Kiki-AllTheBoss 2.6.1

Allows you to set the spawn chance for all the bosses to spawn on every map.

This mod will give you the option of which bosses you want to spawn on each map.

Now multiple example config files are included! Just copy whichever you wish to use over the configs folder,

and overwrite the existing files to use.

If you come up with a cool config please share it in the comments, or feel free to message it to me, I may include it in future releases.

The default config will set any bosses that normally spawn on the map to 100% with no other changes (this is the same as Standard Backup)

Spicy config give a 20% chance for every boss to spawn on each map, a 20% chance to spawn both a raider and a rogue group, and spawns a boss horde of between 3 and 7 bosses.

BossesWithFriends config will set any bosses that normally spawn on the map to 100% and they will bring a friend.

Horde config will spawn some custom made hordes to ruin your day (good example on building custom hordes)

  • Version 2.6.1

    Updated for AKI 3.3.0

  • Version 2.6.0

    It's a big one!

    Added, shuffleBossOrder: Will shuffle the order of the boss array (adds less predictability with spawn order). (true / false)

    Added several example configs to try.

    Added Boss Hordes! With the following options

    hordesEnabled : if true will apply horde settings. (true / false)

    maps :

    Has a list of maps with the following options.

    enabled : if true, will apply the following settings for the map. (true / false)

    addRandomHorde : adds random hordes with the following settings

    enabled : if true, will apply the following settings for the map. (true / false)

    numberToGenerate : the number of boss hordes to generate. (number)

    minimumSupports : the minimum number of bosses to support the main boss (number)

    maximumSupports : the maximum number of bosses to support the main boss (number >= minimumSupports)

    bossList : A list of each boss, which will serve as the leader for each group, with the following options.

    amount : The amount of hordes to add. (number)

    chance : The chance for the horde to spawn. (number 0 - 100)

    escorts : Here you must put a list of the bosses you wish to spawn separated with comma's with no spaces.

    available options are Knight, Gluhar, Shturman, Sanitar, Reshala, Killa and Tagilla

    if you wanted Killa and Tagilla as escort you would put "Killa,Tagilla" for example (string)

    escortAmount : Here you must put a list of the number of each supporting boss to spawn separated with comma's with no spaces.

    following the above example, if you wanted 2 Killa and 4 Tagilla to support you would put "2,4" (string)

  • Version 2.5.1

    Tidy of code, removing all duplicate code.
    Fix for boostRaiders / Rogues not working.

  • Version 2.5.0

    Updated to .ts and AKI 3.2.4.
    Added knight.
    Let the chaos commence.

  • Version 2.4.2

    Updated to AKI 2.3.0 ++.

  • Version 2.4.1

    Fixed issues caused. I wasn't clearing the boss array each map, so they were all piling up on top of each other. Literally just missed a `thisMap = []` lol
    Thanks to Ba5tard420, SlyVindictus and Ivan_1299 for sending me error reports.
    Apologies for any inconvenience.

  • Version 2.4.0

    I have given all my mods a sizeable refactor which should make the code a fair bit easier to follow. I have also added most of my todo list (any specific changes below), and want to release everything before things get hectic in my life again ^^.

    Added ability to spawn multiple of each boss.

    added raider and rogue configs, both with the following options,

    boostRaiders / Rogues, will set the stats of raiders / rogues that are set in the map by default.

    addRaiders / rogues, add new groups to each map independently,

    Zones can be populated by other mods, as long as they run before this. example

    Note this requires more testing than I have time for, Please verify any issues with botmonitor and report them on the mods support thread (blue button on right of page)

  • Version 2.3.1

    Forgot exUSEC were a thing, they were missing from the last version, now they are not.
    #ToDo, put those buggers everywhere

  • Version 2.3.0

    Added Lighthouse.
    Of note, multiple bosses may now spawn at the same time. Stay safe.

  • Version 2.2.3

    Updated for 2.1.1, no change in method.

