Unlucky Morpheus 1.0.0

Adds in Music from the Touhou Circle Unlucky Morpheus.

I'm back with another music mod this time from the Circle known as Unlucky Morpheus. I am unsure if they are a full Circle however ie do primarily Touhou-based songs. I will have to check. But yeah enjoy the Music! I will likely update this as not every song is in yet.

Install Instructions: Place the CustomMusic folder in your BepinEx Folder and your good to go from there. that's it.

I have plans for a few more song packs eventually don't worry :)

an example track:

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  • Took a break from SPT and had absolute whiplash when I saw this mod. Love Unlucky Morpheus and I can definitely say based on their spotify that they don't just do songs for Touhou. Would you consider doing a mod for Undead Corporation? They've got a few tracks that they did for Touhou

    • I'll look into undead Corporation. I still have Tatash or Tatdash Circle plus a few other circles to do beforehand. am taking a break for a bit. Might release another pack right before Christmas.

      I thought they didn't just do Touhou but couldn't confirm it. Thank you for that. but TLDR yes I will do it just not yet.