SPT SDK Custom Stock Tutorial 1.0.0

Learn how to make a custom stock for SPT in under 10 minutes using the SDK.

Learn how to make a custom stock for SPT in under 10 minutes using the SDK.


Custom Stock Tutorial Part 1 - BLENDER

Custom Stock Tutorial Part 2 - UNITY/SDK

The zip file contains the following:

- The actual server code mod and finished bundle to add the item into the game (Drop the 4 - TEST Stock folder into users/mods - item will be under Skier Level 1)

*item is not balanced and was just thrown into the game using an async code template to quickly test that the bundle works.*

This stock was added into the game in under 10 minutes.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments area or DM me.

You can find me in SSH's The Pub public discord in our WTT channel where I stream our work on a daily basis.

Links to programs used: (All are free)

https://www.blender.org/ - Blender

https://github.com/S3RAPH-1M/EscapeFromTarkov-SDK - SPT SDK

https://unity.com/releases/editor/whats-new/2019.4.39 - Unity 2019.4.39

https://unity.com/download - Unity Hub

AssetStudio - Asset Studio GUI

Thanks to SSH, SamSwat, and all others who have worked on the SDK to make it what it is.

Thank you to my awesome Welcome To Tarkov Team (WTT) teammates: GrooveyPenguin, DirtbikerCj, and Rockahorse.

  • i wish there was a muzzle/silencer tutorial

  • Individual tutorial for every item and gun part in SPT next?

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    Jokes aside, dude is out here actually trying to improve the community by making video tutorials. And now with a janky AI voiceover! Win/Win!

    For the sake of my sanity, please put out more.

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