  • Says its been updated for 3.2.5 but can you confirm? Getting the error saying no support will be provided and not compatible with current version when I launch server. Thanks

    • Yeah it does, it was set for 3.2.4 in the package, it is just an advisory warning.

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    • Ran into 2 blabber mouths that wouldn't stfu so I got curious to scope em out. Missed my first shot and they somehow ammo dumped me while I was in a bush. MFers got aim hacks so, yea it works 🤣. Ty for the reply.

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  • sorry if I did not see but are the goons squad in this mod i probably did not see it

    • They are, it is under Knight in the config.

  • does it work for 3.2.3 ??

    • probably?

    • i will try anyway big thank for your work :)

    • No worries, I honestly couldn't say for sure as it has not been tested for that version, should though.

    • i test it already it's work thank!!!!!!!!!!!!!! work for aki 3.2.3

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  • Just wanted to show some gratitude for making/updating this mod. It's so much more fun hunting bosses in random spots rather than mundane loot runs. Great work mr Kikirio!

    Also wanted to ask. Referring to your response to ICantAim a couple comments down. Do you know why you can only spawn one boss at a time? Is it something BSG did to complicate how the mod works? Do you believe it's fixable in the future? (Feel free to get technical in your answer :) ).

    • No worries, I am glad you are enjoying it.
      As for the number off bosses per zone, I really don't know. This is something that is hard coded into the client, and happened when lighthouse was released (before this you could have multiple per zone).
      I suspect it is for streets, due to it supposedly having multiple bosses. I don't have a solution unfortunately.

    • Thanks again for the answer.

      The first time I noticed the error, but without thoroughly testing it out was on lighthouse. With Shturman and the Coons. The idea was a sniper battle between me and them, but I'm drifting off course. The Coons would not spawn in.

      Error msg:

      "bot generation failed - unable to find bot with type exUsec in cache

      unable to find bot exUsec isPmc: false in cache"

      I'll let you know if i find out anything more, but keep in mind my programming skills are nowhere near good enough for something like this.


  • what is winrar / winzip? all i was told i need was 7zip for spt?

    • Or 7zip, whatever man, it's just a rar. I will endeavor to make it a zip next time, it makes little practical difference.

  • Every time I download I only get a .RAR file, is this all I need or has something gone wrong?

    • Aye you need to extract that into user/mods using winrar / winzip etc.

  • Thanks for the mod. Is there any way to add a timer for all the regular bosses to spawn in at the start of a raid, rather than one by one/or only after killing a set of boss/bosses?

    • Unfortunately only one boss can spawn in a zone at a time.

    • No problem. Thanks for the reply.

  • Downloaded today. Opened AKI Server file and it says missing package.jsn. i click through the mod folder and i see it so i dont know what to do

    • I have to suspect that it is user error, it is only for the current version of AKI and must be extracted to \user\mods so that it is in this file structure. user\mods\Kiki-AllTheBoss\package.json.

    • i have 3.2.3. i used a different extract program. then got this message.

      Mod Kiki-alltheboss is not compatible with the current version of AKI. You may encounter issues - no support will be provided!

      So what version should i have?

    • 3.2.4. it will probably still work, but may not as its untested for that version.

  • update please <3

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  • is there any mods that are like this one? all im looking for is one that can make all bosses on reserve or customizable boss spawns.

  • Please please update it

    • yes please update

    • Cut it out, or I will be pushing to start banning the lot of you.
      I have a LOT of work to do, I do not have the time. I will have the time in a few weeks all being well. I cannot be in two places at once, and have been very upfront with this, either wait, or go away.

  • pls update to 3.0.0

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  • hello i have tried your mod and playing it for a while, but this new version i played and there are no boss spawning what seems to be a problem i can't explain why hope you will look over my config file

    • Yup upload the config here and give me a link, I will have a quick glance when I get chance (please increase timeout to at least 30 days, top left of window).
      What versions of EFT, and AKI are you running?

