KCH ModPack port 1.0.0

Just a port of 3 guns from the modpack by KCH Armory without the custom calibers.


Adds 3 guns from the ModPack By KCH Armory to my trader ALICE at LL4

This mod wouldn't be possible without Mighty_Condor's code as the framework.

Thanks to @KCH Armory for giving me permission to port their work.


First install my custom trader

Extract folder in 7z file to your mods folder

The directory should look like this:

/user/mods/KCH Armory Ported Again/

Known Issues:

Some minor clipping?


If you want to remove the mod make sure to not have any of the added items in your profile before deleting the folder.


Backend/mod.ts by Might Condor - University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License

Bundles/models by KCH Armory - MIT License

  • just wondering. Will the Bolt action count for Tarkov Shooter? Also, it doesn't seem to be able to attach a rail for the handguards...

    • Thats intentional, not every slot is to be used. And not sure about the quest progress, probably not.

  • Loved this mod, thanks for bringing it back~

  • Love the port. Is it possible to make the Lawmaker compatible with 50BMG ammo from KMC?

  • good job

    are you planning port ar-50 Beowulf ?

    • Not yet I'm still thinking about a better solution for custom calibers.

    • will w8

  • Pettan i swear to god

    why do you add in a required trader.

    • Its so people can blacklist the item with mods like Algorithmic Level Progression

    • Many people prefer custom traders for modders who release a lot of content. Because it doesn't slow down the original traders this way. But there are also people who don't like it. You need to understand it's not possible to make everyone happy. If you like a mod, use it and give feedback but don't expect to have it your way every time.