KMC Gear 1.1.2

Download any EFT version outside of its official way can get you banned.
If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game and keep it installed on your computer to play AKI.
Backup Escape From Tarkov
2.0.* mods aren't working on 2.1.0.

Adds some cool stuff that you can wear :)


Check the ReadMe for more info.

  • Version 1.1.2

    AKI 2.1.X Compat

    Some Stat/Locale/Price and Loyalty changes

    Black AF Glass now has "correct" transparent visor

    SPH Variants Protect top and nape

    Jammerpack size and slots updated to better fit LL1 Bag

    Defender 2 Assault Min/Max Durability Fixed

    Tig7 Thermal Palette Corrected (Was Fusion, Now BlackHot)

  • Version 1.1.1

    The (Head, Ears) Hotfix

    Various fixes for things like
    APH variants protecting ears
    SPH Variants not protecting nape
    Black AFGlass being Opaque
    FIle Download Limit Exceeded

    As always, have fun and don't be afraid to report issues!

  • Version 1.1.0

    Oh y'all wanted gear?

    We've got:
    4 New Rigs

    2 New Belts
    (Preview Icons are borked currently)


    2 New Bags and fixed slots for the Stealth Angel

    2 New Body Armors

    New stuff to put on your head like:

    Exotic variants of existing helmets
    Brand new helmets not in the game


    Cant forget the accessories!

    Clothing too
    (Mostly Tops)!!

    Dress up has never been more fun.

    Special thanks to:
    ATLAS for letting us use the Black RAC and AFGlass
    JustNU for some of these phat clothes
    Twisted for reworking the majority of our textures and preview icons. (SOTR finally has a preview icon!)

  • Version 1.0.7


    New Camo!
    Swedish M90

    -2 Rigs
    -2 Bottoms


    -1 Helmet

    And an additional bag because we felt like it!

    As always, feel free to come to us with any comments, questions, concerns and suggestions!


  • Version 1.0.6

    Change log 1.0.5 --> 1.0.6

    [Added] Three new tops

    [Changed] Adjusted textures of flektarn set and black tactical pants
    [Changed] Balance, stat and loyalty level pass

    [Fixed] Backgrounds of items are now consistent with BSGs colour scheme

    Please update KMC-Core to 1.0.2 if you haven't already

    -Le Kaiju

  • Version 1.0.5

    Accidentally included some dev stuff in the previous 1.0.4 version which borked some stuff. This version fixes it and removes the unfinished dev stuff.

  • Version 1.0.4

    [FIXED] - PMG is now the only mask that blocks earpiece.

    [FIXED] - SPH4 variants and CVC now block earpiece as well, ANR is still useable.

  • Version 1.0.3

    [FIXED] - Helmcover is now in correct position on FAST variants

    [FIXED] - Helmcover now correctly only fits on FAST variants

    [FIXED] - ANR Locale corrected

    [FIXED] - ANR Now correctly fits on the same helmets as FAST RAC in addition to DH-132 AND SPH-4 Variants.

    [FIXED] - Virago bundle replaced, now correctly shows mods like NVG and mandible.

    [CHANGED] - Deathstroke Mask Price Raised

    [CHANGED] - ANR Price Lowered

  • Version 1.0.2

    Fixed Belts for real this time

  • Version 1.0.1

    Change Log: 1.0.0 --> 1.0.1

    [Fixed] Black/Tan FastMT mandible had duplicate CAB-IDs, this is now fixed

  • when is this mod getting updated to 2.1.1? asking respectfully.