  • Im curious if the Bosses only Spawn in Boss Spawn Zones or if they spawn anywhere? I had Tagilla Spawn in the middle of the road on customs last night and his AI was completely Broken. Just stood there completely defenseless even as i approached him and stabbed him to death. Also seemed like my Raid was entirely empty other than Gluhar and Tagilla even though i had all the spawns set to 100%. No Scavs and no PMC Spawns.

  • so, ive noticed on lighthouse, even when you set killa and tagilla to 0 spawnrate and have it on true, it will still spawn him , atleast ive only seen killa, but i assume tagilla is roaming somewhere.

  • regarding my last comment. Ive had some time to rest, and sleep. Since then I realized, wow. Im a fucking idiot lmao. I can test this out myself. so after some crude testing I have concluded that if you use a mod that sets boss spawns to 100%, it always spawns Glukhar first then Sthurman then I think Tagilla. this happens on every map.

    • Hey sorry, just missed your comment. It would depend on load order, which is decided alphabetically based on the name of the mods folder. If it runs after mine, it will overwrite, and vice versa.
      Yes this makes sense to me, it is the order of the config. Could look at randomizing that if I find the time. "edit" added to my toDo cheers.

  • So, dumb question, do i just drop the Config into the file, i haven't seen anything on how to install

    • Install like any other mod(drag unzipped mod into user/mods), then edit config to your desired specification.

  • If I have a mod that guarantee's boss and raider spawns does it override the boss spawn rate settings in the mod?

  • Cool mod, I got die in raid more often ^^ Bosses spawn at absolutely sudden places... And they deadly accurate, so not always can kill them all.

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  • Hi, can someone help me with the config file pls?

    I've no clue what I'm doing!

    So, basically, all I want to do is increase each boss spawn rate on each map they usually spawn to 100%

    and cultists 100% at nightime, also include in the factory! Thanks!

    • For each map set the boss that normally spawns there to 100, and all others to 0, apart from cultist which you also set to 100 on maps you want.
      Set all other options to false (ie, boost raider, add rouge etc)

    • Thanks, it worked! But I've got another issue now. Why does Reshala spawn without a golden TT?

    • because it is a % chance?

    • I didn't know that, I thought it was a bug... Thanks for the reply!

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  • The mod works for the most part, but escortAmount doesn't seem to work, I set raiders to spawn in groups of 3 in Customs but I still find them in groups of 4.

    • Ahh yes, thats 3 escorts, so 4 total.

    • Oh I misunderstood then, sorry about that, my bad. :whistling:

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  • Hi, does it work with 2.3.0 or does the migration completelly break it? if so could we get an estimate? like, later on, soon or soon soon. something like that. thanks for the amazing work and good day to you and everyone reading.

  • Havent tested all bosses but I 100% cant get Shturman to spawn on woods. I could get Reshala to spawn on woods with 0% last patch you had but even then I couldn't get Shturman to spawn. I had the % at 100 but changed it to 99 in case 100 was to much for server or something. No idea what im doing, new to this.

    Tagilla worked every time. rouges were pretty cool too

    Thank You! :)

  • Would it be possible to add spawn zones for each boss? No worries if not, I know that could be a good bit of work.

    Edit: Should have mentioned, THANK YOU for all your work on all of your mods!

  • with the fallowing config im still getting all other bosses spawning "example rashala spawning in factory along with a group of raiders".

    even without any other mods installed

    great mod just dont understand why my config dont work

    Thanks in advance

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    • You have an error in your config here. It is missing a , after "enabled" : false

      "addRogues" :
            "enabled" : false
            "maps" :

  • So whenever i change the config to anything but the default one set by the mod i only get reshala on any map with the config that i use for the mod.


    The mods that i use are as follows:





    KcY-SeeItemValue 1.1.1


    idk if any of these mods conflict or cause issues but ill list them just in case

    • Thank you I have found the bug! I needed to empty the array after each map, being dumb thinking it was being recreated so was unnecessary! (literally I missed doing, thisMap = [], right at the end :kannatiredofthis: )

      So much <3 will update very soon.

