TarkovIRL - Weapons Handling Mod 0.3.2

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Ever wish that different weapons handled differently in Tarkov? That your meta SR-25 did not feel 95% like your unmodded Glock? Me too!


:!: FIRST AND FOREMOST :!: THIS MOD IS DESIGNED TO BE PLAYED WITH THE REALISM MOD. Later, when I add a proper config menu, you will be able to tune it yourself for vanilla or whatever, but for now it comes as is, and I don't know how well it functions with vanilla because I don't play it.


This mod addresses the lapse in Tarkov weapon handling. Weapons now feel different depending on their weight and ergo stats.

I accomplish this effect in two ways: 1) a weapon deadzone, and 2) modified weapon sway.

1) Weapon deadzone means that the player's point of aim and main camera are not perfectly aligned. When you are moving (as you almost always are in game), the effect is being re-centered. You will hardly notice the deadzone for smaller weapons, especially pistols, and this is intentional: the smaller the weapon, the more agile it is (ie the more like vanilla it is). When ADSing, the effect fades back to zero. Easier experienced than explained.

2) Weapon sway has been reworked. Your gun now sways more ahead of your aimpoint, rather than lagging behind -- unless you are ADSing with a stocked weapon to simulate a cheeckweld. The amount of sway you see depends first on the weight and ergo of your gun, larger weapons and especially fully modded weapons will sway far more. You will feel the difference.

Then, your health affects the amount of sway. Your arm stam, your regular stam, your arm health in each arm, your general health, all cause the sway to increase dynamically.

Movement speed also factors into it, not moving at all reduces sway by 75%, and the effect blends back into 100% at 100% walk speed.

Your character's strength stat also affects sway, with max strength removing about 75% of the sway effect.

Finally, your character weight can factor into the sway calculation: if you are underweight (that is, not overweight), your weight approaching zero removes the sway effect entirely. That is to say, at weight 0 you will have 100% sway removed (obviously not possible).


Ancillary features of the mod:

- the weapon weight is updated after every round is fired

- added +50% head rotation to free look

- general aesthetic changes in sway that don't really affect handling


Development is still early on this but it is usable and works well, no known bugs at the moment. A config menu through F12 will come at some point. Thanks to the people who helped me get up and running.



- There is a known bug that causes the player camera to 'stutter' occasionally, quickly twisting in an awkward manner. It is annoying but for me personally not game-breaking. Currently researching the problem.

- There is currently no F12 config menu commonly found in most mods. This is sorely needed, I realise, and it is in work.

- That's it.


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  • Version 0.3.2


    - Added F12 config menu

    - Tweaked animation curve and values for weapon sway, looks a bit more complex

    - Tweaked animation curve for pose change visual effect

    - Improved stuttering problem (something much smaller and less noticeable happens now)

  • Version 0.31

    Small update,

    - adjust some values for new breathing feature

    - added new feature, when change your stance (crouching and un-crouching), your weapon will oscillate a little in your hands

    A config menu is the next priority.

  • Version 0.3

    0.3 release features:

    - When player kneels, his weapon is a bit closer to the chest, essentially cosmetic.

    - Added another layer of breath effect: weapon visually oscillates in hand as stamina decreases

  • Version 0.2

    - Big improvement to deadzone clipping issue : without going into a lengthy explanation, the deadzone works in relation to the player's foot positioning, and previously when the player rotated enough to change foot position there was an abrupt reset of the deadzone; now the effect smoothly blends between the foot reset animations.

    - Improved efficiency of stat calculations used by the sway and deadzone algos.

    - General code cleanup (who cares).

  • Version 0.1

  • Unfortunately, the mod does not work on 3.9.0

  • still says 3.8.3 lol

    • Yes, that is intentional. I have not made the switch to 3.9.

      *edit* I fully expect it to work on 3.9, feel free to try.

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    • i love a dare

  • Feels amazing combined with Realism and DJLane's Deadzone updated!

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    • Thank you sir means a lot

  • Can confirm vanilla is very broken lol.

    • Will put in some limits to the effect on next version, as well as a F12 menu. I promise

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  • 0.3 is so so much "breath effect:" the weapon rises high above the head and falls closer to the floor

    test it:

    • My next priority is to integrate a proper F12 config menu so that you can adjust the values as you like.

      Having said that, I intended the breath effect to be strong enough that it is something consider. My idea is that stamina management should be more important.

    • The problem is that in a calm state, right in the shelter (REXTAC Wages of Sin), the weapon swings up (far above the head), then down (to the knees) :)))) at the same time, for example, the AK74 behaves quite decently

    • I checked the version 0.31 it looks like the problem has been solved)!

      It looks really cool, thanks!

    • hmm, today I again met a problem with swinging, using a shotgun, my hands flew far up, as in RTS

    • I didn't change anything between 0.31 and 0.3 that would have solved whatever issue you're having. Do you have any other mods installed that affect stamina? Can you provide a modlist? I will add limits to the effect in the next patch so that hopefully it reduces the surface area for bugs.

  • Amazing mod. Keep up the good work. Only issues so far is the jitter everyone else has reported but besides that its great.

