Ref - SPT Friendly Quests 1.1.0

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Converted all the Arena specific quests for Ref into SPT quests. Rewards the same things as Live, with an added Lega Medal to each quest. Includes the sword unlock and secure container.


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  • error-WhKxqvd

    I get this error message when trying to unpack an unlocked weapon case (rare).

    i tried installing BARF as well, thinking maybe it was a fix, of sorts. did not fix. I have all dependencies needed, what should i do differently to be able to open REF/Arena stuff?

    Thanks in adv!

    • This mod does not change or do anything with the Arena crates.

      3.9.1 includes fixes for some of them, but 3.9.2 will include others.

    • This is actually an issue with the mod "Gambler trader", I'll have to investigate it


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    Plz only use 7zip. Good chance It will not load correctly and leads to difficult troubleshooting.

    Amazing mod and keep up the great work!!! animeproudclap animedance aquadance

  • Is Ref unlocked through Quests?

    • i was just thinking the same thing.

    • Unlocked per the normal tarkov requirements. This mod does not change that.

      Unlock Ref by doing Skier's quest Easy Money - Part 1

  • Thanks for creating this!

    I’ve noticed that the quest success messages are showing the raw identifier vs. fetching a localized message. All other messaging appears to be referencing correctly.

  • Can you tell what exacly changed?

    • I think he is changing the tasks that require playing in the arena to something else as described

    • i know he is, just wanted to know what tasks he came up with.

    • Considering the Arena Quests are purely PVP. The replacement quests are also purely PVP.

      The except is the quests that are not Arena, but are blocked in SPT because you can't do the pre-requisites. (Against the Conscience - Part 1 is a good example of a non-PVP quest)

      Expect to kill a lot of PMCs. Considering the new secure container is the reward, I figured it's fair - plus you'll just do them as you play the game anyway.

    • are you open to suggestions ? i have looked in your locales and pretty much have idea what u did there :)

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    • I copied the locales from Live. I would change them, but it was easier to get this out as is since I'm also trying to get out another mod to assist with Lega Medals before I sleep.