  • for some reason, no matter what i do or change in the config, glukhar is spawning on interchange even when the spawn chance and amount is set to 0

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    • Could not replicate, send me your config please (in codePaste).

    • might be something on my side though, ill update if it is

    • still cant get only killa to spawn, fresh install and tweaking the configs still didnt help.

    • If you don't send me your config, then I am unable to assist. Mod list would also be useful.


      mod list:



      additionalclothing g3combatpack

      additionalclothing wianillaextended

      additional clothing western pack

      alex AIO

      andrudis quest maniac

      basuro zerotimes

      better lasers

      better lights

      carl kalash duet



      Kiki all the boss

      kiki antigravearmbands

      kiki biggerstash

      kiki camerarecoilremover

      kiki degredationremover

      kiki healmultiplier

      kiki medtweaker

      kiki zaryakiller

      kmc core

      kobra the nitro express/.700 nitro express

      meanW - bigbackpacks

      meanW - change exp


      revingly neverloseequipments

      samSWAT codmw ctfo1

      samSWAT dolgexos2

      samSWAT m1014




      Z additionalGear black, tan, and untar

      ZEreshkigal - all in one mod (boss spawn chance option turned off)

      rairaitheraichu - ammostats

      zthatguyxic random loot gen

      ZThunderbags - bigger bang

      (sorry for the inconvience)

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  • Hey so I can't tell if this mod isn't playing nice with FAIT or I am just dumb, I have it set where all bosses will spawn 100% on factory and some bosses may spawn but it's a some or none situation.

    Out of 10 raids:

    Tagilla: 1

    Reshala: 8

    Killa: 2

    Shturman: 0 (was every damn time before FAIT)
    Glukhar: 5

    Sanitar: 1

    now I have mods that extend raid time to 4 hours, but with both fait and your mod all AI spawns at the start so Idk Tarkov modding is new and confusing, sorry in advance

  • Hey there, two quick questions:

    1.: Is the "boostRaider" option for independent raiders or for bossgroups/followers?
    So if I disable it, will bosses spawn?

    2.: Is the "time" in that option seconds or minutes?

    Cheers :)

    • It is editing those raiders that naturally spawn, will have no effect on bosses. Time is in seconds iirc.

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    • Thank your for your quick answer ;)

  • Great mod Kiki! Thank you.

    Request if I may. Is it possible to add "BossZone" as well, so we can set where we want the bosses to spawn at? As is, all bosses only spawn in locations where the current boss spawns for the corresponding map. I manually go into the location folder and add Shtruman to "BossZone": "ZonePowerStationSniper" on shoreline, because, it makes sense for him to be a sniper. Just a thought for a future update.

    • It is something I am mid experimentation of (not for the first time, I have looked into it for previous AKI releases, but things change eh.)

      If you check src/maps.json you will see the spawn zones that are being cycled through, these get applied (in random order) one by one to each boss set to spawn so as to spread them out over the map (you will see this is working fantastically on Lighthouse as there are no bossZones hardset for them)
      However I have not been able to achieve getting them to spawn outside of the original bossZones on the old maps. I will continue fiddling as this what the mod was always intended to do :)

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  • Awesome Mod - Up the challenge (and up the loot)

    I enjoy running Shoreline and like an idiot I forgot I had this mod installed. I was so surprised to be fighting Rouges at burned gas station. I thought they were a group of ordinary USEC PMC. I managed to kill 2 of them from a distance, when I got up close to do some CQB cleaning up the last one was camping a corner. He just snapped onto me and factory reset my PMC :( .
    It was only on the death screen I released I was fighting rouges 8| . I would have been far more careful if I had known.
    Great mod for spicing things up.

    Note: I've not changed any of the mod config files

  • Amazing

    It does what it claims and its amazing.

  • Getting caressed at 700+ rpm and penetrated by multiple calibres of different bullets

    except this time you get to choose who gives your their lovely hot load of brass