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  • I like it but I'm experiencing that same jitter a couple of other commenters mentioned. For my friends its a little worse than mine. I also think the sway when point aiming and walking is a little extreme especially when compared to it when standing still, but I also saw you're working on an F12 menu. Overall its a very cool mod and I enjoyed it a lot, it's pretty close to being essential, its just that jitter bug needs a patch.

    Edit: It seems the SKS is centered incorrectly? The other weapons I've used rotate with the stock in place on the shoulder, where the SKS rotates from the center, as if it doesn't have a stock.

    • If it helps in tracking it down... I remember in my first raids, when I was testing the mod out, I did not notice the jitter at all. I used very high ergo weapons in those raids (9A-91, and SR-2M). In the raids where I noticed the jitter I used a lightly modded AK-74M, and then a Mosin Nagant Infantry.

    • That is helpful. I would say that it is probably still happening, but you just don't notice because the effect is so fast on smaller kits. Haven't had much time to research the problem but I will.

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  • This looks really nice, I'll wait a little longer though, Cause I'm not using Realism on this playthrough, Looks good though.

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  • Love the mod. I have noticed a similar twitch that Nightfall was getting and also freelook breaking mid raid

    • I have not noticed freelook breaking, can you give more information about when it occurs?

    • 1. the twitch jitter thing occurs frequently when realism isn't installed, with it installed it happens very rarely

      2. The camera breaking also seems to only occur when realism isn't installed; whenever this happens, the camera sway and freelook break and are fixed when you die or extract. as for what causes it, I cant tell because, When I was testing for the glitch, it randomly occurred in different situations but usually during a gunfight

      so as long as realism is installed, these glitches don't pop up

    • That is interesting, I would not have anticipated this. Although I advertise this as being designed to work with Realism, there is nothing that explicitly links it to Realism (although I may go down that path when I figure out how to do it); it's more that the values are tuned to Realism, and not even the most recent version.

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  • So I am getting a screen "twitch"/ jitter, mainly when going in or out of leaning at seemingly random intervals. I also notice you can free look past the rendered texture of the arms and see a slighty disembodied arm, but figured that was the trade off of the work needed to make this work. Love the mod and the changes it brings, the screen jitter can just be jarring!

    • Thanks Nightfall for the reports. I have also noticed the jitter, I'll start troubleshooting it.

      As far as seeing your disembodied self is concerned, it might be an FOV thing. I've only ever played EFT on the default, ie minimum FOV setting -- so I ask what FOV are you playing on? This is the first thing that came to mind.

      Does it only occur during freelook? If it is FOV, eventually I will get a F12 config working so you can dial down the additional freelook range that I've added which I imagine allows you to see inside yourself.

    • It is only in free look, feel like I was just a smooth brain because as you stated your mod extends the free look range by 50% and that is essentially exactly what it looks like. My FOV is set to 72, and when free looking to the left while sprinting you can see the arm just floating, as well as the un-rendered texture of the shoulder ( https://imgur.com/a/ceBAUMB ). Thanks again for the work!!

    • I have been getting the same twitch as described here. I have realism installed and play with 82 FOV via a reupload of SamSwats old FOV mod

    • If anybody has been able to reproduce the problem consistently, please share here.

  • One of the best mod for realism i've ever played, dont stop and keep working!!!!!

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  • will this have any sort of compatability with modded weapons or would patches have to be made for them to work properly with this mod

    • It should work, as in not crash or anything; whether or not the modded weapons' characteristics will be correctly input into the mod is another matter. But it seems likely, however modded weapons make themselves legible to Tarkov's apis would be shared with my mod.

      TLDR yeah most likely, will research

    • i tried it out with the realism mod the other day and everything seemed to work good, really cool mod, im excited for the config menu for this in the future

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  • awesome mod

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  • This looks great! I’m sure you’ll refine it over time, but what you have working now is really something. Great work!

    EDIT: So, after trying it for 10 seconds, I got motion sick and could not continue. The way the POV sways and slowly moves back into place is... difficult to stomach. Obviously not for other people and that's great! I think this is a great idea. I just personally cannot use it because I will throw up if I play with this for too long, especially in combat lmao. Keep it up, though!

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  • it feels like that bodycam game in a kind of way. It makes aiming harder in a different way. I enjoy the mod. :)

    • Let me give a quick update after using this mod.
      This is pure crack. The most addicting feeling mod i've ever touched since sain 2.0. The way your gun moves faster on turns than your center screen really makes snap shot hip fire so damn clean. Your first few raids are going to feel REEEEAAAAAALLLLLYYYYYY weird but I promise its worth giving it a chance. I hate finding such perfect mods like these because it means I refuse to play without them. I can't enjoy sp tarkov on major updates because legends like you wont stop releasing such great fucking mods.
      I have so far clocked around 40 raids since 6 hours ago and I cant stop. I'm way past my bedtime.

    • Gosh thanks man. It's very satisfying to see someone enjoying my work.

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  • I expect this mod to become a requirement in the future when modding SPT

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  • very goood

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  • Nice! Very interesting mod, will try it out :)

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