Freecam 1.1.1

A flying free camera mode for EFT

As the name implies, this mod allows you to detach the camera from your player body and fly around freely.

While flying around, you can also choose to teleport your player to wherever the camera is currently. Also includes a dedicated button to (mostly) hide the UI - perfect for cinematic shots!

WARNING: I highly recommend using the Ereshkigal-AllinOneMod mod and setting DisableFallDamage to true if you're planning on using camera teleport - not only are some surfaces outside the play area not solid, it seems that flying to a lower part of the map and teleporting causes you to take fall damage as if you fell the entire distance! This mod is not intended to be used as a cheat in-raid, so don't expect it to keep you safe/alive when misused.

How to install:

Extract the .zip file contents into your AKI root folder (same location where EscapeFromTarkov.exe is).

Your \BepInEx\plugins folder should now contain Terkoiz.Freecam.dll.

Default Controls:

Keypad Plus - toggle free camera mode
Keypad Enter - teleport player to camera position
Keypad Multiply - toggle UI

You can rebind all the controls with the built-in configuration manager plugin (invoked with F12 by default).

Known issues:

  1. Your weapon doesn't turn invisible when you enter freecam mode
  2. When teleporting to camera position, the camera rotation gets copied exactly, potentially causing the player model to tilt
  3. Game version UI element is not hidden when toggling UI
  4. When flying to distant parts of the map in freecam mode, LODs are not triggered (these seem to follow the player)

Additional Credits:

Ashley Davis for the initial Freecam control script (link)

My good friend Kars 🇳🇱 for assisting with Unity engine specifics

  • Version 1.1.1

    For SPT-AKI 2.3.0 and later

    Removed leftover logging line that prints as an error

  • Version 1.1.0

    For SPT-AKI 2.3.0 and later

    Reworked to support the new BepInEx plugin system in SPT-AKI. Now fully configurable via the ConfigurationManager plugin that ships with SPT-AKI.

  • Version 1.0.2

    Updated for SPT-AKI 2.1.1

  • Version 1.0.1

    Updated for AKI-2.0.0

  • Version 1.0.0

  • how i can dissable fall damage??

    • What to do, when entering the raid, I will be spawned under the map where everything is black. And after that nothing is pressed and does not work for me
    • I'm not sure this is an issue with Freecam. Can you validate by removing the mod and seeing if the issue still occurs?

      • I found out for sure and the problem of cohabitation arises because of the free cam. Previously, he worked for me with a bang, even made a video, but now he simply began to work incorrectly, as it turned out, my card just disappears with him, and so the mod works
  • Is it possible to keep my character from turning invisible?

  • doesn't seem to work, I tried all the controls nothing works,

    • Please use the support thread that's accessible to the right and post your client/BepInEx/server logs. Otherwise, I can't really help you.

  • Hmm, didn't work at all, no reaction on keycaps...

    • Please use the support thread that's accessible to the right and post your client/BepInEx/server logs. Otherwise, I can't really help you.

  • Is there anyway to keep your pmc in place or a way to get a shot of your pmc in third person rather than him disappearing as soon as you go into freelook?

    • Not yet. I haven't looked into it yet, but it might become a feature in the future. Sorry.

  • "Invalid mod encountered", server then fails to boot all other mods

    • You most likely installed the mod incorrectly - extract the zip file as-is into your root game folder.

      Alternatively, locate the mod .dll file and move it to \BepInEx\plugins

      EDIT: I've updated the mod description page to include install instructions. Hopefully nobody else runs into this issue

    • Thank you! The mod is working perfectly. Nice work.

  • Running current (11 Mar 2022) *** add SPT-AKI 2.3.0. ONLY your mod is installed/added to \BepInEx\plugins, NOTHING ELSE. Mod seems to work, I can press Numpad + and move, and Numpad [ENTER] to land. I can press [F12] to bring up the BepInEx ConfiguratorManager GUI, and change the settings too. HOWEVER, if I enable BepInEx Console logging to see the console (i.e. \BepInEx\config\BepInEx.cfg --> [Logging.Console] --> Enabled = true, the console shows an ERROR "in red" loading your mod. It is the last and 7th mod loaded. Letting you know.......

