AK-12 Aftermarket Handguards 1.0.2 Hotfix

AK-12 handguards from my AK12 mod fitted for the new AK-12 by BSG

S12 and S12U vailable at Mechanic Level 2, Rotor43 at Level 3
Handguards: Rotor43, Zenitco S12U and S12 Sports kit (Everything available in Black and FDE)

Install: drag and drop the zAK12-Handguards folder in your user/mods folder

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  • Not critical but if you like..in search of perfection: handguards are slightly higher comparing to IRL ones.


  • Do they use the same ID as the original mod?

    If so then it is compatible with Realism?

    • The bundle ids and item ids are the same as the AK12 handguards from the AK12 & AK15 mod so dont use that and get my AK15 separated mod instead. Idk i dont play with realism

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  • perhaps you may just rip off rails plates from B-33 and pretend they are B-2 rail series.

    B-2 (45 mm)


    B-2U (75 mm)


    B-2L (34 mm)


    B-2M (12 mm)


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  • s12u fde has no foregrip mounts and only one attachment mount

    • all attachments slots should be working now

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  • i hope 7.62x39 :(

  • This is excellent. I love that you made Zenitco Sport handguards. Not to mention how well you modeled them. They look so sleek. However, a couple things:

    1. The Sport 12U could use more attachment spots (maybe the other ones as well)

    2. It seems like the hand does not grip the handguard when there are no foregrips installed. Even when there is a short foregrip installed, the hand positioning seems to be the same.

    • Check new update (ps. these models arent mine but paid from CGTrader)

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  • First of all I love this mod as I feel the AK12 needs some more love like this.

    Although I have to ask if anyone else getting a weird delay when putting attachments on, and not able to see where you can attach mods to the grip in the mod menu with this handguard on? I might need to test it on it's own or something else might be causing it.

  • These are nice, but their stats are no improvement over the existing handguard, even though following the logic of the game, they should.

    This was easy enough for me to change in items.json, just a heads up.

    It'd be great if you could add muzzle device and stock options, as mentioned before.

    The .308 thread adapter and PT-lock alone would be a great addition. Funky HERA stock with grip for bonus points.

    • I did default stats because people often cry about the stats i put. You can change them to your liking in the items.json file located in the directory

    • Check new update

  • Niice! Would be great to add more attachment spots

  • I love this, hands down my new favorite attachment mod, any plans to use more Zenit parts for other AKs?

  • Great work, just now need to see you or someone make some additional muzzles for the ak12 if there are any muzzle adapters for pre-existing in-game muzzles

  • our lord and savior is back 8|