Featured WTT - W.A.A.C. (Women's Advanced Assault Corps) 1.0.1

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Did you know? There are HOT, SINGLE women in your AO that are ready for INTENSE tactical ops?



  • Roze's standard top in first person has the skin part get culled before it's actually off-screen, meaning when holding guns such as the MP5, it's just invisible.

    Zoey's upper also seems to have a head attached to the upper mesh itself, that and it's proportions are... Something.

    other than that it's pretty nice, would also be nice if there was a bald option for all the heads to prevent clipping with the hair.

  • Funny, most of the stamina sounds are either too repetitive/painfully loopy, or in general the voice lines are just too soft would be my complaints.

    Also, the top for Zoey's upper clothing has the head attached to it, so just choosing the top will end up with a second overlapping head that's ungodly noticeable for other upper choices.

    Also, plenty of hair issues, but frankly that's more dismissible considering the game was never primed for "helmet head"... The yellowish-blonde head with the bun is especially bad however, because her haircut basically clips through almost all headwear, which is just worse than dismissible, but ya'know still not insanely bad. EDIT: Saw your comments on The Long Lost Heads of Yojenkz, so yeah never mind this part of my post considering you're already very aware of the clipping. Maybe make a note about it in the descriptions though?

    I'm also quite surprised this has AI generated content, but like, there's plenty of voice lines missing or just not existing/sounding contextually *weird*. Was that a mistake by ticking yes, or...?

    On a side note, wouldn't it be easier to NOT use ports and get actual stuff that people would willingly wear from other sources? Like, for real, Activision nearly buried an indie company because one of the modellers they outsourced to, took the futuristic M14 iron sights from CoD and yeah...
    I mean originally I figured, it'd be a lot easier not having to convert a billion unnecessary files, whether someone makes a good automation/batch converter or not, and use (or create, shocking I know (I'm not a fan of ported content, but no harm meant by that wise crack),) models/textures that are already primed for most normal games, including Unity games? Tarkov's rendering isn't that much different from typical hackney Unity "physical" rendering of it's time, and even then it's a lot easier than dealing with legal issues from IP owners or 80 unneeded files that are basically just 7 files in general (IIRC for Tarkov, been a while).

  • I run the fika mod, and the out of stamina sound of my friend is really loud, could you tone that down a bit? thanks

  • Is it possible to make the out of stamina sound quieter, it earrapes me and my friends

  • please give waac 3.8.3 version... i can't download it ;( there's 1.0.1 version on 1.0.0 link

  • How do I change the head without the Head and Voice selector mod?

  • WTT Head and Voice Selector isn't updated, would it still work with this mod even if outdated?

  • there is a Bug with the Zoey voice she is always panting like she is out of breath all the time

  • Man great mod 10/10 keep cooking guys, the only thing being rigs, armor and helmets don't adjust to the body and hair shape, wondering if it's possible to do that 🤔

    • "

      This release took a significant amount of time to perfect. CoD models have 10-60+ materials that required extensive processing to work seamlessly with Unity, including hand-creating some alpha channels. It took weeks of meticulous work to get these models looking great. That being said, there are bound to be clipping and floating issues with these models, some worse than others. There's not much I can do about it outside of stretching every outfit to fit the male frame or using other methods to scale clothing, which I'll be honest: It's probably not gonna happen lol.


      the description of the mod

  • 8008@

  • ya know what would've been really cool since part of it already exists? a zoey model and head since we already have the voice from l4d2 and i just think if there was a singular female model i would play for all time it would be her

  • Thanks for the mod, I love it! Was just wondering if you're aware of the fleshy part of the arm on Roze's standard top being invisible or if there's a way to fix it? Every other clothing works great so it's not a super huge deal but figured I'd ask.

  • Very nice look and voice.
    Thank you! ^^ ^^ 2024-07-07-13-26-1.png


  • Thank you now I'm really dying like a wench

  • hip hip hooray

  • I never commented on here, but I so much appreciate all the efforts it obviously took that I couldn't just stay silent.

    SPT in general is such an amazing and awesome project/community and I love what you guys are doing!!

    I can't thank you guys enough for this!!! <3

    (Btw the voice acting 👌😋, I particularly appreciate the efforts of doing the grunts/pain/scream SFX XD!!)

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  • just a heads up the loyalty level requirement is "1" for each piece of clothing. maybe set it to something like 0 until more are added?

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    • ^This. Anyone got a good solution for this?

    • There is a config file for the outfits in the mods- wtt-WAAC- db- clothing where you can set it all manually. the one you want to change is "standing" not loyalty level or you'll brick ragman's shop

  • theyre cute :3

  • gonna go raid with one hand now

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  • What is this WTT and why is it spamming mods? Why not release a pack?

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    • I almost took as much time to answer your question as you did to looking it to it yourself or applying logic.

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    • "Spamming mods" :D

      WTT is a team of 20 people working on a very large project to overhaul the entire game.

      Our community saw the teasers and small content previews that we'd drop in our server and pleaded with us to drop small standalone packs to the community as we create content. - Otherwise they'd be waiting a very long time for the project to release as an early Alpha. The project has been worked on for over a year now...

      "WTT Thursdays" are the days we drop content. Content is dropped as we create it.

      Each mod is mostly standalone and modular, allowing the end user to play with exactly what they'd like.

      Not sure what else to tell you. Sorry for making you free content? :D

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    • How about you get nothing and we pull all our mods and stop releasing.

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    • The duality of man presented as two replies of a a mod author in regards to an aloof comment.

    • Tron is Doting Mother, while i am "Belt-dad".

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  • Just want to comment here and say: this is really, really cool. Like, extremely cool.

    The head models are really fitting, everything feels appropriate and realistic. Nothing feels disproportionate, shoulders etc look well-rigged.

    You guys should definitely get some VAs to record some lines as well. I think that would put this even further over the top.

    I'm marking this as featured.

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  • Is it possible to apply these to bots somehow? Like the Goons or something?

  • OMG - you all are amazing...

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  • Do the voices work? I tried changing my current profile's voice and it still used my old voice; I made a new profile to test and during the character creation screen, when you select the voices to play a sample, nothing happened either. Thanks!

    • do you have the WTT Head and Voice selector mod?

    • Yes, that's how I changed the voice and selected the new head on my old profile.

    • that should work here too.

  • how to fix the helmets: buzzcuts :)

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    • seconded, this mod is friggin great and i love it but i'd like some shorter hair options bc helmets are cool

  • Since the WTT crew started uploading, Thursdays started feeling like Christmas.

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  • So do I have to wipe to make a female PMC? Or is there a way to change an existing PMC?

    • WTT Head and Voice selector mod.

  • Amazing work!!! Is it possible to make Female PMC bots appear one day? Thanks.

    • Download Rogue Justice - Then edit Frank's head, voice, and outfit to the ids for whichever female you feel like having stomp on your dick.

      Have fun!

    • how to make it?

  • bruh.....like...bruh. i didn't make it past the first sentence. too funny

  • Awesome! Thursday as usuall is the best to check mods tab
    Author can you add language difference between BEAR females (ru/ua) and USEC females(us)?