Leaves Loot Fuckery 1.4.0

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Ever wanted to make granular adjustments to individual loot categories on maps? Keycards to common? Barter items too rare? This is the solution.


This mod allows you to do 3 things.

1. It allows you to adjust the loose loot on maps down to each loot category through an extensive settings file. DOES NOT TOUCH CONTAINERS

2. It allows you to generate a detailed dump of the loot of a map, down to each individual item and count.

3. It allows you to generate a statistical analysis of targeted items over many runs.

Without adjusting the config\loot.json file, this mod will not affect game-play in any way, shape, or form. I will be releasing my own settings file later, once I've tweaked it to my liking. But other people can upload theirs freely, either in the comments, or as a complete entry on the mod portal.

    "editProbabilities": true, //Main enabling of the mod.

    "dataDumpRealRuns": false, //Dumps data before each run
    "dataDump": false, //Dumps data on server start
    "categorize": true, //Categorizes the data dump
    "convertToCompact": true, //Makes the output more compact
    "runAllMaps": false, //Data dumps every map
    "mapToGenerate": "shoreline", //If runAllMaps is diabled, will only run this map.
    "timesToGenerate": 250, //How many times to generate to get better averages.

    "convertToName": true, //Convert from item ID to name
    "localizeNames": true, //Localize rather than using the default names
    "localization": "en"            //The localization to pull names from

All loot dump files will be written to the output folder in the mod directory.


The loot config file works the following

        "5448f3a64bdc2d60728b456a": { "multi": 0.9 }, //Stimulator
        "5448f3ac4bdc2dce718b4569": { "multi": 0.9 }, //Injury Treatments
        "5448f39d4bdc2d0a728b4568": { "multi": 0.75 }, //Medkit
        "5448f3a14bdc2d27728b4569": { "multi": 1.1 }, //Drugs

the ID to the left is the category, the multi is a multiplier for how common an item should be. 1 means its unchanged. 2 means it's twice as common. 0.5 means it's half as common. The "//Tools": false is merely a comment to easily see what the category is.

The IDs should never be needed to be touched, the only thing you want to edit is the multi for the category of items you want to change the rarity of.


This mod does not interfere with loose loot multipliers from SVM, or any other mod that edits those values. Should works with mods that add new stuff to spawn points. I have tested it with BOOBs and it seem to work just fine.

Load order shouldn't matter, but for good measure, load it last.


  • Version 1.4.0

    • Updated to 3.9.0
    • Set all loot values to 1.0 (no changes being made). This has been done because I don't plan to update relooted. The old config is still included.

    Old Config files ARE compatible.

  • Version 1.3.4

    • Fixed more Errors when bad data is present.
    • Confirmed to at least not cause errors anymore with loot update.

    Config file has had "HarmlessErrorLogging": true added, but it defaults to being false if not present.

    Config files from previous versions ARE compatible.

  • Version 1.3,3

    Fixed error when bad data is present in loot data.

    Config files of last version IS compatible.

  • Version 1.3.2H

    ## 1.3.2HOTFIX

    - Fixed output folder being the old path.

  • Version 1.3.2

    • Fixes global items. Thanks dj346
    • Made the mod adhere to package.json specifications

    Config files made for 1.3.1 ARE Compatible.


    Remember to REMOVE the old folder or you will get issues.

  • Version 1.3.1

    Minuscule update, no need to update if you don't have any issues. Only adds missing

            "55818b0e4bdc2dde698b456e": { "multi": 1.0 }, //LightLaser

    to loot.jsonc

    Any errors that look like this, while scary looking, are completely harmless. It just means that it didnt find any settings to pull from, and no changes will be made to their rarity.

    [LootFuckery] Found item without matching parent: 5cc9c20cd7f00c001336c65d - Parent: LightLaser -ID: 55818b0e4bdc2dde698b456e
    [LootFuckery] Found item without matching parent: 5cc9c20cd7f00c001336c65d - Parent: LightLaser -ID: 55818b0e4bdc2dde698b456e

  • Version 1.3.0

    3.8.0 release.

