AK-15 1.0.0

AK-15 for latest SPT

Separated the AK15 from my custom AK12 since BSG has now added it and adapted the AK15 for the latest version w/compatible with all new stuff.

Available at Mechanic lvl 2

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Install: drag and drop the AK15 folder in your user/mods folder

  • does it work on 3.7.1?

  • I'm playing on different language, and every description is weird, i.e. weapon name is "weapon_ak15_762x39". As far as I understand, I need to add file with translation to "locales" (which I did), but where and what I should change to chose different locale?

    • ah im not sure since i play on english mainly but you could try opening the mod.js file and replace the "en" to the language you are playing on from these three lines: "mydb.locales.en.templates" "mydb.locales.en.preset" and "if (localeID == "en")". Make sure to change the locale (en.json) json to the short name of your language aswell

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    • Thank you, it worked.

      Also, I find out that you can delete "if (localeID == "en")" line (and additional { }), and default "en.json" will work correctly with any version.

  • Welcome back to making mods!
    Little detail: Since weapons are ported from WW3, their fire rates are incorrect, as the AK-15 in WW3 fires at 620RPM (Physical bullet), while the IRL counterpart fires at 700. The sound for the AK-15 also is at 700 RPM (I counted, Tweaked fire rate values till it matched up how many shots I counted compared to mag capacity. Ex: I counted 72 shots for a 60 round magazine, that meant the fire rate needs to be increased till I count 60 shots for a 60 round magazine.)
    So please tweak the fire rates and bless us with a new META 7.62mm AK, firing at a glorious 700 RPM.

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    • Too lazy. Just Increase it in the items.json file under the weapon id section

    • @Finnley Kepler: What is the value you changed and where? I would love to do it too please :D

    • @Ederys
      Sorry for the late reply as I've been off tarkov for a while:
      Please go to your AK-15 mod folder > database > templates > items
      And inside items press ctrl+F, in the search field enter "weapon_ak15_7.62x39" which will bring you to the section with values of the AK-15.
      then keep scrolling down until you see the section of fire rates:

      "SingleFireRate": 450,

      "CanQueueSecondShot": true,

      "bFirerate": 700,

      As I have already changed the values here, that is what it should look like when you're done (Ignore the single fire rate and can que second shot). You only need to change the value "bFirerate" from 620 to 700.

      If you have the version of the mod that includes the AK-12 (Like me), then the same can be applied for the Ak-12, this time under "weapon_ak12_5.45x39"

      Hope this helps!

  • Love your mods man! Mepro M21 And HCO is really good addition to the game! i pretty much downloaded everything you made because its freaking good :thumbup: