PLAP ammo 1.0.0

Lighter polymer-steel hybrid case all purpose ammo.

Alice has a new shipment of surplus ammo imported by MFAC. Originally meant for peacekeeping operations on the Southern continent, this batch of surplus polymer ammo is nearing expiration and is now made available to the operator in Tarkov at a discounted price.

The hybrid three-piece cartridge case has a steel case head and polymer body connected by a washer to allow for higher pressures. The design allows for weight savings of at least 30% compared to conventional cartridges, better heat transfers out of the firearm, the more consistent internal dimensions allow for better powder burn.

Adds 3 new 7.62x51mm ammo.


All items are added to my custom trader Alice at LL4

This mod wouldn't be possible without Mighty_Condor's code as the framework.


First install my custom trader

Extract folder in 7z file to your mods folder

The directory should look like this:

/user/mods/zMFAC PLAP AMMO/

Known Issues:



If you want to remove the mod make sure to not have any of the added items in your profile before deleting the folder.


Backend/mod.ts by Might Condor - University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License

Bundles/models by PETTAN - Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0

  • will you ever make a pack of new cartridges?

  • Ain't need no damn SLAP rounds when you got the PLAP rounds to absolutely piss-blast anything straight to Brazil. 10/10 mod, even though I can't get it to go into some mod guns but whatever that's just a tiny problem for me.

  • Giving me an HTTP error when trying to download

    • Try using another browser or something, its google drive it works for everyone else I gueess?

  • better question what mod makes it to where you can see the damage and pen values and the estimated armor itll go though

  • i love the frag ammo in the shop that shit is naughty as fuck lol just downloaded look forward to testing these in a sec

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  • plap plap plap plap plap get head, eyes get head,eyes get head,eyes get head,eyes

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    • Damn Scavs

      Always killing PMCs

      PLAP correction needed 💢💢💢💢💢💢

  • I actually do recomend this specially for new players

    New players ussually strugle to learn the best ammo to use so this is a good alternative.

    Very recomended :)