    When I tried installing/adding other users basic BepInEx mods, theirs loaded without any errors. Again, just letting you know. Thanks

    • Yeah, I'm aware I accidentally left an old logging line that prints as an error. I'll release a hotfix version in the upcoming 12 hours.

      EDIT: New version has been uploaded

    • Thanks. It's now working without the BepInEx Console error. I'm no modder by any means. But it appears with the release of SPT-ALI 2.3.0 and the integration of BepInEx, mods now may have the \user\mods "component" and/or the \BepInEx\plugins "component". I don't envy you modders with having to update/convert all your mods to the new 2.3.0/BepInEx version of SPT-AKI. Have a good day.

  • updated to 2.2.0, and it still doesn't work, everytime I press the freecam enable key it just shoots my gun.

    am i doing something wrong?

    • This mod has not been updated to work with 2.2.0

      If you modified the files in any way to get them to load on this version, then I cannot offer you help of any kind - you are on your own.

    • weird, seen some say it works for them on 2.2.0 and some that say it doesn't, I haven't modified any files either, it loads but obviously the versions don't match so i came for some advice from those who got it working for 2.2.0.

  • any plans to update this mod to SPT 2.1.2? I've seen comments about you having other/ more important projects to work on and i understand, would just be cool to see it working in the latest version. :)

    • edit: not actually sure if the mod is not working with the latest version, or it being because I don't have a numberpad to work the keybindings, so I used logitech ghub to change 3 of my F* keys to the numberpad keys needed, and it didn't do anything, the mod loads with no errors though so this is why i'm confused, can someone confirm if the mod actually works in SPT 2.1.2? or our my keybinds through GHub not working with tarkov? thanks in advance

    • It works for me on 2.2.0.

      Really hope it will get updated at some point to include changing the cam speed etc though.

    • It worked fine for me on 2.1.2.

      Also, I use G-Hub to map them to the two buttons on the right side of my G903, and that has always worked just fine. When you go to assign them, make sure you're assigning "Num +" and "Num Enter" (this is what G-hub calls those keys), and not just "+" and "Enter".

      The mod even seems to work more or less as-is on 2.2.0 (you need to update the aki version in package.json), but it looks like fall damage is a real issue (the option in Eresh's AIO to disable fall damage doesn't seem to work).

    • @Brin Thunderbags no fall damage mod works for me, I just can't get the freecam to work ahah not sure why as i'm doing the same as you, rebinding in GHUB as I don't have a keypad.

  • Please update this mod. Every time I boot up the server it says "Mod Terkoiz-Freecam_1.0.2 is missing package.json".

    • This is not a server-side mod, so it doesn't need a package.json file. You can safely ignore the warning.

    • ignoring this doesnt load the rest of the mods

    • nevermind, i moved the "package" file out to the first page

  • Is there a special way of installing this mod that im not doing properly? I tried extracting the file into my mods folder but when i launch the server i get an error saying im missing package.json. im using the correct version of aki, in my case 2.1.1

  • how can i change the keys

    • The TLDR is that the author got it functional, and then moved on to higher-priority tasks (i.e. main SPT dev) rather than spend time implementing things like user-configurable options. Due to certificate issues, the only way to change keybinds is to recompile the mod yourself.

      Per his replies below, your options are:

      * Wait for him to get around to adding that functionality (if he ever does);

      * Recompile the mod yourself, based on the hard-coded settings you want it to have;

      * Recompile the mod yourself, modifying it so that it checks a user-editable config file for key binds; or

      * Live with it as it is.