    Config files have been updated with a lot more info on what everything does. Old config files ARE NOT supported.

  • Version 1.2.1


    Added the ability to dump the loot from a real run when you load into a map. Enabled by default.

    Fixed a wrongful calculation in the "max" statistical stat (100% Senko's fault!)

    Included my own loot.json that I use personally, as an extra file you can rename and use.

  • Version 1.2.0

    New features for spawn chance editing.
    -Global individual item multiplier

    -Map Specific Category Multipliers

    -Map Specific, Specific Item Multiplier

    -Map Specific, total loot multiplier (Multiplicative with other mods adjusting loot multipliers, like SVM)

    Old loot.json files are not compatible, but can be easily copied over if you just have a look.

    New feature for loot generation dumping

    -It will now list maximum (most found during a single run, over all runs) along with the average

  • Version 1.1.0

    Added ID for revolver magazines. (This is the only functional change to the probability editing function)

    Big updates for data generation

    -Simplified data dumping. You now just specify how many runs. No detailed/multi-run anymore.

    -Added features: total tallies, compact output, convert to name, localized names, multi-map generation.

    My own config is no longer included because there are simply too many variables involved for it to make any sense to make one. I might release one together with a mod that ill be releasing later. Look forward to that.


  • so i got a question. i downloaded this mod a few days ago and started using it. i went on shoreline today and red keycard always spawned in W222 and blue was always in the ambulance and W104. after i deleted the mod it still persisted. does this mod overwrite something or is this being caused by something else. if its the mod how would i go about stopping it?

    • This mod SHOULDN'T touch anything if you leave it at default settings. But I also havent done much testing in 3.9.0 as I'm not playing myself this patch.

  • Hi leaves love the mod. sad to hear you dont update relooted.
    I just installed it on my new 3.9 installation and it gives me that red text here:


    does not change anything ingame but just wanted to know what this is cause or if its something you fix or whatever it is :D

    • hej,

      I have the same error, have you been able to solve the problem in the meantime?

    • Pretty sure that is part of the regular game. You just dont usually notice since it appears for a split second when you actually load into a game. loot fuckery just does a simulated loot dump by default to ensure things work. I'm also 99% sure it's harmless

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  • Hej guys

    Got an issue, SPT 3.9.0 - Loot.... 1.4.0

    [LootFuckery] Current Generation Count: 4

    Unable to pick a cartridge for caliber: Caliber68x51 as staticAmmoDist has no data. No fallback value provided

    A total of 1046 static items spawned

    is there a way to fix it??

    • Pretty sure that is part of the regular game. You just dont usually notice since it appears for a split second when you actually load into a game. loot fuckery just does a simulated loot dump by default to ensure things work. I'm also 99% sure it's harmless

  • May I ask the reason for no longer updating relooted? I did take a quick look over the mod.ts and see that you left a comment about map specific loot multiplication no longer existing anymore

    • There is starting to be simply too many items and things that doesnt exist in the loot pool from those old 3.6.1 dumps. Along with many maps being reworked to the point that it would only apply to like customs and interchange.

  • hi, with your mod on i got 3 red keycards and 1 blue keycard in a single shoreline raid, seems unintended lol.

    i'm also using the loot update mod, if that helps with identifying the problem.

    • The default config is intended to be used with re-looted. You want to adjust settings to a point where it feels good for the settings you have. This mod has tools to dump loot data to help configure settings.

    • ok i'll try that, one more question, does relooted add keycard spawns to marked rooms?

    • i set the multi for red and blue to 0.001 in loot fuckery and it still has and avg spawn of 3 for red and 2 for blue.

      i'm stumped lol

      update : i forgot to say this only occurs when using ReLooted and LootUpdate simultaneously.

      it works normally with relooted only (no loot update)

      update 2 : something very wrong's going on, i have keycard multipliers set to 0.00000001 on shoreline and its still spawn avg of 3 red 2 blue on shoreline

    • I would not use relooted and lootupdate at the same time.

  • hi guys, is there now a way to use loot update and loot fuckery together?

