Realistic PMC Weapons 2.0.0

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Gives the PMCs weapons they would actually use.

Realistic PMC Weapons

Equips the PMCs with weapons they would actually use.

USEC Weapons:

- M4A1

- HK-416

- Scar-L

- MCX .300

- MCX Spear

- M3 Shotgun

- MP7A2/MP7A1


- SR-25

- TX-15

Bear Weapons:

- AK-103

- SV-98


- AK-74M

- AK-12

- AS-Val



  • Version 2.0.0

    Version 2.0.0

    Added Weapons to USEC:

    - Scar-H

    - MP5

    - MP9

    - MP9-N

    - AUG A1/A3

    - MDR .556

    - G36

    - SA-58

    - M700

    - G28

    - M1A

    - MK-18

    - RSASS

    - M3 Super 90

    - M590A1

    - M870

    - P90

    - Vector .45

    - Vector 9x19

    - UMP .45

    - MK47

    - RFB

    Added Weapons to BEAR:

    - VSS

    - PKM

    - PKP

    - KS23M

    - Saiga-12

    - SVDS

    - T-5000

    - DVL-10

    - RD-704

    - ASH-12

    - AK-104

    - AK-105

    - VSK

    - 9A91

  • Version 1.2.0


    - Pistols/Sidearms to both USEC and BEAR

    - Configuration file to add new weapons

    - Added SMGs to BEAR

    - PP-19 "Kedr"

    - SR-2M

  • Version 1.1.0

    Fixed the issue with USECs spawning with MP7A1 stocks


    • USECs can spawn with SR-25
    • USECs can spawn with TX-15
  • Version 1.0.0

  • Hello,

    Sorry if question was already asked, but will this mod work with Realism ?

    • Don't think so, sorry

  • What does the number after the gun serial signify in the config?
    E.g. "5447a9cd4bdc2dbd208b4567": 6,

  • Any way to add new weapons from mods to the PMC's on our end? Just curious

    • Yep, in the config.json

    • What does it mean if it says missing pistol grip , failed to load correctly, falling back to preset?

    • which weapon is that?

    • I've got 4 custom weapons from the wtt mods on this website, hk417, svd, cz75, wilson combat pistol. I've been trying for hours to include them in your config, but I keep getting errors in the server. I've tried adding id's, tpl's etc. I'm at a total loss.

    • can you show me what you did?

  • Take Me I'm Yours

  • Hey Tomanw, I have a quick question for you: Do weapons and ammo get assigned randomly, or do you do anything fancy, like assign weapons and ammo based on the player's level?

    • Randomly but each weapon has their own weighting

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  • Can i use with andern mod ?

    • Unfortunately no, this mod overwrites the possible weapons that the PMCs will use and so does Andern.

  • Thank you for this! Now PMCs are actually rewarding to kill

  • Missing SCAR-H, MP5, MP9 both variants, Both AUG A1 and A3, DT MDR 556 and 308, G36, SA58, M700, G28, M1A, and MK18 and RSASS and M32GL for USEC side. plus M3 Super 90 and M590A1 and M870. P90 as well. Vector 45 and 9mm and UMP45. MK47 too. RFB as well.

    Missing for BEAR: VSS, PKM/PKP, KS23M, MP series Shotguns, Saiga12, SVDS, T-5000, DVL-10, RD 704, ASH 12, AK 100 series, 104, 105 etc, VSK and 9A91.

    adding these weapons to their respective factions would make this mod an instant download. and it'd be similar to Realism's load-outs or Valen's but more vanilla and not as hardbaked.

  • I've been waiting for a mod like this for a very long time, thank you.

    I disliked the idea of BEARS using US/NATO weapons and USECS using Russian-type weapons, I don't think it suits the world of Tarkov for both factions to use their enemies firearms. I'd like to imagine both factions enter Tarkov with their own kits and supplied weapons for their side, but then eventually coming across other types of weapons on their patrols and searching across the land.

    • idk what you mean, usecs use nato weapons and bears use russian weapons

    • Read my comment again bud. I said "I disliked the idea of BEARS using US/NATO weapons and USECS using Russian-type weapons, I don't think it suits the world of Tarkov for both factions to use their enemies firearms"... this is me saying that I don't like the idea of BEARS using NATO weapons and vice versa.

    • Apologies, I have a hard time understanding sentences due to an intellectual disability. I understnad now.

    • No apology warranted my friend, it happens to us all. It happens to me most days when reading stuff but I find slowly reading over things a couple times helps it to sink in to my noodle.

    • Thats fine to dislike it but plenty of special force military units and real world PMCS prefer some Russian weapons over Nato and vice versa so there is real world merit to bears using nato and usec using russian weapons - especially in a situation like Tarkov where resources are more limited and russian ammunition would be more readily available.

  • I'd consider adding the SCAR-H as that was used by NATO forces in Iraq/Afghanistan and PMCs in lore come from NATO aligned countries, ostensibly.

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    • Added that along with numerous others in V2.0.0 :)

  • Would be super good if this mod would allow bots to equip ANY weapon from the mod that has a working preset :)

  • Wow, update is too too too fast, LOL.

    • Haha, I was just adding peoples suggestions and fixing an issue or two

    • I just start to use, I'll comment if any problem.

  • Is there a way to set weapons to be modded certain ways? I'd like pmcs to have meta attachments always to make it realistic.

    • Yes it is possible, it'd be a bit time-consuming though

  • Does this possibly conflict with the AlgorithmicLevelProgression mod?

    • Most likely yes, because ALP changes the weapons of PMCs

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  • Didnt know I wanted this mod until I saw it. Would it be too much to ask for various SMGs to be added so I'd still be able to find 9x19 or 45.acp on PMCs? Most of the ammo I use, I take from others.

    • I can do that, will work on it within the next hour :)

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    • That's great, thank you!

    • Added SMGs, on USECs you can find both MP7's, I will add the MP5/MP5k in the next update

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    • Also you can find SR-2M and PP-19 "Kedr" on BEARs

  • rawr! seems good,can i add new weapons to pmc with your mod? u add pistols there also?

    • i didn't add pistols no but you can add more weapons if you'd like! i may end up adding a config for it soon :)

    • I added pistols for both sides and a config so you can add your own.

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    • NYAN NYAN NYAN! bugcatfat bugcatdrunk bugcatrainbow

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  • PMCs Is the type of bullet use random?

    • Yep, it should be the same as in vanilla

  • are the weapons liked fully built ? silencers , foregrips ect ?

    • Yep, the mods they can use are the default one, it only changes the base weapons, so they can still have mods :)

    • I asked this question before reading this. Nice that the weapons can be fully built and not basic. Going to give this a try. Nice work!