Payday Mask + 1 1.0.0

Add 10 Payday Mask

First, I would like to thank my friend Mr. Tron for teaching me how to make mod,

and SSH community for their advice!

Without their help, this mod would have been impossible!

To celebrate the launch of Payday 3, we created the Payday Mask mod!

Add 10 Payday masks, All masks buy Skier L1!

The regular mask has lvl 3 armor on the front and the Jacket mask has lvl 3 armor all around.

The value of the deal is very high: 200,000 rubles for the regular mask and 400,000 rubles for the Jacket mask, because you can get a "bounty" for taking them from the NPCs!



Place the unzipped file in the mod folder.

Source Code from SPT SDK Helmet Tutorial

SPT SDK Helmet Tutorial - AKI Mods Workshop (

Model (All copyrights belong to the person, organization or company that produced them)

Payday 2 Set 1 by XPS-Fanatic on DeviantArt

Payday 2 Set 2 by XPS-Fanatic on DeviantArt

Payday 2 Set 3 by XPS-Fanatic on DeviantArt

Payday 2 Set 4 by XPS-Fanatic on DeviantArt

payday 2: sokol by rotten-eyed on DeviantArt

Payday 2 - Sydney by Bringess on DeviantArt

Payday 2 - Clover by Bringess on DeviantArt

payday 2: jacket by rotten-eyed on DeviantArt

  • Version 1.0.0

    Fixed an issue in the handbook

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused

  • now we need a letterman jacket and jeans mod

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  • Do you plan on perhaps adding Jimmy's mask?

    • I have found some masks from other places, including Jimmy masks!

      We will add them as soon as we learn how to import them!

    • Nice, I can't wait to be a cracked up british geezer running around murdering everyone in my way.

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  • dude how to use this file ?put it into user/mods ? thank you :D

    • It's in the user section in the directory


    • Sorry, put the unzipped file in the mods folder!

      Installation instructions have been added!

    • hh ^^

  • isnt he called Hoxton and not Houston or am I wrong?

    • Houston sort of replaced Hoxton. Hoxton was in PDTH but a mission in PD2 has Houston and Hoxton both exist since Hoxton was arrested. Then you break him out and he gets a new mask.

    • 50/50 in pd:th this is Hoxton's mask, but in pd2 the developer gives it to Houston because Hoxton (according to lore) was arrested

    • ahh, now I see

    • Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

      All masks were made based on information from PAYDAY2 (please let me know if I am wrong).

      We will be adding Hoxton mask too!

    • hey, youre fine. thats not an issue at all! just was curious about

  • Pretty cool.


    Reply from STUOKD ():

    Thank you!

    Without you, Mr.Tron, and the help of the SSH community, I would not have my mod!

  • God tier

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I NEED A FUCKING MEDIC BAG, I can go on a realistic murky raid. LET'S FUCKING GO. GET THE FUCK DOWN BWAH BWAH BWAH BWAH BWAH. But nah mod works. This is neat dog

  • That is actually great

    I love payday 2 And tarkov so 10/5 ;)

    Reply from STUOKD ():

    Thank you!

    There is a "bounty" on the mask, so please rob your enemies and get a lot of money!