Le Kaiju / Orbitas - AmmoPouch 1.0.2

Adds a new item to the game for storing loose ammunition. Can be put into your secure container. May have traces of blood on it but still works!


Should work with any AKI version that supports mod loading/current item layout.

Check the ReadMe for more info.

  • Cool item

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  • Works fine on 1.6.0 thank you.

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  • Whenever I download this mod and load up the server it pops up an error without even touching the config or anything, this has happened before with the medical sicc case mod too

    • Do you have Kaiju-api installed?

    • Did you even bother to read the ReadMe or the instructions tab on the mod page itself?

    • Yes I have the api installed and read the instructions

    • Well what's the error.

    • I think it's an error with the java script files in the src folders, I'm not sure what it is but it happens with every mod that adds or changes something to do with containers

  • Can this work with 1.5?

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  • Never Leave A Raid Without It!

    I was using this on 1.4.3-1.5.1 I believe and it worked all through those updates, even now it STILL works on 2.0.0 (for me at least)! I always felt like the game not offering something like this was kinda absurd seeing as every soldier you see these days is usually outfitted with god knows how many pouches/straps for holding things, a tiny bag for ammo makes an INSANE world of difference without feeling too out of balance feeling. Having an off day aiming? No biggie, you have extra ammo. Want to full auto every scav in Factory on Horde mode? No biggie, you have extra ammo. This little bag has made raids INSANELY different with the added dynamic of being able to safely carry a huge surplus of ammo!

  • hoard ALL THE GODDAMN 5.45 PS

    this item feels like something that the game should have, a small pouch for loose ammo (or just small loose items in general)