Kiki-ArmorDebufRemover 2.3.1

Adds a config file which gives the option to remove the mouse aim / ergonomic / speed penalties from armor, rigs and helmets.

This mod allows you to set the mouse penalty of armor, rigs or helmets to 0. As well as being able to remove the movement speed, or ergonomic penalty from armors. Set the options you want enabled to true in config.json. Thanks to X.Fight for the suggestion, and as always to Ereshkigal for the mod framework.

  • Any way to get this to also include armor components such as faceshields and applique armor? (e.g. SLAAP plate and Bastion Plate etc.)

  • Hello there thank you for this excellent mod, is there a possibility to had an option to remove the visibility restriction from Chad's helmets please? Also another question, is it possible to remove restrictions in order to mod an helmet to heaven, like putting NVG's and Faceshield at the same time?

    • Sure but not with this. All my mods target one specific thing.


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  • Hello, quick question, is this mod enabled by default, or do i need to go into config and set the debuffs I want to remove to "true" first?

    • yes you would need to set the debuffs you wish to remove to true in the config.

  • where does the folder go, mods folder?

  • so by default this mod makes gear weightless correct?

  • can you add a mod that lets us throw grenades like old times

  • Does this mod support 1.5?

    • I have not tested yet, been a busy couple of days, but it should.