Rail Adjustment System 1.0.1

Adds mounts to let you move foregrips and tactical devices along the handguard rail.


Adds a few new mounting points, 5 forward and 5 backwards for both tactical devices and foregrips to allow you to mount them along some selected handguard rails. Some minor stat changes added with the respective positions.


Added to Alice:

ALICE LL2 - The foregrip positions and mounts

ALICE LL3 - The tactical device positions and mounts

To use, attach any of the positioning mount onto the FAS/DAS Base and then attach the foregrip/device to the positioning mount.


This mod wouldn't be possible without Mighty_Condor's code as the framework.

Thanks to SSH for inspiring this server mod based solution.


First install my custom trader

Extract folder in 7z file to your mods folder

The directory should look like this:

/user/mods/yzzz RailAdjustmentSystem/

If you are using ALGORITHMIC LEVEL PROGRESSION it is recommended you add "mount_all_shifty_tac_base","mount_all_shifty_grip_base" to the blacklist of its configs via "customBlacklist" to prevent any possible errors. Or you can try loading this mod after ALP in the load order.

Known Issues:

Maybe some server botgen issues perhaps?

Yes some of the positions cause objects to collide or float off the rail


If you want to remove the mod make sure to not have any of the added items in your profile before deleting the folder.


Backend/mod.ts by Might Condor - University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License

Bundles/models by PETTAN - Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0

  • If you find any rail/handguard where the DAS mount (not the positioning mounts) should/should not be available reply with the EXACT ITEM NAME of the rail/handguard and whether its floating off its rails or can fit on its rails.

    If you want a client mod solution use this mod by SSH, its better anyway.

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  • This mod as well as the tube and sight adjustment ones are great! i like building aesthetically pleasing guns, also like that there are slight stat modifiers that logically make sense. Only thing i'm wondering is if theres any plans to make these mods compatible with other attatchments added through mods. I have mods that recolor certain attachments such as the peq15 and EOTech EXPS3 (or whatever the name of the tan EOTech is) and if i add the bases to the gun to reposition something, modded attachments dont show up as an option to attach. Also if i attach a base to move a tactical device on the top rail while using an M-lock handguard, it doesnt allow for any side m-lock rails to be mounted, when they shouldnt interfere with each other at all.

    • Oh that was a limitation of the old code I'm using. Mighty_Condor came up with a new mod.ts I'll be testing on the sights mod first. It should make the add items not conflict with anything at all. At least thats the plan.

    • Yeah i figured it was something involving an issue you mightve ran into. Based on how good a lot of your mods have been i doubted it was just an oversight. Is the mighty_condor mod already released or are you helping to test it before it gets released?

    • Uhhh the conflicts with the smaller rail mounts was original intended (smaller rails like 2.5 m-lok don't really need a position shifter so I originally added them to the conflicting item list).

      I overlooked that some of them has both a top rail and mounts for the smaller rails like the m-lok stuff which I actually wanted the user to be able to move stuff along,

      I'll probably remove the limitations and let the player do whatever they want.

      The new code is already out on the newest sight adjustment mount update and seems to be working.

  • @Pettan, love it. Can you tell us what file(s) to edit to make this trade at Alice at LL1 like the [Sights Adjustment System] one? Thanks in advance.

    • What? Alice literally has no internal requirements for LL4. Go to database\traders\MFACSHOP\assort.json and change all the levels at the bottom to 1?

    • Thanks.

  • wooooooow this is too good Pettan. Legend.

  • This is neat! Would you be able to create a reversed BCM Gunfighter 3 handstop?

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    • Whats wrong with it?

    • I'd like that too. Nothing's wrong with it. Alot of real world shooters turn that grip around backwards from its position in EFT.

    • I third this, also a tan one.

    • Nothing is wrong with the BCM Gunfighter in game or with your mod, theyre asking if you could create a mod that allows you to put that grip on backwards because that's something a lot of people like to do on their real firearms irl. Same grip, just flipped so the slight angle it has points away from the person holding the weapon

  • This is good stuff, thanks for the hard work!

    Quick question though, why are this and Sights Adjustement System and Tube Adjustement System separate mods? These all seem very similar in terms of functionality and name, but if it's too much of a job to combine these then it's ok stalkingkappa

    • Probably :whatever: . Was originally planning to only make the sights mod.

  • Works well despite limitations

    As it currently stands, this server-side solution works a lot better than current client-side plugin mods on offer, as this mod does not suffer issues of the positions not being saved across raids and doesn't reset if you drop the weapon. It also actually changes weapon stats so has some sort of purpose beyond looking cool 8)

  • Tacticool


  • Finally, the feature you've always wanted is here!

    It's just BSG's negligence to not have this feature when they are concerned about part interference.

    Thanks again for all your great mods, Mr. PETTAN!