Modular Attachment System (BETA) 1.0.0

Move around the attachments. Pretty simple concept.

Hello Friends. Welcome to Modular Attachment System. This mod aim's to make attachments within EFT more comfortable & versatile to use while also being able to re-position & adjust them on the fly.


How Do I Install The Mod?

1. Download the .ZIP file

2. Goto your SPT install.

3. Go inside of the BepInEx folder.

4. Go inside of the Plugins folder.

5. Open the ZIP file then drag and drop all files that are contained within the zip file, Into your plugins folder.

6. Enjoy!


1.Do the attachments positions save?

A. Not currently. Coming soon though.

2. Does this work for (X) SPT version?

A. It'll most likely only work for the version that is stated with the file.

3. Does this give you any sort of stat boosts / stat nerfs?

A. No. This is purely visual at the moment. Within the future it will though.

4. How come it doesn't have (X) feature listed above ^ ?

A. This was simply a concept mod idea. I'm more focused on another project at this moment so I wanted to get this out early for people to enjoy.

  • The only thing that could be better is to be able to save the position. Sick mod concept.

  • Nice mod. What are your mod or settings of FOV?.

  • This might seem like a silly comment but how do you actually USE the mod?
    I got it but i dunno how to use it

    • press k to open the modding system, switch attachment with right shift, move attachments with scroll wheel

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  • can you check the link for downloading. When I downloaded it, it gave me an .exe file instead of a zip file.

    • Are you sure its an EXE file? It should be a dll. The fact its not in a zip-file is normal.

    • went to download it. downloaded an exe file instead of a dll file.

    • send photo of proof because only thing on the DL is a .dll

    • I sent you a photo in a message. let me know what you think

  • Sadly when putting the sight forward a bit, it aims yur gun off to the side a little, not fully aiming down the scope or red dot. But I mean, it is just a beta though so.

    • Interesting issue. I'll look into it, Some other users have ran into it as well but it was inconsistent. The most u can do is if u have a dual zoom scope, Just change zoom once then it fixes it.

  • Wonderful mod here, i've been waiting for something like this for quite some time.

  • You make awesome plugins dude!!! I absolutely love the cool QOL stuff you make, exactly what we need to make SP tarkov the beauty we want.

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  • An awesome mod, absolutely love it. Basically what BSG with weapon modding wanted, but its actually good.
    However, (dunno if i am the only one) whenever you move optics a bit further away or closer, the Reddot/Crosshair of the sights become offset, especially noticeable with Scopes. I saw this especially with the Vudu and the Elcan Specter

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    • Yeah I'm having the same issue

  • Буянов завидует

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  • sorcery .... 10/10

  • when you press left shift to select the attachment you want to move you should make it so the said attachment is highlight with an outline so we know what attachment we are moving :) maybe something you can add? also Absolutely love the mod dude! Great work! <3

    • Yeah I was planning on adding a highlight to it. Just never got around to it.

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  • Lol I made this account just to say that this is f**king awesome. I saw that review by tyrain or tyrant or whatever and was kinda pissed because he and the others (who reviewed negatively) seemed to have failed to read the description and/or just completely overestimated the simplicity of this mod. I literally don't know how anyone could've interepreted this mod differently if they had just read the description or even looked at the GIF...

    I will probably be using this forever or for as long as its supported. Its just sick that I can finally move the attachments on my gun in raid like this. its the little things ya know?

    Look forward to the other project you're working on

    • These reviews look like ChatGPT generated text.

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  • Please make a distance from scope fixed. Then you move scope closer, eye moving further

    • I'll see about it

  • :love::love::love: Best mod I've seen for weapons!

  • Works with Realism SPT and FOV Fix. bugcatrainbow

    The only issue is the aiming deviation or parallax deviation. nyurage

    It is more noticeable in iron and reflex ssights.

    Aside from that little bug, the mechanic is great and should be integrated into the vanilla game. animehappyhop

    Ground Branch is a good example of this.

    Bro, it is fokin awusom!!! bugcatheadbumping

  • This is gonna sound absolutely smooth-brained but can anyone tell me what the actual key/shortcut is to use the mod in-game?

    • K to activate it and right shift to cycle through the attachment that you want to move.

