zicoman's AI Configuration

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Custom AI Configurations using Fins-AI-Tweaks & Lua's CP Spawn Rework Reborn.


Purpose :
The objective for these configurations is to add a 'Near-Live' feel to the AI difficulty & spawn rate in a way that, I believe at least, would introduce casual yet also challenging gameplay without straying too far from the painful 'Tarkov' experience we all love Nikita for. :nikitathinking:

Note :

[ These configurations were created using version 1.3.0 for Lua's CPSR & version 1.19.2 for Fins-AI-Tweaks. ]

[ I recommend using Doc's Custom Spawn Points since it'll make things more interesting on the larger maps. ]

This configuration may seem difficult to some, but to me it's just right, well almost at least since I am still trying to make it near perfect in my eyes. Although I am confident in what the settings are so far, anyone that does find something truly off regarding certain settings, say the word and I'll try and modify them if I feel that I must.

Other than that good luck n' shit lmao you're gonna need it. :kekw:

Possible Plans :

Easy 'Pleb' configuration for Fins-AI??

Warning :

If anybody has any compatibility issues with the mods themselves go to the authors for any assistance, cuz they got big brains not me.

These presets shouldn't cause any errors or problems, if you are getting issues be absolutely sure its not because of these configs or due to your OTHER MODS installed that use certain features pertaining to ANYTHING that has to do with spawning or behaviours of the AI before asking me... :rolleyes:

If there are problems with it, I'll check it out.

Default configuration for Lua's CP Spawn Rework :

  • All Bosses/Cultists spawn on respective maps.
  • PMC's spawn immediately & individually at random locations.
  • PMC spawn rate mimics 'Live' on Factory. ( 5 PMC's )
  • PMC spawn rate increased to 16 on larger maps.
  • Raiders spawn on respective maps.
  • Scavs spawn on respective maps.

2x Boss Chance configuration for Lua's CP Spawn Rework :

  • All Bosses/Cultists have a 2x chance to spawn on their respective maps.
  • PMC's spawn immediately & individually at random locations.
  • PMC spawn rate mimics 'Live' on Factory. ( 5 PMC's )
  • PMC spawn rate increased to 16 on larger maps.
  • Raiders spawn on respective maps.
  • Scavs spawn on respective maps.

Bosses configuration for Lua's CP Spawn Rework :

  • All Bosses/Cultists have a 100% chance to spawn on their respective maps.
  • PMC's spawn immediately & individually at random locations.
  • PMC spawn rate mimics 'Live' on Factory. ( 5 PMC's )
  • PMC spawn rate increased to 16 on larger maps.
  • Raiders spawn on respective maps.
  • Scavs spawn on respective maps.

Boss Variety configuration for Lua's CP Spawn Rework :

  • Most Bosses have chances to spawn on most maps.
  • All maps can spawn up to 3 Bosses.
  • PMC's spawn immediately & individually at random locations.
  • PMC spawn rate mimics 'Live' on Factory. ( 5 PMC's )
  • PMC spawn rate increased to 16 on larger maps.
  • Raiders spawn on respective maps.
  • Scavs spawn on respective maps.

Raiders configuration for Lua's CP Spawn Rework :

  • All Bosses/Cultists spawn on respective maps.
  • PMC's spawn immediately & individually at random locations.
  • PMC spawn rate mimics 'Live' on Factory. ( 5 PMC's )
  • PMC spawn rate increased to 16 on larger maps.
  • Raiders spawn immediately on Factory.
  • Raiders spawn rate increased to 10 waves on all maps.
  • Scavs do not spawn on any maps.

Chaos configuration for Lua's CP Spawn Rework :

  • All Bosses/Cultists have a 100% chance to spawn on all maps.
  • All maps can spawn up to 7 Bosses.
  • PMC's spawn immediately & individually at random locations.
  • PMC spawn rate increased to 10 on Factory.
  • PMC spawn rate increased to 16 on larger maps.
  • Raiders & Scavs spawn immediately on Factory.
  • Raiders spawn on all maps.
  • Scavs spawn on respective maps.

Default Configuration for Fins-AI-Tweaks :

  • PMC's have 'Aggressive', 'Balanced' & 'Default' behaviours.
  • PMC's gear changes enabled.
  • AI react, spot & aim quickly.
  • AI can locate you at greater distances.
  • AI marksmans are more accurate & deadly.
  • Raiders & Scavs behave regularely.
  • Grenade Tracers enabled. ( Because Fin would be sad if it's disabled. )

Hardcore Configuration for Fins-AI-Tweaks :

  • PMC's have 'Aggressive', 'Balanced' & 'Default' behaviours.
  • PMC's gear changes enabled.
  • AI general difficulty increased.
  • AI react, spot & aim at greater speeds.
  • AI can locate you at even greater distances.
  • AI marksmans are even more accurate & deadlier. pepemad
  • Raiders & Scavs have 'Aggressive', 'Balanced' & 'Default' behaviours.
  • Grenade Tracers enabled. ( Because Fin would be sad if it's disabled. )

ALRIGHT so if you'd rather not try your hand at messing around with the configs and want a normal-ish Tarkov setting, this configuration is for you.

