BlackoutEXP 3.0.5

Retooled version of the 12.8/12.9 .300BLK Expansion mod with even more sweg.

Remember the old .300 Blackout Expansion mod? The one that started off as a mod that added a .300BLK AR-15, but became an overhaul of the caliber after the MCX was introduced? I sure do. Problem was, the .300BLK expansion mod was set up in a way that wasn't very well-organized, making it harder to futureproof and update as needed. And so, I kind of didn't update it as needed. Until now.

BlackoutEXP is a redone version of the .300 Blackout Expansion from ye olde 12.8-12.9 days, refactored to be compatible with the newer and more responsive AKI-B1, able to accept all the new parts added in 12.10, and reorganized to run faster and be easier for me to maintain support of, especially with regard to cross-compatibility with other custom weapons and weapon parts. You can expect more updates now, particularly when it comes to adding support for other modders' work.

It also features new textures for ammunition types so they can be told apart from each other a little more easily, but eh.


  • One new weapon, being an AR-15 chambered in .300 Blackout!
    • It kicks harder than the M4 due to the caliber, but kills faster for the exact same reason!
    • It even has custom textures!
  • New barrels for the weapon that mount to AR-15 receivers!
    • Code that correctly prevents you from using vanilla AR-15 barrels on the new weapon because that would make your gun go boom!
    • Code that correctly prevents you from using new barrels on vanilla weapons because that would also make your gun go boom!
    • Barrels also correctly mount AR-10 muzzle devices!
  • Ten, count 'em, TEN new types of ammunition for you to experiment with!
    • Seven new supersonic rounds are available, from hunting cartridges to sporting munitions and even HVAP rounds with tracers!
    • Three new subsonic rounds are available, each with different levels of penetration vs power!
    • Freedom of ammo load is once again yours!
  • Crippling depression!

Just slap that bitch in your mods folder and you should be good to go.

The weapon and its parts, as well as all subsonic ammo types, can be purchased from the Skier. Supersonic ammo types can be purchased from the Mechanic. Detailed information on what role each ammunition type fills can be found within the mod's INFO.TXT (I mean, it's not like you can look at the wiki).


Known issues:

  • None!

Future roadmap:

  • More custom weapon compatibility.
    • Restore compatibility for the ATL-15 whenever it's updated for 12.10-B1.
    • Add compatibility for the WoS-15 whenever it's updated for 12.10-B1.
    • Add compatibility for the Q Honey Badger whenever I finish that sumbitch.
  • More custom weapons.
    • An MDR-X in .300BLK is absolutely something I want to do.
    • As is a HK337. Oh, yeah...


Texture edits, compiles, coding, all that good stuff - me lol

RU localization - MedDeatH

DE localization - Khadafi

Putting up with my bullshit - Digitalbarrito


  • Version 3.0.5

    The "Grain Pain" Update.

    Largely an update that adds support for 12.11, but there are a few extra things in there too.


    • Updated mod to support EFT 12.11/AKI 2.0.0.
      • ARBLACKOUT now supports the new misfire, malfunction, and jam system introduced in 12.11.
      • Ammunition types now have correctly-defined durability burn and misfire chance values.
        • Armor-piercing ammunition such as the Barnes VOR-TX and IOP HV rounds will cause faster durability burn, and specialty match ammunition such as the Spark REX2 and Hornady BLACK A-MAX will cause less fast durability burn.
      • Ammunition has had its localization changed to match changes made to ammo localization in 12.11.
        • This only applies to the ENG localization (read: the default one) of this mod, unfortunately.
    • Ammunition types now have correctly-defined bleed chances.
      • Yes, this means you can do the legmunch strat with the SIG MCX now, though why you would want to do such a thing is beyond me.
    • Hornady BLACK V-MAX ammunition has had its stat block adjusted.
      • Hornady BLACK V-MAX performs the same against flesh, but its terminal ballistics against armor have been "inverted" - rather than dealing high damage on target but leaving armor mostly intact, V-MAX ammo will now deal low damage on target but rapidly deplete armor.
      • This was done to make V-MAX usable as a "budget" alternative to dedicated armor-piercing rounds such as Barnes VOR-TX and IOP HV, albeit one that only works when paired with fully-automatic fire.
    • Sale prices of weapons, ammunition types, and weapon parts have all been adjusted to be slightly less insane.
  • Version 3.0.4

    A small update with a small few features.

