G36 KA4 Mod 0 1.2.0

G36 Extension with new modifications

G36, the national waifu of the soldiers of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland, was once criticized for a variety of problems including but not limited to high baseline, hit in the face easy, weak plastic magazines, and invisible red dot in snow, etc.

H&K has received a lot of criticism for this (a classic negative example, the offer is too cheap to care about these little flaws), but so far, thanks to its peers, it haven't retired as a service rifle compared to any other competitors, especially HK433, with various modifications have been made helping to keep it alive.

G36 KA 4 Mod 0

People find it hard to use G36 due to her low ergonomics and small mount of modifications, in fact, G36 has superb feel on recoil and manipulation, just need a few tweaks.

There are 3 modifications from Tarkov ragfair cater to your needs:

G36 KA4, the latest Kurz version of G36, using flat mount rail and new designed ergonomic stock;



KAC mount rail, less weight and higher ergo;


KRISS Vector non-folding stock adapter, allowing ar telescopic stock buffer tubes;


Therefore, G36 can be modified into a powerful weapon system with your imagination.

You can turn she into SBR or DMR like this: 👇



My nifty set-up:

capable of multiple cases pog




Last but not least:

The wired M4A1 :kannatiredofthis:


  • banger mod, would be nice to have 1-2 extra pistol grips though

  • Any chance of compatibility with Fontaine's Realism Mod? I always enjoy being able to play barbie with my guns more >_>

  • From what trader can i buy it?

  • Is sick but needs more cowbell. (a 'nade launcher in the name of science and security)

  • The coolest stock for the G36 boyes. GADAAAAMN YEEEAAAHHH!!! bugcatdancing

    ** Interesting stuff that is maybe possible to do:

    - Can anyone fix handle sights? It doesn't matter if I put a red dot. The iron sights still can be used and it is so weird. sacrifice

    - G36 large handguard with picatinny:

    The German Military Replacing the H&K G36 With a Haenel Carbine | The  National Interest

    - The actual weird but cool handguard from H&K:

    H&K G36 Keymod con EFCS Umarex - Negro - Quimera Airsoft

    - Magpul magazine:

    Magpul PMAG® 30G MagLevel, 5.56x45 Magazine – HK G36 | Long magazines that  require a special permit AR-15 | Viranomainen.fi Español

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    • Handle iron sight will be closed during the raid, while you can not modify it in UI, and I have no idea on it too. =O

      In fact I haven't see HK243 handguard before, it's cool, maybe I would try it when getting spare time. :kannatiredofthis:

    • Or this kinda shortened barrel from Latvian Army.

      Idk if it is 400mm (almost 16in) or 370mm (14.5in)8qt5.jpg

    • I'll keep an eye out for it, btw what is this handle? Weird but kinda cool 😂

    • I don't think that would be the best way to put any scope with good stability. Maybe is only for flashlights or so. That would be nice and can allow to use the whole handguard without obstacles.

      About the Iron sight. I don't know how to do it. But someone made a mod before who eliminated the use of the auxiliary iron sights from Elcan Specter. In that way I can put any red dot and use it as a secondary sight above the Elcan.

      Let me share it with you in a DM.

  • HK243 railed handguard for G36 by any chance, please ||

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  • Would you be able to make a Scorpion CZ ?

  • Awesome!

    Would you be able to add a reverse BCM Gunfighter stubby grip?

  • Oh wow it feels good
    *Port the AEK-971 please*