TKPD 9,3x64 carbine 1.1

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TKPD from Contract Wars

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Made by Sniper Arms Dynamic, TKPD Carbine is a pmc BEAR commisioned modification of the Dragunov SVDK sniper rifle. It kills with one direct hit and it used as an accurate and powerful weapon of suppression at medium ranges.

That mod adds:

-TKPD carbine

-Long and Short barrel for TKPD

-TKPD 10-round Magazine

-TKPD Dust Cover

-Two stocks (Black and FDE)

-TKPD Gas Tube

-7N33 9,3x64 Cartridge (deals 170 DMG, 80 pen)

-LaRue Iron Sights (they are a little broken, but still usable)

-GK-00 multicaliber (not yet) heavy muzzle brake

-Small RK-1 from Contract Wars

-Kiba Arms High-Caliber Silencer

Big thanks to SamSWAT for helping me figure most things out


AbsolutSoft Hired Ops - Sound, Models, Textures and other stuff

Svinokolbas - indoor sounds

  • Version 1.1

    -probably fixed crashes on loading loot

    -probably fixed wrong aiming position

    (samswat found my mistakes and fixed them so there you have it)

    -changed commas to dots (9,3 => 9.3)

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Got it to work on 2.2.x. Time to fuck shit up :>

    • how you'd do that?

    • Copy and paste from other mods, replace the item ID's and it works

    • Can you elaborate on what ID's you replaced?

  • any plan on updating this? I really miss using this gun!

  • Oi m8, what ID of this rifle? Kinda need blacklist it through "justnu pmc loadouts" cuz i don't wanna getting shoot by this monster (anymore).

  • This mod works for me on 2.0.0 AKI! pog

    Where do I buy the long barrel and the silencer though?

    • on the flea market, i guess

    • Well, I'm able to buy the gun from the mechanic but not the long barrel or silencer and I don't think A.I spawn with the TKPD so I don't know how to buy those attachments no one is selling them on the flea market is there another way to get them?

    • that shit happened to me all the time, server just doesn't want to sell it to you :nikitathinking:

  • Waiting patiently for 2.0

    Like 1
  • Worked fine for me the first day, but now I'm having the same problem with my raids crashing during "loading loot." It was fun while it lasted tho. Great gun to slap a thermal on for Shoreline and Woods when you just don't want to deal with the hiding AI lol. Hope you manage to get it working

  • [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'Durability' in undefined

    at Function.addMissingCondition (C:\Games\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:52645:40)

    at Function.getItemCondition (C:\Games\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:52622:30)

    at Function.createOffer (C:\Games\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:52507:27)

    at Function.generateTraderOffers (C:\Games\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:52471:21)

    at Function.update (C:\Games\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:52427:23)

    at Function.load (C:\Games\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:52374:19)

    at Object.load [as aki-ragfair] (C:\Games\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:43855:19)

    at Function.load (C:\Games\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:52921:27)

    at Function.main (C:\Games\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:42371:9)

    at Object.161../Lib.js (C:\Games\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:42376:9)

    Happens whenever I launch the server with this mod loaded

  • also crashes my game nearly every time ;c gun so cool

  • awesome my guy.

    do you have a rough idea on how you want to improve this, or other weapons you want to port? cheers

  • Where is the folder “DB”?I really want to change “,”

  • I suggest the stock part should separate into :

    buffer tube adaptor,

    buffer tube,

    butt stock

    or just vanilla SVD-S stock instead

    and yea, AR style flip-up sights


  • 2.0?_=preview

  • interesting

  • Extremely cool.

    There are a few oddities, like being able to install a dovetail mounted and picatinny mounted optic at the same time, so they overlap one another, but this is a great mod. -It might be a nice to push the RK-1 CW onto other items that can take a grip, though.

    Edit: I can't be certain it's this mod's doing, but after installing it about 3/4 of my raids began to hang and eventually crash while generating loot (At 6%, every time it hung). It seemed to go away after I removed the mod, but it's possible that was all coincidence, since other things were also being tested at the time.

    • Oh, i thought it's just my shitty computer.
      No idea how to fix it, but i'll try.

  • please comment or sth i need feedback

    • Everything is pretty solid, only one complaint. A tiny OCD driven one at that. The ammunition reads as "9,3 x 64" the comma is supposed to be a period. Sorry for the nit picking. ty for your work my man, great mod. o7

    • Quote

      Balus An hour ago

      Everything is pretty solid, only one complaint. A tiny OCD driven one at that. The ammunition reads as "9,3 x 64" the comma is supposed to be a period. Sorry for the nit picking. ty for your work my man, great mod. o7

      sorry for that, i'm just accustomed to those commas in ammo, i'll rename it

  • Awesome models :) (Works on 2.0.1)

  • Want an Elephant Gun but semiauto and with AP ammo? Look no further!

    Not only is a Contract Wars weapon (thing I absolutely love) but it uses AP ammo designed around a (German-designed lul) caliber used in ELEPHANT HUNTING, as such it's the best way to stop Tagilla rushing at you (because the guy is a goddamn rhino lmao)

    Also it's the best approximation to the SVDK so far

    P.S: Works perfectly on 2.0.1