    • it works on 2.1.1

    • when i try to load it. it loads forever

    • it takes time to load our custom bundles, unfortunately not really much we can do about that

      Thanks 1
    • }

      [ERROR] Trace:

      TypeError: Cannot read property 'Foldable' of undefined

      at Function.getSizeByInventoryItemHash (D:\eft SPT tarky\obj\bundle.js:25213:43)

      at Function.getContainerMap (D:\eft SPT tarky\obj\bundle.js:25082:39)

      at Function.getStashSlotMap (D:\eft SPT tarky\obj\bundle.js:21248:28)

      at Function.addItem (D:\eft SPT tarky\obj\bundle.js:19942:39)

      at Function.buyItem (D:\eft SPT tarky\obj\bundle.js:23284:32)

      at Function.confirmTrading (D:\eft SPT tarky\obj\bundle.js:23330:30)

      at Function.confirmRagfairTrading (D:\eft SPT tarky\obj\bundle.js:23364:32)

      at Object.processRagfairTrade [as aki] (D:\eft SPT tarky\obj\bundle.js:16763:28)

      at Function.handleEvents (D:\eft SPT tarky\obj\bundle.js:26333:66)

      at Object.handleEvents [as aki] (D:\eft SPT tarky\obj\bundle.js:16247:49)

      not sure if a mod that i have is conflicting with the gear and weapons mod because when i try to buy anything from the mods it just causes a backend error with this showing in the server.

    • correction after installing the mods i cant buy anything from base game and the mod

  • i have this mod and core mod and soon as i load the game up and go on the trader it crashes my game.

    • Seems like multiple people are having this problem. I haven't been able to recreate it yet so I don't really know what's the reason for this :/

    • no problem dude

  • may i ask when the 2.1.1 version will come out bc ive been experiencing issues with 2.1.0 version a lot lately

    • what issues?

    • lag and sometimes infinite loading screen but i think its from another mod bc when i removed yours it still had the same issues so there is np

    • loading times are a bit longer on 2.1.1, I don't know why. We know that the loading time gets a bit longer with our mod but that can't really be helped since the game is trying to load our additional assets, however it shouldn't be breaking the game.

    • sorry for the comment i tought at first that it was your mod but the reason was that when i added the mod questmaniac it broke my game and when i added new mod files i also needed to reset my character then remove questmaniac for any new mod to work

    • no worries

  • Yes!!
    Just waiting for this update\\
    Thank you so much for the update!!! :aquacries:

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  • Hey, I tried downloading the latest version but Google drive says it doesn't exist

    • hello, sorry. We were updating the mod and accidentally nuked the link for the older version. The 2.1.0 version should be on soon

    • you know if you or anybody got another zip of it somewhere? got enough mods that i wanna wait till more update and i can tell its gonna be a minute

    • From what I've seen, the 2.1.0 version of our mod is compatible with AKI 2.0.1, so you can still use it.

  • Are the TIG thermals bugged? I can't see past 5m with them.

    • it shouldn't be? It has less range than the T-7 with the tradeoff being better visibility and what not.

    • Link is screenshots of what I'm seeing (or rather, not seeing):

      Now that I think on it, it's supposed to be greyscale too, so def seems something isn't working right. All other goggles are normal, I have not downloaded any mods which change them.

    • yeah something's definitely bugged with your tig, hmmm what are your mod?

    • Oh, just a few mods here and there....





      Clodans ragfair chance





      KMC-Core, Gear, Weapons

      Mira-M16A4, SVD, UMP Barrel tweak

      Revingly-BiggerKeytool, NeverLoseEquipments

      SamSWAT-BetterOKP7, C79A2, CoDMW_CTSFO, JWGROM, Pararescue, EotechVuduOverhal, FAMAS, L85A2, M1014, PKAS, SCARH, SUSAT




      Fin-AI Tweaks


      ....yeah, just a few mods

    • hm, I don't know what the heck would cause the problem

  • I get an error when starting a raid sometimes and it get stuck in a loading screen. Tried taking out the gear mod and it still happened, it only stopped once I removed the core mod also.

    • it's a problem with the core mod that we're trying to fix

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  • Hey,
    I am getting this error when I am starting a raid. After this error apears it stucks in a infinite loading screen.
    I would appreciate any help.

    The game works perfect without this mod.


