Fershte's Balanced Muzzle Devices 0.9.2

Always using the Thunderbeast Ultra 5? Confused as to why the Hexagon 5.45 is so bad? Why do muzzle brakes do nothing? I fixed them!!!!!!!!

Tarkov's balance is built on the idea of "the rich get richer, the poor get shot."

This works for multiplayer, but for a single player game freedom of choice is important.

In vanilla there is one absolutely incredible silencer, and everything else is noticeably worse. The Thunderbeast Ultra 5, lightest, best recoil mitigation, and least ergo penalty. Why is it so good?

And on the flip side, the Silencerco Multicaliber is 61% worse for no apparent reason?

Well, frick that noise! Let's fix the balance!

This mod's goal is primarily to try and bring some degree of logic to tarkov's random nosense.

First, the absolutely most meta builds are exactly the same as they used to be, but now they have competitors. The KAC QDSS and QDC suppressors are actually awesome now, in keeping with the pedigree of the Knight's Armament Corporation. The Gemtech suppressor is now as good as the Thunderbeast, but lacks the flexibility of being able to QD and go loud while still being controllable.

Basically, I just need you to try this one out for yourself. I tried to bring almost everything that should be good up to be far closer and more competitive with meta builds - I tried to make loud builds more viable. I made muzzle brakes responsible for almost all of the recoil mitigation even on QD Suppressed weapons.

Try it out - I can tell you for free it feels better now than it did in the base game.

This is my first "wip" mod release - I am not sure how I want to change things, or where to go from here with improving this mod, but it's a start, and I really hope you guys like it as much as you did the other 3 mods.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

  • is this current? like up to date?

  • Я скачал все твои моды на баланс. Спасибо!

  • Very naice kanawow