Tron's The Little Drummer Boy (Fixed) 1.2

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Some fixes to Tron's Drum mags mod

This mod adds extended mags to game

All mags at Mechanic LL2

UMP .45 ACP 50-Round Casket Magazine

SVD 7.62x54R 50-Round Drum Magazine

FN SCAR-H 7.62x51 40-Round Casket Magazine

FN P90 5.7x28 75-Round Magazine

HK MP7 4.6x30mm 60-Round Box Magazine

HK MP5 9x19 50-Round Casket Magazine

Kriss Vector .45 ACP 50-Round Drum Magazine

PP-91 \"Kedr\" 9x18PM 70-Round Drum Magazine

AK-101/102 5.56x45 75-Round Drum Magazine

Glock 9x19 \"C-MAG\" 100-Round Magazine

AR-15 5.56x45 \"C-MAG\" 100-Round Magazine

AS-VAL 9x39 70-Round Drum Magazine

Jungle Fighter AR-10 7.62x51 35-Round Magazine


All rights belongs to Tron  <3

  • Still works in 3.8.0 :)

  • Hope this Mod gets Updated soon. really enjoy using it.

  • Hey,

    Thanks the mod is great, had a lot of fun and chuckles looking at some of the mags. I've had that bug when receiving quest reward where it bugged out so I restarted the game and now this error is showing.

    Critical error receiving profile data. Close the game and contact us at forum In response to Slot stackslot cartridges in item MP5Casket Magazine (id: 917f944029ee77d8043bdee2) expects an item at position 1

    Any idea how to fix it?

    Good news, I've managed to fix it myself thanks to this thred:
    Expects an item at position 0

  • i might be an idiot but how do i install this correctly?

    • SPT Directory -> user -> mods -> drop folder from zip file here

      and don't feel like an idiot! if you're new to SPT it can be confusing at first. every mod you come across (that I've seen so far) is gonna either go in the mods folder or in your BepInEx plugins (usually only dll files [the zip may have a folder to go with the dll plugin])

    • thank you for your help!

  • I love your mods dude, any chance you could make an extended mag for the AVT? Like 25 or 26 rounds?

  • Where i can buy this mags? Which lvl of trader?

  • Main mod was seemingly removed, you may want to update your mod description.

  • I cannot download little drummer boy mod, whats up with that??

    • Same, I believe you only need this mod now...

    • You only need this mod.

  •…iNxE040JADPzM85E0DpY/edit This doc has pictures of the problem so it's easier to understand.

    I installed the mod but when I click on the mag to inspect it or load the mag into the gun all I get is the doge cube place holder.

  • add SR-2M 40 RoundCasketMagazine 1x2

    add Mk47 40 Round Magazine 1x2

    add AVT-SVT 30 Round Magazine 1x2

  • After installing this, my trader portraits started glitching into white images.

  • I would like to use the magazines on guns other than the ones listed on the main mod, am I able to do that by changing something?

  • Do I have to install this mod alone and remove the original one or do I need to have the 2 installed? Or I need to put the "fixed" files on the original folder and overwrite over the original one?

  • 5.56 drum for the ak101/102 hilariously only fits in 7.62 ak's

    • Thank for reporting, i fixed on last uptade.

  • Can I ask how you did this? I'd like to add ammo types from a mod to base game magazines and I haven't been able to get a response on the reddit.

    • You need to add ammo id's in to TheLittleDrummeyBoy-Fixed/database/templates/items.json files inside,

      "UMPCasketMagazine": {
          "_id": "UMPCasketMagazine",
          "_name": "UMPCasketMagazine",
          "_parent": "5448bc234bdc2d3c308b4569",
          "_props": {
            "Accuracy": 0,
            "AnimationVariantsNumber": 0,
            "Backgroundcolor": "yellow",
            "BlocksCollapsible": false,
            "BlocksFolding": false,
            "CanAdmin": false,
            "CanFast": true,
            "CanHit": false,
            "CanPutIntoDuringTheRaid": true,
            "CanRequireOnRagfair": false,
            "CanSellOnRagfair": true,
            "CantRemoveFromSlotsDuringRaid": [],
            "Cartridges": [
                "_id": "5fc3e466187fea44d52eda92",
                "_max_count": 50,
                "_name": "cartridges",
                "_parent": "5fc3e466187fea44d52eda90",
                "_props": {
                  "filters": [
                        "AKA YOUR ROUND ID FOR EXAMPLE"

      I hope I could explain.

    • Ok, hopefully this will work with base game files as well. Would you mind doing private messages so I can explain a bit better without blowing up your comment section? If not that's alright, my main thing is that I want to add some of the special ammo types from KMC weapons to base game magazines and guns. I just don't understand all of the coding and id's.

    • :thumbup:

  • At least give it the correct spelling for its title. ;(?(

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    • Sorry about that i'm kinda embarrassed :D

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    • Can we start a vote to make the title "Tron IS a little drummer boy"

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