    [SUCCESS] A total of 290 containers generated

    [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: Cannot read property '_props' of undefined

    at Function.generateDynamicLoot (C:\GameEFT\SPT-AKI-2.0.1\obj\bundle.js:55784:83)

    at Function.generate (C:\GameEFT\SPT-AKI-2.0.1\obj\bundle.js:51738:40)

    at Function.get (C:\GameEFT\SPT-AKI-2.0.1\obj\bundle.js:51764:31)

    at Object.getLocation [as aki-loot] (C:\GameEFT\SPT-AKI-2.0.1\obj\bundle.js:47350:52)

    at Function.getResponse (C:\GameEFT\SPT-AKI-2.0.1\obj\bundle.js:56235:62)

    at Function.sendResponse (C:\GameEFT\SPT-AKI-2.0.1\obj\bundle.js:56463:29)

    at Inflate.cb (C:\GameEFT\SPT-AKI-2.0.1\obj\bundle.js:56498:22)

    at Inflate.zlibBufferOnEnd (zlib.js:153:10)

    at Inflate.emit (events.js:315:20)

    at endReadableNT (internal/streams/readable.js:1327:12)

    • I've been getting the same error message. Bumping to see fix

  • It's a pity that you removed the equipment that was in previous versions, and if it's not a secret, then you can find out if you completely removed them or are they being recycled?

    • which gear are you referring to? The scifi stuff has been removed and will be uploaded into an upcoming mod known as KMC-Scifi.

      Other than that I'm unsure what else we removed?

    • There were items like the Pilot's Helmet from Titanfall 2 and the Master Chief's helmet from Halo

    • which is the scifi stuff that has been removed and will be reuploaded in the future in it's own separate mod

  • There seems to be pricing issues for some of the new belts. VTAC battle belt costs 65 Euro but sells for about 400 so you can technically get infinite Euros from your trader. I would assume the price of the belt is missing a 0?

  • And why haven't you updated your mod for version 2.0.0?

    • Site issues. Does it matter lol

    • What else does it matter, and besides, I'm tired of playing with ordinary armor

    • So needy.

    • Didn't know the mod authors catered to your boredom.

  • Why do the belts sit below the belt line?

    • some of em do cuz I set the position wrong but they'll be fixed in the future and/or replaced with better belts

  • When? When? When? When? When? When? When?

  • Добрый день я не могу установить ваш мод ошибка


    │ SPT-AKI 2.0.1 │

    │ │

    │ Эта работа бесплатна │

    │ Коммерческое использование запрещено │


    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Импорт базы данных ...

    ModLoader: загрузка модов ...

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: basuro-zerotimes

    [INFO] Загрузка: BetterLightsLasers

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: Clodans Ragfair Chance


    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: AkiConfigurator: 1.4.2

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: FershteBalancePatch

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: плавник - снова сложить все

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: jbs4bmx-MedicalAttention

    Загрузка: jbs4bmx-SuperAFAK

    [INFO] Загрузка: Kiki-ContainerTweaks

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: Kiki-DegredationRemover

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: KMC-Core

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: Nootropix-BigBackpacks

    [INFO] Загрузка: Nootropix-BigCases

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: Nootropix-BigSecureCases

    [INFO] Загрузка: Nootropix-BigStacks

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: Nootropix-SpeedLoader

    orbitas-MarkItemsFIR: загружено

    [INFO] Загрузка: predator_vision

    [INFO] Загрузка: Revingly-BiggerKeytool

    [INFO] Загрузка: NoFallDamage

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: ResponsiveFence

    [INFO] Загрузка: PenaltyRemover

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Загрузка: PocketsTHICCerthanNikitas

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Clodans Ragfair Chance: Завершен

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Балансировка: оптика

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Балансировка: пистолетные рукоятки

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Балансировка: Мебель

    [INFO] Балансировка: акции

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Балансировка: передние ручки

    [INFO] Балансировка: дульные устройства

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Последние настройки ~

    [ИНФОРМАЦИЯ] Модуль "Медицинское внимание": успешно сохранено в кеше

    Мод Super AFAK: успешно сохранено в кеше

    [Kiki-ContainerTweaks]: шанс появления контейнеров равен 100.