    • Yes, use the update I just released. I can only confirm that this stops the errors, but I dont see why it wouldn't be compatible.

    • ouu yess nicce, TY you brother....it works

  • are there any made configs for this

    • The default one is balanced with my relooted mod in mind, and provides (in my opinion) a quite good experience.

  • On the latest update still get the issue with id 66507eabf5ddb0818b085b68.


    • for some reason i was not able to sell any item on the flea market as they would just expire until i deleted this mod and everything magically started working flawlessly

    • The first issue is now fixed. As for the second issue, I can't fathom how this mod could be causing it. I doubt this mod causes it.

  • Thank you so much for the mod! Quick questions:

    • Does it take into account items from the handbook or traders? Will it spawn items from custom traders and mods adding new items like WTT?
    • Load order: should it be loaded before or after SVM and Leaves Relooted?


    • 1. It only adjusts the spawns that are there, it does not inject anything new nor change what can actually appear. Just the likelyhood of stuff.

      2. After relooted and svm

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  • Isnt there any way to make this mod work with IsaacSin's "Loot Update" mod?. Yours gives a much better control over containers and IsaacSin's makes loose loot feel great. Would be great to make both mods work together ; )

    • Mine doesnt touch containers lmao. But from a glance they should work together.

    • Game is braking again, but now I've seen that error is due to a non existing item with this id: "66507eabf5ddb0818b085b68". It corresponds to "2A2-(b-TG) stimulant injector" and its named in Loot Update's mod files so I will assume its the other guy's mod fault.

    • i have the same thing but i think is all good.


    • Looks like it has to do stuff with the 3.9.0 items that don't exist in 3.8.3.He prevents them from trying to spawn, but if you iterate through every item on the loot table you'll still find them and then stuff will break when you try to do things with them because they don't exist in the item database, as you can see in the console log. (Keeps breaking)

    • loot update blacklist 66507eabf5ddb0818b085b68 in mod.ts.

      This one maybe load the data from what loot update injected but mod.ts dont have blacklist.

      im just guess ^^

  • I'm getting this message when loading the game. I'm assuming that something is wrong. The launcher says it has loaded the mod though. Any thoughts?


    • Having the same problem, did u installed IsaacSin's "Loot Update" mod?. Error disappears if you delete it (in my case), however having to delete one of the two mods sucks

    • Uploading a fix to this today. Technically not my mod doing something wrong, but just puts in a safeguard against bad data.

  • Awesome mod, thank you so much for your hard work!

    Just to clarify, if I am using the "lots of loot" mod to modify overall loot spawns, this mod shouldn't supersede those multipliers, right? Does it matter what the load order is, currently I have your "relooted mod" load first, this mod load second and then "lots of loot" third?

    • Im not sure what lots of loot does behind the scenes, but you setup should work

    • thank you!

  • Great mod, thanks for this. Was wondering if there's a way to use this mod to insert keycards into marked room loot pools like in live right now?

    • Unfortunately outside the scope of this mod. This mode adjusts what is already there.

  • Hi @DeadLeaves

    using this on the current version 3.83, and i've spent about an hour getting my head around the configs & etc and just need your input to use this mod spawning things as they should at long last

    In your loot.jsonc, in the map specific section I've noticed you've put Ledx in Labs, but not in any other maps.

    I believe LEDx's are supposed to spawn in interchange, Streets and Shoreline

    Another example is on reserve there is no multiplier for phased array AESA.

    I don't see other items such as BTC in the multipliers either.

    Is there a deliberate reason why it is set up like this? Are these other items controlled elsewhere or would this spawn too many of them? Or is this just a time constraints problem that it just takes too long to do an individual tweak of the super rare items down to a map level?

    Some lines are not in the config are defribulators, T7's thermals, intelligence folders, and GPU's, Bitcoin & more. is this just due to the time constaints or are there other factors at play here?

    So With this in mind.. can i copy and paste for example "5c0530ee86f774697952d952": { "multi": 1.9 } //Ledx into the other maps that are meant to have LEDx's for example, and this will increase their spawn chances too?

    Thanks for your mod and your time.

