulder but they outside of the camera)

    • The hand positions are locked to the foregrips, moving the foregrips work but there is a limit before the animations start to become weird.

  • does this work with the realism mod's nvg changes? specifically the blocking sights

  • omg finally ak sights dont have to be straight up in my face thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks

  • Does this work with presets?

  • Really cool mod, but something is conflicting with it for me. Bots wont spawn, but they will with your Ammo mod.

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    • Weird. What other mods do you have? I am running it with Algorithmic Level Progression and it works on my end. Never tested it without that though.

    • I have 31 other mods that are functioning fine together. I was trying to attach a screenshot, but I'm too dumb to figure out how. Would it be possible to add a config setting to disable the SAS Mount from going into the Bot "Loot Pool"? I don't really know the background of how these mods REALLY work, so I hope that my verbiage is correct. I had these same Bot Spawn Errors with a PKM/PKP Mod.

    • I can't help you with that vague information.

    • I kinda narrowed it down with a long night of experimenting. It has something to do with Server Value Modifier, or I can at least use that to work around whatever is happening. I used it to block Bots from spawning with Primary weapons and they're generating fine now.

  • spt modders adding features faster than bsg lmao nice

  • Nice work! This is so cool. How would it work out if someone made a similar thing but with foregrips? Bones would follow along nicely or would it look weird?

  • goated mod, Nikita is taking centuries to add this

  • Great mod. You need to add this the list in your [MFAC Shop Module] mod list - MFAC Shop Module

  • This is a brilliant move. If the game do not have the specific mechanic, you just use the game mechanics to do it. bugcatrainbowsacrificeanimefingerdancing

  • This would be pretty cool as a client mod.

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  • Ayo????????????????? hell yeah!?

  • O M G 8|

    You are GOD :):thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

  • Works well despite limitations

    As it currently stands, this server-side solution works a lot better than current client-side plugin mods on offer, as this mod does not suffer issues of sight-misalignment and the scope position is saved across raids and doesn't reset if you drop the weapon.

  • Interesting idea. Could be done better with a client mod though.


    Reply from Pettan ():

    Yes. This mod is client behaviour limited when it comes to PIP scopes where the player camera still snaps to the same position behind the pip scopes.

  • And BSG will do it in 5 years

    Modders do it again fixing tarkov while BSG does not help modders

  • always hated how some mods just completely block 30% of my screen.

  • Essential mod for Tarkov

    It is essentially required for the game from the beginning!

    Thanks for doing a great job on behalf of BSG!