    [Kiki-DegredationRemover]: качество ремонта всех торговцев было умножено на 0.

    [ERROR] Трассировка:

    TypeError: невозможно установить для свойства DOC_TRADER значение undefined.

    в KMCcore.Start (C: \ t \ EscapeFromTarkov \ user \ mods \ KMC-Core \ src \ script.js: 73: 48)

    в Function.executeMods (C: \ t \ EscapeFromTarkov \ obj \ bundle.js: 56092: 28)

    в Function.load (C: \ t \ EscapeFromTarkov \ obj \ bundle.js: 56040: 15)

    в Object.load [как аки-моды] (C: \ t \ EscapeFromTarkov \ obj \ bundle.js: 47451: 15)

    в Function.load (C: \ t \ EscapeFromTarkov \ obj \ bundle.js: 57170: 27)

    в Function.main (C: \ t \ EscapeFromTarkov \ obj \ bundle.js: 46148: 9)

    в Object.177 ../ Lib.js (C: \ t \ EscapeFromTarkov \ obj \ bundle.js: 46153: 9)

    в o (C: \ t \ EscapeFromTarkov \ obj \ bundle.js: 1: 265)

    в C: \ t \ EscapeFromTarkov \ obj \ bundle.js: 1: 316

    в Object.261 ... / Program.js (C: \ t \ EscapeFromTarkov \ obj \ bundle.js: 55981: 1)

    [УСПЕХ] Веб-сервер запущен по адресу

    [УСПЕХ] Веб-сокет запущен по адресу wss: // 443

    • I do not know russian

    • ┌─────────────────────────────────────┐

      │ SPT-AKI 2.0.1 │

      │ │

      │ This work is free of charge │

      │ Commercial use is prohibited │


      [INFO] Importing database...

      ModLoader: loading mods...

      [INFO] Loading: basuro-zerotimes

      [INFO] Loading: BetterLightsLasers

      [INFO] Loading: Clodans Ragfair Chance

      [INFO] Loading: CWX-WEATHERPATCHER : 1.1.0

      [INFO] Loading: AkiConfigurator : 1.4.2

      [INFO] Loading: FershteBalancePatch

      [INFO] Loading: Fin - Fold Everything Again

      [INFO] Loading: jbs4bmx-MedicalAttention

      Loading: jbs4bmx-SuperAFAK

      [INFO] Loading: Kiki-ContainerTweaks

      [INFO] Loading: Kiki-DegredationRemover

      [INFO] Loading: KMC-Core

      [INFO] Loading: Nootropix-BigBackpacks

      [INFO] Loading: Nootropix-BigCases

      [INFO] Loading: Nootropix-BigSecureCases

      [INFO] Loading: Nootropix-BigStacks

      [INFO] Loading: Nootropix-SpeedLoader

      orbitas-MarkItemsFIR: loaded

      [INFO] Loading: predator_vision

      [INFO] Loading: Revingly-BiggerKeytool

      [INFO] Loading: NoFallDamage

      [INFO] Loading: ResponsiveFence

      [INFO] Loading: PenaltyRemover

      [INFO] Loading: PocketsTHICCerthanNikitas

      [INFO] Clodans Ragfair Chance: Finished

      [INFO] Balancing: Optics

      [INFO] Balancing: Pistol Grips

      [INFO] Balancing: Furniture

      [INFO] Balancing: Stocks

      [INFO] Balancing: Foregrips

      [INFO] Balancing: Muzzle Devices

      [INFO] Making some final tweaks~

      [INFO] Medical Attention Mod: Cached Successfully

      Super AFAK Mod: Cached Successfully

      [Kiki-ContainerTweaks] : Containers loot spawn chance set to 100

      [Kiki-DegredationRemover] : All trader repair quality have been multiplied by 0

      [ERROR] Trace:

      TypeError: Cannot set property 'DOC_TRADER' of undefined

      at KMCcore.Start (C:\t\EscapeFromTarkov\user\mods\KMC-Core\src\script.js:73:48)

      at Function.executeMods (C:\t\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:56092:28)

      at Function.load (C:\t\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:56040:15)

      at Object.load [as aki-mods] (C:\t\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:47451:15)

      at Function.load (C:\t\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:57170:27)

      at Function.main (C:\t\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:46148:9)

      at Object.177../Lib.js (C:\t\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:46153:9)

      at o (C:\t\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:1:265)

      at C:\t\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:1:316

      at Object.261.../Program.js (C:\t\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:55981:1)

      [SUCCESS] Started webserver at

      [SUCCESS] Started websocket at wss://

    • А зачем ты пытаешься установить этот мод на новую версию SPT если он не обновлён?

    • Code
      oh really sorry ...
    • does the game still work even with that error? or does it completely break the game?

  • Work with AKI 2.0 ?

    • I haven't had any problems, but I could have been lucky. I just had to delete an AKI server copy because I had a bug that was persistent AFTER deleting the profile save. I don't think it was because of this mod, but I had a bunch of mods so who knows if it wasn't a combination of things.

      I DO know that I had a bug with KMC-Weapons when it was still for 1.5.1, which is why I say wait a bit for an update.

      Also, KMC-Core/Gear was just who knows how it will work now.

      I say wait a bit, as the other KMC mods have been updated to 2.0.X. Also because there might be some new stuff, like with the other mods.

      Thanks 1
  • Hello, how do I mount the TIG-7 thermal?

    • Right click and required search will tell you what you need

    • For some reason its blank for me.

    • if it's blank then the item you need may be out of stock

    • Sounds good, guess I gotta restart to get it. Appreciate the help dude.

    • no problem

  • Hello I'm want to know any chance to add the swedish m90 upper? or biritsh army mk7 helmet XD

    • Both are in a stage of development. They'll be released when they're ready

    • OMG can't wait to get full set Thank you!

    • no problem

  • Can you add some VOIN with different patterns, or maybe just Crye-Precision with Kryptek camo (I love that camo T-T)?

    Love your mod collection. Is on my indispensable list.

  • So something I noticed is that there is a lot of level 5 vests. Any plans to maybe instead make a couple of them level 4 or level 6? Or beyond that, any plans to add in some heavy armor like the Zabralo armor, maybe to go with those Juggernaut Pants you added? Because sure, Zabralo is nice and all, but it's bright green and doesn't match anything unlike the other gear you added in.

    • Oh, and additionally, it seems that the UC Tac Rig is free to repair, and I can't figure out why. I don't know if this is the case for anything else, but that one for sure is.

    • The repair stuff will be fixed in an upcoming update. As for the armor, we plan to add more level 6 and under, however this will not be implemented for the upcoming update. That being said, rest assured that the juggernaut pants will have it's own unique set of gear that will follow it :) I cannot give a date when this gear will be introduced, however it is planned and in the works.

    • Glad to hear it! Keep up the amazing work!

    • thank you

  • I am having an issue where the file is 7Z and I cannot open it or extract it. even with 7 Zip. It shows not as a file or compressed file but a 7z file that i cannot access.

    • This and the Core file.

    • You need 7-zip to open the files. We decided to zip it up as a 7z as it has a better compression rate

  • I seem to be having an issue item ID's hopefully someone can help me, I'll post a screenshot below. I believe and I have tested before posting this comment that this mod is the culprit, I just can't find the exact source of the issue.

    • did you install the mod correctly? I have never seen this issue before

    • By correctly, extract the file into user/mods? Yes. I don't mess with the default settings.

      It may be a conflict or an overwriting issue however I can't say for certain. I have tested multiple times loading in to game and examining items with and without KMC Gear in my mods load order, when I have this mod mixed in with the other mods I have it sends out those messages exactly like above.

