SWINGHOLIC Touhou Music Pack 1.0.0

Jazz is a vibe. adds in the band SWING HOLIC Music.

Hey it's me again. I'm reuploading my SWINGHOLIC Music Pack for SPT 3.6.1 using Props New Music Player. While the mod is not a "core" like SAMSWAT's is, it has fixed bugs and more randomization to the songs. I will be deleting the SAMSWAT edition of SWINGHOLIC due to the music slient after raid issue which turns off the music unless you restart. it's also heavily outdated compared to Props mod and is several versions behind. having said all that,

install instructions: Download mod, place CustomMusic Folder (name of the Music Pack) into BepinEx/Plugins folder and your done! Music should play as you start up. This mod replaces all Tarkov music in-game remember.

The rest of My SAMSWAT music mods will get the same treatment unless requested otherwise by users.

Updated to 3.7.3 and mod should still be compatible with 3.7.1

An example of the Music in the mod:

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