    • If they're not specific, they'll be adjusted by the category.

      So an item will first check map specfic item, then global specfic item, then map specfic category, then global category

      So ledx interchange first

      and if that doesnt exist global ledx adjustments

      and if that doesnt exist interchange eletronics

      and if that doesnt exist global eletronics.

      All the adjustments that are there by default are just what I like to run, (and balanced around my ReLooted mod.) You can add and remove categories and items anywhere, Just make sure to leave all global categories as a last fallback multiplier. If an item has no mutliplier it will complain in the server console.

      So as for your question in the end, Yes you can copy that to any map. (though if there is no spawn point for said item, it wont make them magically appear) It only adjusts existing spawn points.

    • Thank you so much, i did get it working. When i get around to it i will post this on the subreddit.

      To anybody who is looking for the same thing as myself, I wanted to basically guarantee ( as at least one example) that i always get a handful of graphics cards and at least 1 Ledx (somewhere) on every Interchange run.

      To do this i edited the loot.jsonc and scrolled down to interchange.

      I copied and pasted * "5c0530ee86f774697952d952": { "multi": 12 }, //Ledx *

      under the line that was already there.

      If you are getting errors, the "," after the } is very important. the last line for that map does not have this comma, the rest of them do.

      In theory like this you can almost make certain every time you go into shoreline or interchange, that there is almost always at least 1 for you to find. that was all the intention was.

      Just now i went into the pharmacy closet and there was a Ledx inside, 2 spawned in the whole map, no idea where the other one was, never found it.

      This is closer to live - and the beauty was i was able to do this without overfilling the general loot, i left it low.

      In theory I can share a config file that makes sure every couple of raids, there is a ledx, a bitcoin, and a graphics card and defribulators etc on every map that is supposed to spawn them in live, IE interchange, customs, shoreline. This is about as close to live as can get.

  • Do u think ur mod could run with -> PityLoot ... do u think they r compatible?

    • I don't know. try it out and let us know.

    • It seem its working ... i still got my needed Questitems and ur mod spawns tons of lose loot + stuff in rusted bloody key room etc.

  • I found a bug with global items, I made a pr on your github.

    Edit: Theres also a problem with the release folder name. Its all lowercase "leaves-lootfuckery", when it looks like it should be "Leaves-LootFuckery", this shouldnt cause any problems on windows, but it creates two folders when running the loot generator on linux systems.

    • Merged. Thanks! Also fixed the package.json to follow specification

  • Hi ! I'm not good with coding/programming. I've downloaded the mod, but unsure how to get it to work. Doesn't seem to be any examples as with other mods.

    I understand the changing the multiplier bit, but do I just save the file and run the game, and it should work automatically or what ?

    Can I use the BepinEx F12 menu to make changes, or enable/disable the mod etc ?

    Sorry, this is very unclear with the given instructions on the main page

  • Hi,

    Trying to make it to not spawn weapons at all (want a different gameplay)
    Does not want to work. i have set it like this: "5447bed64bdc2d97278b4568": { "multi":0.1, "//Machine Guns": false },

    Any hints on what i should do?

    • try setting it to 0? I havent actually tried going all the way to 0

    • Did not work, but thanks for the answer!

  • can u change loot quality

    • You can change the rarity of individual items or categories. Idk what you even mean though.

  • I get a error message that the package.json is missing. i am on the newest version of the mod. Anything i could have done wrong or that i can to to help you fix the issue?

    • sounds like you didn't install the mod correctly.

      Make sure it looks something like this

      SPT/user/mods/Leaves Lootfuckery/package.json

    • That is exactly what it lookes like accept that the folder the mod is in has a slightly changed name to change the order in which it and others get loaded as recomended in one of your modpages somewhere

    • i think i figured it out. The mod seems to create a folder where it dumps data and that, for me atleast, gets placed in a different folder because i changed the name. and that then causes the game to be confused.

  • Just get SVM this mod makes loot more complicated for no reason.

    • You're absolutely correct. Why didn't I think of that.

      Pack your bags everyone, we're shutting down this mod right here and now.'

