Geneburn Music Pack 1.0.0

Adds in (almost) all of Geneburn's Music to Tarkov. including songs not released in Tarkov

This mod adds in Geneburn aka Nikita's music to Tarkov. all of Tarkov's OST plus all the songs from the former mod that was on the Hub and is now outdated. I also added some songs not included in either of those. A Homage to the Geneburn Music Pack as it were. New Arena Song is in here too.

Install Instructions: Put the CustomMusic Folder into BepinEx Plugins folder and your good. that's it.

I used the above image as I couldn't find any images that stood out so I went with that one lol

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  • Hello, I downloaded your music pack and want to ask, I want to add my two songs - how to do this. The music folder contains ogf or mp3 files?

  • Best music mod, what's the name of that sick song with the vocals?

  • What is the fire song with lyrics?

    Thinking 1
  • is the mod not compatible with some mods?

    my game always went Not Responding right after the "loading profile data" screen...

    • IT SHOULD BE COMPATIBLE whoops sorry caps lock, with all mods it's a music mod. Unless you have a second music mod. tho If i recall you can use a second one too alongside one. but it's not gonna be this mod causing that

  • Yesssss, thank you very much.