GaaxWeapons Mod - Port 1.0.2

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

the biggest weapon's and parts skin pack is back !

the must have modpack for gunsmithing , it adds a bunch of custom retextures of parts and weapons .

this is just abit of what's in the mod .

all credits goes to the original author of the mod : Gaax

Things i did on this port .
* updated to latest AKI version
* sorted some parts to their right vendors LL
(still some of the items have to be sorted might come in later updates.)
* removed bad content that made the original version been taken down .

just unpack the users folder inside your SPT root folder .just keep in mind due to the high amount of new parts added to the game at your first load of the icons of the new content sometimes you will have crashes , but it will happen only at first load of everything its a common problem of tarkov , to minimize it when you get to the vendors scroll down slowly till you have everything loaded .

Credits to KoKaZ93 for the 3.8.0 update
Have fun on your gun buildings ! animeokayanimeokayanimeokay

  • Version 1.0.2

    Updated to 3.9.X;

    Don't download the dependency, use the one it comes with the file;


    Read the Txt, inside of the folder;

  • Version 1.0.1

    Updated to 3.8.X;

    Don't download the dependency, use the one it comes with the file;


    Read the Txt, inside of the folder;

  • Version 1.0.0

  • 24b0d121e09c28a8699fe8b115ef0469913dfebcff

    The armor needs parts.

    • Anyone know of any fixes for this? At the very least be able to disable all the armor so I don't have to see a bunch of red every time I go to ragman lol

  • I noticed that all the SKS parts are bugged with the updated SKS model. Is it possible to blacklist these parts from the game or is it possible to fix it? thanks!

  • Google reminds that Download too much and can't download right now.

  • So fast! Thanks for doing the port, you're awesome bro.

    Does anyone know where to get the full list of features? (Sorry if a link is already there and I missed it)

  • The application had a critical error and failed to run

    Exception produced: Error


    Error: Cannot find module 'C:/snapshot/project/obj-aki/utils/JsonUtil'

    Require stack:

    - C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\My Games\SPT v3.9.1\user\mods\JustNUCore\src\JustNUCore.js

    - C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\My Games\SPT v3.9.1\user\mods\JustNUCore\src\mod.js

    - C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PreSptModLoader.js

    - C:\snapshot\project\obj\controllers\GameController.js

    - C:\snapshot\project\obj\callbacks\GameCallbacks.js

    - C:\snapshot\project\obj\di\Container.js

    - C:\snapshot\project\obj\Program.js

    - C:\snapshot\project\obj\ide\ReleaseEntry.js

    1) If you want to compile the package/file into executable, please pay attention to compilation warnings and specify a literal in 'require' call. 2) If you don't want to compile the package/file into executable and want to 'require' it from filesystem (likely plugin), specify an absolute path in 'require' call using process.cwd() or process.execPath.

    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1144:15)

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    at require (node:internal/modules/helpers:176:18)

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  • Mod is good. But what about armor? I have lots of red painted, like weapon with missing parts, armors. This armor gives me 0 armor class. I dont understand this isa mod issue or my hands issue?

  • Hi Thanks for this Mod

    Same Problem

  • Hi. When I start the aki server, I see the message " in GaaxWeapons no JSON file".

    • He's packaged it weird look inside that folder and you are supposed to put those 2 folders inside GaaxWeapons into the mod folder

  • When using this mod with Sasha Himik, Painter and all of his accompanying mods their modded items are not able to be sold. It displays stuff about live flea prices not existing. Are you able to remove the live flea system from the mod? (I don’t have live flea installed and it seems to screw up a bunch of things)

  • Is it possible to remove the base M4 lower receiver texture? I just don't like the safe setting being red

  • can you tell me how to make bots spawn with weapons without modules from the mod? Where should I go?

    • Don’t think you can, there’s no option.

  • im having a problem, when i go to traders and the gun parts load up my game crashes sometime, sometime it doesnt when i try to load them slowly, its annoying anyone got advice on how to make them load slower or not to crash the game?

    • scroll through each trader completely, no matter how many crashes, this will load the items for the future.

  • i am getting this error..

