Lirikana's Carriers and Plates 1.0.0

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Have you wondered why you can't replace some plates in tarkov? Now you can, with the "new" plate carrier system.

Reviving one of my most popular mods from A7.1, this is the new and updated version of the plate carrier mod.

Requires both my weapon and armor libraries. Works well with Fin's AI Tweaks.

This mod adds level 4-7 armor plates to peacekeeper from loyalty level 1-4 respectively.

Config option included to convert all existing armor and armored rigs into plate carriers, also include option to decrease the durability of those armor and rigs to introduce a sense of balance.

Recommended to turn off wearing armored rig and armor at the same time, if you want to kill an AI in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Hello,

    I have no experience with code or scripting whatsoever, but I would like to make a suggestion. Is it possible to remodel the "plates" to look like simple strike face insert plates? I do not know how possible or easy this is for you, so excuse my ignorance. It just feels a little odd equipping a hexgrid carrier onto everything you know?

    Thank you.

  • Is it intended that AI never spawn with plates in their vest or rigs?

  • I really like this mod but I made some changes to make it feel more balanced. For anyone else who wanted the price to change per armor class, and who felt that armor should be lower weight, now that they have less durability, for a more balanced experience here you go! This will add configurable weight reduction for armors and armored rigs separately and this will add an exponential price increase for plates based on their class. If you have added any lines to these files already the line numbers won't add up so it'll be harder to figure out where to put these codes. Lirikana, feel free to add these to the mod if you want.

    • ohhh, nice! awesome idea i like it... you might be interested in what i changed in the script for a bit more realism,

      in the original script after line 84(rigs) and 93(armors), i added

      if (items[x]._props.armorZone.includes("Stomach") == true) {



      if (items[x]._props.armorZone.includes("LeftArm" (or) "RightArm") == true) {



      instead of the (or) obviously "|"x2

      this makes it so that all armors with the Stomach zone get a slot for leg armor plates and all those that have armorzones on the arms ghet slots for arm plates

      only thing i*m still trying to figure out is how to add all the plates to the loot tables so that the npcs actually have plates in their armor slots when they spawn...i've seen npcs that had the demonstarion carrier which had a plate in it, so i know it has to work somehow^^

    • does it work for you ?
      it works for legs but i cannot add ARMS to literaly anything no matter what i try

  • hey just downloaded your mod, sounds amazing btw, something i've honestly wanted to see in game for years! installed your armour and weapon libs as well, as per dependency, but i'm getting an error in server on load, it gets through converting all the items to carriers but then this comes up, funnily enough a similar error to what i got when i tried to make a mod the other day XD any help is greatly appreciated :)

    • also there's more underneath that if necessary i can upload as well ofc just lmk if need be :)

    • also not sure how important this is, but i tried loading with just your libs and got a property undefined of 0 error

    • Just installed with weapons and armor libraries and it worked fine for me on 2.0 but the directory in your link looks like its a bleeding edge build.

    • just installed in 2.0.0 proper and it's throwing the same error, totally new install, updated files and all

    • Please start a support thread, post an image of your mods folder as well as the full crash log.