    • All .300BLK barrels are now capable of mounting the OMEGA 45k suppressor.
      • Still waiting for BSG to make 9mm and 300BLK thread adapters for the OMEGA a vanilla feature.
    • Minor adjustments to a few different ammunition statistics.
  • Version 3.03

    Not the largest, most earth-shattering update, but a welcome one nonetheless.

    • Added German localization (thanks, Khadafi!)
    • Fixed mistake in Russian localization.
    • Added compatibility scripts for AdditionalGear - Weapon Module and the ATL-15.
      • Note that since the 1.X.X version of the ATL-15 is an emergency patch and not an official update, compatibility with it can and will get funky on some machines.
  • Version 3.020

    Google Drive mirror because Dropbox is being stupid and throttling people. Thank you, EliteCheez and Ereshkigal, for giving me permission to do this.

  • Version 3.02

    Just a few QoL improvements.

    • Weapon and parts can now be obtained from flea market.
    • In the event no locale is found the mod will now display English text instead of internal names.
  • Version 3.01

    Added RU localization (thanks, MedDeatH!).

  • Version 3.00

  • Hi, if you make 406mm ar-15 barrel for 300blk I'll be really glad :) , BTW thanks for your great mod really neat one.

  • spt aki 2.0.0.rc1 no other mods

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    • Your localization files are broken. Either you've edited db.json incorrectly, you've screwed up something in the /db/locales/ directory, or the mod got corrupted when you extracted it onto your disk.

      I would redownload this mod and reinstall it, and then see what happens.

  • Hey carl, great mod! However, I have a small suggestion. Can you change the price of the more advanced ammo? I think all these ammo with great pen probably shouldn't cost like 1 dolllar each. Having them more in-line with the ammo cost of base game would be nice :)

    • Apparently the prices can be changed in the /db/items/ and db/templates (and the various barter_scheme in db/assort), so I modified them for my game. For reference, here are the values I used for the prices, and I balanced those around the performance of base game ammos and prices in live tarkov market:

    • Oh shit, you know what happened? I completely forgot to update the prices to reflect the new flea market where prices are closer to the normal price instead of six times the item's intrinsic value number. These prices you came up with are alright, and while they aren't going to be exactly what I end up using I'll probably be in the ballpark of all these. lol

  • For some reason when I right click the Upper receiver for this mod it doesn't show the lower part even though it's listed in the Flea market. Also the Modding menu doesn't show up or doesn't allow you to build the gun nor does it show the "modding" or "Edit Preset" options are not in the right click menu.

    • Make sure you have the workbench constructed. Also if you're searching based off the upper receiver, you'd want to use "required search" instead of "linked search" to find the weapon.

  • Hope this is okay with you Carl, but for anyone thats curious about Damage/Pen values and can't find where to look I've made a list.

    IOP HV - DMG 45/PEN 62/ARMORDMG 67








    Thanks for the mod Carl, absolutely love your stuff!

    Thanks 1
    • No problem, I aim to please.

    • Thanks for this, seriously. Quick question though, which do you find to be the best? I'm leaning towards SLAP but I really don't know.

  • The bullets and guns show up in the ragfair list, but no buyable options appear. Nor does anything at Skier. How do I fix this?

    • I'd assume no buyable guns showing up is because you left "show operational only" on, but as for bullets not being buyable and not having Skier sales I have no clue. All of that stuff works for me.

    • Turns out it wasnt working cause Im playing on 1.0.1 and it only goes on 1.0.0 for me for some reason. Do you plan on porting it over? I love your mods!

  • Where can I dmg and pen values of the bullets?

    • here for respone as well

    • Dig around in /db/items/ a little and you should be able to find it yourself. Not that hard, and it's a skill that'll help you out managing other mods in the future.

    • didnt realize i can open those files with norepad.... thx