    2024-03-14 00:40:16.882 +01:00||Error|assetBundle|Bundle "ctr_camo.bundle" has dependency "assets/content/items/mods/stocks/stock_ar15_magpul_ctr_carbine_gloss_nrm.bundle" that was not found in manifest

    2024-03-14 00:40:16.882 +01:00||Error|assetBundle|Bundle "ctr_plum.bundle" has dependency "assets/content/items/mods/stocks/stock_ar15_magpul_ctr_carbine_gloss_nrm.bundle" that was not found in manifest

    2024-03-14 00:40:16.882 +01:00||Error|assetBundle|Bundle "ctr_tan.bundle" has dependency "assets/content/items/mods/stocks/stock_ar15_magpul_ctr_carbine_gloss_nrm.bundle" that was not found in manifest

    2024-03-14 00:40:16.882 +01:00||Error|assetBundle|Bundle "ctr_olive.bundle" has dependency "assets/content/items/mods/stocks/stock_ar15_magpul_ctr_carbine_gloss_nrm.bundle" that was not found in manifest

    2024-03-14 00:40:16.882 +01:00||Error|assetBundle|Bundle "ctr_yellow.bundle" has dependency "assets/content/items/mods/stocks/stock_ar15_magpul_ctr_carbine_gloss_nrm.bundle" that was not found in manifest

  • Hi, could there be any way for the weapon mods just be on the flea market?

  • This and some other errors occasionally pop up in my console

    Required slot 'mod_barrel' on r_tx15_green mod_reciever was empty on sptbear

    Weapon 5c07c60e0db834002330051f was generated incorrectly, falling back to weapon preset see error above

  • Hello there !

    Redoing the post as i've kinda fked it up...

    I've seen some glitches on the mod, for some reasons on the vudu it happens that the scope is black and don't show anything. To fix it a server restart does the job but it's still painful to get that when loading a game xd

    Also, the magnifications of all added vudu's are broken, the 1x is too zoomed and the 6x isn't enough.

    Here are some pics of how it looks in-game with a 75 fov (might be that it don't take the fov in account idk) :

    regular vudu, 1x zoom

    modded vudu, 1x zoom

    regular vudu, 6x zoom

    modded vudu, 6x zoom

    see how the scope is bigger than on the regular one?

  • hey guys i've gotten abit inactive due to health issues , the mod still works on 3.7.6 you can ignore the warning on server saying its not compatible , i did some tests with black listed items but i don't have 100% certain that it is taking effect atleast in the whole raids i get i don't seen any bots using the armors anymore , will make more tests and later will post a small update for not having to download all the 2.6 gb's for just some small files updated :sleeping: .

    Heart 2
    • i hope you'll feel better! thanks for the port of this amazing mod :3

  • When i have this mod installed it says that it is not compatible whit the version of AKI, is there any fix? im on 3.7.6. PLEASE HELP

    • ignore it or change the version in package.json to 3.7.6

    • Just change package.json to Version: "3.7.x"

  • Fantastic! I love it, if there's black long Mk.16 handguard, it will be perfect.

  • Lovely work by the original author, and thanks to BooMoon for the port.

    I'd love a compatible version for Realism mod but I know due to the sheer size that it's not possible lol.

    I look forward to the day weapon and apparel mods get unified and standardized in a big pack, like what RHS did for Arma 3.

    • i am using this mod with realism , you mean about the armor areas ? .

    • Interesting! I mean gun stats, accuracy, balance, ergo changes and whatever realism changes about guns. I know for a fact that armor and apparel mods need compatibility patches to work with realism, I don't know if gun reskins inherit the stats from base guns though.

      If that's the case, it would be great!

    • I would love to know if these are indeed compatable with realism have their own stats and stuff

    • I downloaded the mod and can confirm that it does indeed work with Fontaine's Realism mod. The stats are correct and seem to be copied from the originals for all parts except a few buttstocks. I just don't use those few parts.

  • 2.6 gigs, gawd damn you weren't kidding haha

  • Well you could add the items to the spt global blacklist if you want to stop the botgen from being able to pull them (the other alternative is manually blacklisting them in their respective slots in bots.json or something but thats way too much work imo). This would mean you can only buy the item off traders though since the spt blacklist is shared with the flea market blacklist.
    Also its already 2023, you probably don't have to use justnu core just to add a bunch of server entries anymore and have it just built into the mods.ts within the mod itself.

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    • thanks for the tips , i will have some look into that animeproudclap .

  • It would be cool if we could pick and choose only the colors we want to keep server load down.

    • Yeah. Like making separate mods for each color or group of colors.

    • Having separate mods for each colour or group of colours would be great.

    • PLEASE can we get this

  • i love the weapon skins but can you make it so that bots dont use the armour/clothes etc?

  • Thank you for this!

    Question would these parts spawn in the loot pool or on bots? If so how could I turn it off?

    • yes they spawn on boots and loot's , theres no option for that .

  • Thank you for porting it. 8)