snaccPack 2.2.0

SNACC Pack™! Holds all the snaccs a scav could ever need or want!

This is a revival of a mod by DigitalBarrito, it took a damn long time to make and wouldn't have been possible without the tireless efforts of Deadly putting up with all the countless errors my spaghetti code attempt threw at him.

Made possible by him and available for you now, THE SNACC Pack™!!
Texture by iForgor animeproudclap

It is sold by Jaeger, on loyalty level one, and on the fleamarket
This is a custom-made food/drink holder, based off the S I C C Organizational Pouch. Enjoy <3
p.s......... H O N K sacrifice


  • Version 2.2.0

    Same as previous versions, now working on AKI-2.2.0. Enjoy! :)

  • Version 1.7.0

    - Added item to Jaeger (L1, 120000RUB)

    - Updated fleamarket price (this will be configurable next patch)
    - Backend optimization, you might need to re-examine the item

  • Version 1.0

  • Waiting for the pouch patch kana_o

  • I told you if I bullied you enough in VC you would make it correctly

  • It seems that i cannot put it in the secure container?Any clue?

    • I'll add an option in the next patch allowing so.

    • I looked for an option that allows it to be pout into the secure container and didn't see one.

    • hey, so is that secure container option incoming soon? ;) ne pressure, just wondering

  • Nice, but i recommend you to put everything in 1 folder. When extracting all the stuff is scattered. And the name of the folder has to be "ducc-SnaccPack"

    • if you use 7zip or another manager with similar function you should be able to right click on the file and 'unzip to "..." ' and it'll make the folder based off the zip name, got too used to it myself i guess lol, next time there's a major release i'll consider making this change however

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  • not everyone here is veteran that remmembers every mod, could you give some description what this mod actualy do please?

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    • SNACC Pack™: Holds all the snaccs a scav could ever need or want!

      its a case, for snacks.....

      food bag....

  • :kannatiredofthis: Took way too long to make

  • cant wait to put like 30 different things of milk in my secure container

    • lmao perfect!