    • What other mods do you have?

    • I have a lot of mods installed so I'll have to screenshot it for you -

    • Does the game still function properly after these messages?

  • This mod is pretty good, I really like the new gear that's added especially the Gentex DH-132, but I've noticed a problem with the M-003 A, they are loud compared to every other headset in the game.

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    • yup, a fix for it will be coming for it soon. The sound thing is because we accidentally made the integer a positive number when it should've been negative

  • So I have a problem when I uninstall the mod and go back into the game to check my character, it doesn't show me my character or my game stats. I'm thinking it is because I bought the black softshell top from the new trader and when the mod is no longer in the folder it glitches the overall menu and doesn't show me my stats. Is there any way to remove the shirt from my clothing/inventory?

    • If you remove the mod without clearing your inventory of the modded items... it's of course going to do funky stuff with the game. To fix you'll have to reinstall the version of the mod you have and remove it by deleting it in game. Otherwise you will need to wipe the profile and restart

  • I seem to be having an issue attaching the Thermal Goggles to any helmets. It doesn't allow it to attach to any of the KMC helmets.

    Other than that, I've had a lot of fun with this mod, phenomenal gunplay and amazing design with all the new items.

    • how are you attempting to attach it?

    • directly to the helmet, is there a specific item i have to attach it to beforehand?

    • yes, you need the norotos mount and one of the adaptors like the other NVGs and thermal goggles

  • When I was reading the features I noticed it said the gas masks take up the eyewear slot instead of facecover but ingame they still use the facecover slot. Is the feature section just outdated or did the mod break/did I do something wrong?

    • It appears the feature section is outdated.

  • very poggers Woowowowoww uwu uwu

    So far the mod is really nice


    Quest? les gooo

    • Katto aint the only one working on this project :P
      Quests are planned though on hold. Currently still working on fixes and small features.

      An example of a small feature I'm currently working on is weapon presets instead of just the base gun at trader.

      Hope you understand.

      -Le Kaiju

  • wow

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  • The siege-R in tan shows up as a backpack for me? Weird

    • that was an accident from me testing stuff, I'll fix asap

    • I realised you left the original in there as well, so I swapped them around and it worked, but cheers :)

    • awesome. I uploaded a new link that fixes the problem

  • I have downloaded and unpacked the KMC-Gear, KMC-Weapons, and KMC-Core_1.0.1 into the mod folder, but when I load the server I get;

    [ERROR] Missing required mod dependency: KMC-Core

    [ERROR] Trace:

    Not sure what's causing it, but I've checked everything and I'm a bit confused. I've got many other mods in the mods folder, but have no issues with them.

    • rename KMC-Core_1.0.1 to "KMC-Core"

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    • Perfect thank you much. Love the mod. Keep up the good work :D

  • 1.0.4 Just shows a doge cube for most of the items, as well as when equipped

  • Lots of variety and styles!!!

    Love this mod. Lots of stuff to use and enough variation in armor classes and whatnot to look how you wish.

    I haven't checked all of them, but at least 1 helmet (LWACH - Castle) looks to be a full face helmet, but I can add a faceshield, chops, etc. The additions clip through the helmet.

    If this was on purpose, disregard. But if not...

    Anyways. Excellent work!! Been running around with the Punisher armor and Castle vest as .... FRANK CASTLE!!!!

    Lots of fun!!

  • this shit real good

    might be some op for the higher armor classes, but personally, i find it pog af kana_oO

  • for those times you suspect Cultists are BOWs

    or for when you've been to the bunker so much you believe the outside is a nuclear wasteland

    also using the Punisher equipment to hunt bosses is peak Marvel

    9/10 would nerf Punisher to tier7 tho

  • Amazing

    OMG, this is a MUST have.. The gear is amazing and NEW NIGHT VISION in BLUE!!! Love it to death.. Keep it up! :)