      It's all configurable if you press F12.

  • bit surprised by negative reviews also, don't know if its even worth leaving review when mods state they are beta just leave a comment.

    Honourable mention to Pettan for his/her kind words though, gotta love the modding community.

    SSH_ TBH havn't tried this yet but it looks great just have a couple selfish requests.

    Really hope you can make this compatible with realism and if that works I hope you consider the full potential of stats specifically focusing on the foregrip position and how major that would effect erg and accuracy and such, oooh and do you need the multi tool to make the adjustments (think this mod is by Fontaine also), compatibility option for that mod could be an easy one (if required, I'm not familiar with M-Lok or other rails system)

    Anyway just some idea, good luck, great work and thanks for the share. Glory to the modders!!

    • Possibly. Appreciate the feedback & it should work with realism. But I cant confirm it

  • Sorry if the answer is obvious but will this conflict with Pettan's rail adjustment mods?

    • To be honest I have no clue. I wouldn't recommend using them together though as I could only assume it would be unstable. If u are looking to always keep the guns within the same position each raid at the moment. U should use his. But if u want to change it on the fly then use mine. Its more of a personal preference type of deal but Im not sure how using both would go.

  • Great job my guy, you are really talented! too bad it doesn't work for me since im still on 3.5.8 :( But i cant wait to try it out once SPT is updated :)

  • Super cool mod. However there seems to be an issue with MLOK rails where the attachment (grip or LAM) doesn't stay centered on the rail and moves ahead of the rail until it's suspended in mid-air.


    • Ah. Nice catch. Thank you for the image thats very useful. I'll see abt putting out a fix soon.

  • thank you animeblush

  • one error idk but i could be because of realism mod but if i use the mod and switch somethink the gun shoots wrong. The weapon doesnt shoot where the laser/scope is

    • Post a clip of it. But it mostly likely is a realism issue as with all of my testing and having other testers try out the mod. There wasn't an issue like that.

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    • i have the same exact problem

    • Not a Realism issue.

    • okay

  • Cool af

  • And he does it again

  • Regarding the first faq. Is this referring to presets or just everytime you log in or whatever the attachment positions reset?

    • its in regards to if the attachments u move. If their position saves. Which currently is a no.

  • No way bro. This is damn cool bugcatrainbowanimehappyhop

  • He did it

  • pretty sick

  • Something that a-lot of players (including me) have been needing for quite some time. Although it isnt as refined as I'd like it to be, it is in beta. Remember, its in the BETA PHASE, this isn't a full release.

  • has problem

    has problem it doesnt save if i drop gun or go into raid or finish raid but the menu thingy is really cool i really want to like it but right now cant use it ;(

    Reply from SSH_ ():

    Not a problem. Its not meant to save yet.

  • It's a really promising and already superior addon to Pettan's system, which is also a good addon. While it does lack certain things such as the ability to save (for now) and the scope gets misaligned sometimes (which are things that will sure be addressed in upcoming updates), I really do like the style in which you've executed this. Unlike Pettan's addon where you need the custom trader, then buy various slots, then put the scope in that purchased slot, then put the slot on your rifle, yours is far more ergonomic and simple by just pressing K and using the mouse scroll to adjust, and using RShift to switch between the scope, foregrip and stock. This addon is definitely going to be the go-to once it's fully finished.

  • Nice idea. Bad attempt.

    It was a good try, But this mod needs a bit longer in the oven. The attachments are not more modular as it adds no modules. which makes the attachments on it look wrong. The lasers are messed up and the positioning for the attachments is very wonky. The preview video looks nice but also it is flat. The positions on the weapons doesn't save. Basically just a waste. Doesn't do anything. It isn't anything to write home about. No custom items or clothes. Overall this is a boring mod, Not sure this even belongs on the hub.

    Ways to Improve the attachment system.

    1. Add unique attachments that tie into the game and that are meaningful to the overall identity of the modular attachment system
    2. Add unique tools into the mod for the trader to sell. As moving generic EFT items across a weapons rail system is repetitive and lacks any sort of creativity.
    3. Add unique clothes that could possibly be either bought or tied to the attachment system. As these will incentivize players to interact with the attachment system.

    Reply from SSH_ ():

    minge review 🥱