  • An awesome mod with great potential please let me know if you will reupload for 2.1.0 or if you want send me a convo msg and i can repack it as "Terkoiz freecamera Repack" or something. Will not do without permission of course

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  • Bro, update pls

  • hey terkoiz,

    we could modify the old version with dnspy to adjust the movement speed. in the actual version i can adjust the movement speed too but spt aki wouldnt accept the modified mod anymore.

    is it somehow possible to adjust the speed for cinematics and stuff like this? would be a great option.

    btw its a really nice and powerful mod

    thanks for the great work

    • Unfortunately due to the new module signing requirements, I cannot offer you a solution beyond just downloading the source and building your own mod version. Eventually I will add a config file that will let you adjust various settings, but so far I've been busy with main AKI project stuff, and haven't had time to sit down and update Freecam.

  • Mod is working really good on 2.0. Thank you very much.

    I have only one request - could you add a feature that displays the coordinates of your current location? There's a mod Lua's Custom Spawn Points that allows to add new spawn locations for AI but requires to specify coordinates. With your tool it would be really easy to quickly move around the map and get proper coordinates.

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  • Quote

    Currently, the controls are not rebindable - this will be fixed at a later date.

    Would be nice of you to actually fix it

    • Feel free to fork the source and implement it yourself, if you're so impatient.

    • Not impatient, it's just been 2 months and I didnt know if you were planning on doing it at all

    • As of right now, there is no easy way of loading settings defined in a mod into module code. I'm too caught up in AKI development to sit down and implement something for it.

    • The mentality of being impatient for something free will never cease to amaze me. Thanks Terkoiz for the mod though, it's great to have access to it when I don't know how to do the work you do <3

  • Confirmed working with 1.6!

  • Really loving this mod. It makes Woods not a complete drag trying to do the quest lines. Looking forward to see what else you have in store this mod down the road. Keep it up!!

  • Will you make a version of the mod that doesn't make the character invisible? i want to use this mod in cinematics for tarkov and would love to be able to see my character.

    • I will eventually look into this, but it might be very difficult, as the player character that exists in the game world is missing the body and head - only the lower torso and hands are visible. I cannot promise anything just yet, as I have a lot of more important work ahead of me, so this mod will be updated with more features in only a couple of months.

  • When will you be coming out with a new version for 1.5.1?

    • Version label doesn't mean to only work on that version, it still fully functional for 1.5.1

    • This mod works fine with 1.5.1, I've updated the label accordingly.

    • got it, it works surprisingly well, good job!

  • Genuinely the best mod that has come out for Tarkov so far, now I can roleplay as roof korean.

    • Roof American.

  • this has to be the best mod that's come out for spt so far, thanks so much for making this

  • I haven't been able to get the mod to load, I'm guessing other mods interfere with it but I'm not entirely sure which one could possibly be the cause of it.

    • am I supposed to put the module.dll into the client files?

    • Please follow the instructions as provided in the download page - you don't need to modify any client files. Simply install this as any other server mod.

    • Alright, I'll have to see which other mod I have is interfering with this one, thanks for the awesome mod either way!

    • If you're having issues with getting the mod to load, you could always put your client error log into the AKI codepaste and send it my way - it's likely that it'll tell us what's wrong.

  • Another reason to use the no fall damage mod: It looks like fall damage may also be triggered based on the relative height between where you start and where you teleport. I just tried this out on Customs, and whenever I teleported to an area that was far enough below the level I started out at, I took fall damage.

    That's a tiny price to pay for a feature I've wanted since I started playing EFT.

  • Awesome mod for map navigation

    I often get lost on woods, especially when trying to complete missions. I use this mod to shoot up into the sky and look down on my position to figure out where I am.

    This mod was also a great help with figuring shoreline out

    I try my very best not to cheat with it :D

  • This is useful

    You can also use it for LARPing, just take thermals, turn them on before flying high up and you basically have a UAV view ayaya

    SUGGESTION: Camera remembers where you left it, so going back to freecam, it snaps the camera back to where it was left (preferably configurable on/off)