A simple unfucked T12W mod

a Usable T12W thermal scope

A simple unfucked T12W mod. Thanks to @SamSWAT's hard work for providing the port. Make sure you download his mod since this bundle has to override the original file. Lowered battery charge, replaced the dot, made it 95hz, removed distortion, increased pixel density, zoomed in approximately 2x, visible range is about 150m.

PK-06 Reticle

DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL samSWAT mod first Content from 12.11 patch

override file at destination.

choose between 1x zoom and 2x zoom.


  • please update ;(

  • Code
    Can you make this sight so that it stands on the 45 degree mount?
  • Please download link update

  • the download button disapeared ?

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  • I found a problem, the t12w is flipped to the wrong side when using with the backup mount. I don't know if it's on the main mod or not but just wanna let you know first.

  • What are the ways to put 1x zoom?

    • download 1x zoom file

    • aw, i have not looked at the versions of the mod...

  • Hey there.

    Just a short information , in case anybody except me has this issue:

    when I added your mod to the already installed ones abd had overwritten the original file, something strange happened on woods in the following raid. i had just arrived inside ZB-014, when I got absolutely freaked out by the sound of a bullet misssing me just a touch. In the next 2 mins it kept repeating as if I was getting shot from a bolt action. Not just that! Each "almost-hit" my screen shook a tiny little bit, but though my PMC reacted like wounded, I took no demage. It sounded almost as if the shooter was on the mountain or near dickhead rock...

    was really spooky.
    btw: when I entered the back room in ZB-014 it stopped. Listened for a minute or so - noone came XD
    Started again by leaving back room, though.

    I guess way too much detail, but now it´s almost as if you were there, too.

    I´ll give it another try in a sec, I think. but since your mod was the only new one on my system for this week, there´s no need for confirming.

    Any idea, why I run in this issue?

    Really good work anyway, dude

    ps had your optimized thermal holo on my mp-7 in this first and only raid, if it´s useful for you

    EDIT: just gave it another try. seems there IS another possibility... it could be a totally random issue, only appearing once (well...in two raids so far) and has nothing to do with your mod at all.
    I´ll see

    • Nothing to do with a mod since it only modifies textures and adds a new thermal filter in a specific object (t12w) that's it.

    • Had to be a bot simply ignoring visible mesh and shooting you through the walls, i had that happen in online game lol

    • Alright. Thanks for taking some time anyway.
      Didn´t happen again in the following two raids. So I hope that´s been a unique attempt of EFT, trying to give me the heebie-geebies. XD

  • How to you acquire this in game

    • As long as you have SamSwat's 12.11 content mod, it should be on the flea market.

      Just be aware that the "linking" for a lot of that content isn't quite right--things will mostly go together as they should, but if you do linked/required searches a lot of the new bits don't show up like they should.

    • Thank you for the info, I got Samswat's mod! Weapon presets are the only place I can find the optic, but there are no ragfair listings for the item so it's still unobtainable to me

    • I don't know what aki you have or what other mods you use that might be overriding flea market values so I cant help you there but there is one way you can add it to your inventory - get a profile editor and manually add multiple t12w items into your inventory with this item id: 609bab8b455afd752b2e6138

      if profile editor does not see it then just open your profile and add it into your profile

                              "_id": "0616af6e9047a46d520faea2",
                              "_tpl": "609bab8b455afd752b2e6138",
                              "parentId": "5fe49a0e2694b0755a504876",
                              "slotId": "hideout",
                              "location": {
                                  "x": 1,
                                  "y": 0,
                                  "r": 0
                              "upd": {
                                  "StackObjectsCount": 1,
                                  "Repairable": {
                                      "Durability": 14,
                                      "MaxDurability": 100
                                  "SpawnedInSession": true


    • just to clarify this is a bundle file it has texture and function logic info it does not modify in any way your flea market, if you having issues with flea market i suggest you go to samSWAT mod and check for updates.