      Mine does however have a cute catgirl picture. Did you consider that?

    • Just ease of use... didn't mean to sound like an ass. It just is a seamless mod that works perfectly for loot already.

    • "Perfectly" No it doesn't. Its not even close to LIVE. SVM spawns endless amounts of the same 60% of items and does not allow you to tweak the rare items. Do not post things that are not true.

  • Getting a lot messages like this in server console

    [LootFuckery] Found item without matching parent: 7.62x51_TCWSP_BOOBS_ammobox - Parent: AmmoBox -ID: 543be5cb4bdc2deb348b4568

    [LootFuckery] Found item without matching parent: 7.62x51_M62_BOOBS_ammobox - Parent: AmmoBox -ID: 543be5cb4bdc2deb348b4568

    [LootFuckery] Found item without matching parent: 7.62x51_BCPFMJ_BOOBS_ammobox - Parent: AmmoBox -ID: 543be5cb4bdc2deb348b4568

  • edit loot json or loot default m8?

    also do i have to change the false to true for ones i want edited?

    "57864a3d24597754843f8721": { "multi":1.0, "//Jewelry": false },

    • default is just a backup. You edit the loot.json

      All the "//name": false are just comments. The only two values that matter are the ID (the long string of random numbers and letters) and the multi.

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  • do you need to change the map name for each time map you play on next?

    "mapToGenerate": "shoreline",

    • No, that's only for dumping data. For playing, you only need "editProbabilities": true

    • thanks m8

  • DeadLeaves, aki-server is wrote that both of your loot mods is incopatible with the current version of aki.

    Probably just nothing, but caught my eyes. :)

    • Just the package.json that needs updating. shouldnt affect anything. But thanks for letting me know.

  • Is it possible to add new weapons/items from other mods (basically, custom IDs) into loot lists using your mod? Thanks

  • Really like the abillity to generate loot dump, love your mods for detailed explanation on how to use config.

    Looks like SPT never spawns things like money on bots or decent (not same 6-7 trash ones) keys in filing cabinets or jackets, got any plans on adding functionality for altering spawn in containers/bodies?

    • Not impossible. But right now I need a bit of a break from modding.

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  • very good

  • FINALY somebody did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are superman bro!!!

    Awesome mod!


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  • Hi, Autor, i just did a couple of test runs with fly mode to check the loose loot spawn on the Reserv map, and found out that no weapons as loose loot didn't spawn, not even once. I check the spawn points from Tarkov.help map.

    And now just i thought i need to go ask about it on a forum here, you add this mod, maybe it can clear things up about it.

    • Honestly, that's my experience too. I think there might be something wrong in AKI that makes them not spawn. They still seem to be spawning in marked room however. But apart from that, I haven't seen any either.

    • Oh thanks, so im not alone, have you by any chance check the way aki decide where and waht kind of loose loot to spawn? Because digging through the server config files brings me nothing.

    • I have a fairly decent understanding on how loose loot works. You know, seeing as I made this mod. :D

      As for why weapons dont spawn, I haven't dug into it too much. You might want to take a peek into \Aki_Data\Server\database\locations\rezervbase\looseLoot.json and look for weapons.

      You can find IDs to weapons here https://db.sp-tarkov.com/search

    • Oh thanks man, i try to figure it out myself, but its just so immersion breaking bug that i cant beelive its not patched yet. I started to affraid its probably not fixable :(

      I mean going into the literal nest of the AK rifles (RU millitary base) and not having all sorts of AK's in armory room (like RB-ORB3 key room) is just heartbreaking. (sorry for my english grammar, its bad)

      edit: And why the HELL is looseLoot.json is in single line? Notepad++ is seem like struggling with it a lot :D

    • Here's a prettified json of rezervbase. Though text editors still really struggle with it.


      EDIT: from a quick look, some of the weapons (looked at an AKS-74u) have insanely low spawn chance. like 0.02%. Doing some statistics run, I got a single AKS-74u in 10 runs on reserve. Increasing it to 25 times more weapons yielded about 25 of them. (2.5 per run avg). It seems their rate might just be insanely low.