90s Gangster playlist 1.0.0

For those who wanna "roll the block" on your Tarkov "opps"

Vehicles may not work in Tarkov but hey who needs a drive by when you can blast music? (huge thanks to one of my friends who made the playlist cuz I don't know shit about gangster rap)

Track list:

Bangin on Wax - Bloods & Crips (when tf did they make music together)

Shuda Beena B-Dog - Bloods

Piru love - Bloods & Crips

Crip, Crip, Crip - Bloods & Crips

Steady Dippin' - Bloods & Crips

Gs & Locs - Bloods & Crips

How Deep Is Your Hood - Bloods

Get Yo Money - Bloods

Give It Up - Bloods

Damu Ride - Bloods

Why Must I Be Like That - Bloods

Piru Love 3000 - Big Wy

This Family Swans - K.Glock

Gangsta Boogie - Crips

Nationwide Rip Ridaz - Crips

Slobs Keep On Slippin' - Crips

Roll Call - Crips

Bullets Don't Have No Names - Crips

I'll Ride For You - Crips

Man's G.A.M.E - Og Sin Loc Blackburn

Y'all Can't F... With Us - Tweedy Bird Loc

Crippin' Ain't Easy - Bloods and Crips

Rip A Crab In Half - Bloods and Crips

Mind Playin Tricks On Me - Geto boys

  • Vibin the heck out to this, thanks bro.

  • can we get a chicago custom map

    • you'd have to ask a mapper lmao I have 0 clue on how mapping works in tarkov

    • boo, SPT mapper jumpscare

      last I checked, SPT map support was completely borked due to the new AI system BSG implemented. mapping itself wasn't broken, bot spawning was.

      I'll check again, but I don't think it's really possible nor worth it atp.

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