Thanks to Fin & Lua for them mods! ^^


  • zicoman's AI Configuration.gif
  • Version

    Changelog :

    • Fixed error 'Triggered Raider doesn't have pmcBot difficulty' for all configurations. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework]
  • Version

    Changelog :

    • Updated 'Default' & 'Hardcore' configurations to 1.19.2. [Fins-AI-Tweaks]
    • Increased 'Default' AI 'hearing' multiplier to '0.5'. [Fins-AI-Tweaks]
    • Increased 'Default' minimum & maximum weapon durabilities for PMC's. [Fins-AI-Tweaks]
    • Decreased 'Hardcore' AI 'hearing' multiplier to '0.7'. [Fins-AI-Tweaks]
    • Increased 'Hardcore' minimum & maximum weapon durabilities for PMC's. [Fins-AI-Tweaks]
    • Increased all PMC's spawn waves to 16 on larger maps. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework]
    • Decreased all Scav spawn waves to 4 on larger maps. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework]
    • Added 'Raiders' configuration. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework]
    • Added 'Chaos' configuration. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework]
    • Fixed 'default pattern' for 'config.json', I forgot to revert the file before uploading. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework]
  • Version

    Changelog :

    • Readjusted all configurations to follow the same base-value format I prefer. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework Reborn]
    • Removed any repeated spawns with the same Boss for all configurations. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework Reborn]
    • Added any missing Reshala Follower quantities for 'Boss Variety' configuration. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework Reborn]
    • Fixed 'Boss Variety' configuration. Readjusted 'max boss' spawns to 3 for all maps. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework Reborn]
  • Version

    Changelog :

    • Removed all previous versions that correlate with older updates of Fins-AI-Tweaks & Lua's CP Spawn Rework.
    • Updated 'Default' configuration for 1.19.1c. [Fins-AI-Tweaks]
    • Updated 'Hardcore' configuration for 1.19.1c. [Fins-AI-Tweaks]
    • Updated 'Default' configuration for 1.3.0. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework Reborn]
    • Updated '2x Boss Chance' configuration for 1.3.0. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework Reborn]
    • Updated 'Bosses' configuration for 1.3.0. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework Reborn]
    • Updated 'Boss Variety' configuration for 1.3.0. [Lua's CP Spawn Rework Reborn]
  • I'm having a problem with PMC spawns on Factory. Only 1 PMC gets spawned in the beginning of the raid and all the spawns after are only Scavs. I went into the pattern file and upped some numbers for PMC's but still only 1 PMC spawns. Does anyone have a clue what might be the problem?

    • After testing this a bit further, I found the following:

      I had set my "cursedassaultchance" to lower than the default value of 100. This affected the spawns because Finn's AI Tweaks uses "cursedassault" as the PMC class. So setting the value to 100 fixes the spawn issue.

      However, setting that value to 100, the PMC's become absolutely coked up. Which I don't mind BUT it's impossible to run factory. Here's a breakdown of 2 raids.

      Raid 1: Spawn, run to office, hear 2 English voices yelling downstairs and then hear them immediately sprinting my way. I set up around a wall and they turn into the hallway. The USEC shoots his friend in the back of the head, I kill the other. As soon as I fired a bullet I hear 4 more voices and more sprinting, I get surrounded inside the hallway and get blasted. None of the bots fought each other and all went straight for me.

      Raid 2: Spawn too far away from office, decide to run trough the tunnels. I hear sprinting from al directions, so I try to get out of the tunnels. I then hear sprinting behind me, I turn around to see 5 PMC's coming at me. I shoot and hit some bullets but I get executed real quick.

      Before I get comments that "I suck and should go play COD", I do not mind a challenge at all. But its not doable to have every PMC on your ass at all times, which is my main issue.

      TLDR; PMC Spawn issue is not an issue anymore. But PMC's don't fight each other and gang up on me (like on that one chick on the couch in that one video).

      I would like to know what to tweak to have PMC bots fight each other more or have them not rush me every time.

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    • Haha yeah I noticed this just over a week ago and set the cursed assault chance to 100 because of the spawning issue..
      They do be coked up but I am sure that is because of Fins since that mod modifies their behaviours.

      I have been tweaking the settings I configured with Fins and it has to do with behaviours, still trying to find a good balance, but PMC's do fight each other just not much. The chances are low I believe.

      But yeah cool to point that out thank you. ^^

    • Alright thanks for the clarification, I'll mess around a bit with the settings

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  • Hello Zico. I noticed in your default Lua config, under raider_waves is set to wave_total 0.

    Is this supposed to spawn raiders or not?

    Also in installation for Lua should i copy all the files into Lua's-CP folder or only the desired version? (In your config there are default, 2 x boss chance, etc patterns. Should I copy them all or only one?)

    Thanks once again for your great mod. I love your settings.

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    • 0 waves means no spawns.

      Default configurations purpose is to mimic how it might be on Live tarkov, THEREFORE all raiders/scavs/bosses etc will spawn on their respective maps. ;)

      Also this is not a mod, simply configurations using Fins and Lua's mod. ^^

      Read the installation tab for a better understanding whether or not to drag them all in, you might as well do so since you can choose which spawn pattern to load prior to starting your game. ;)

      I am glad you're enjoying the configurations though ^^

  • What Setting i need to use in the game to the mod to work??

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    • You do not modify ingame raid settings at all, it will break the mods features or bug them out as the mod authors advise.

    • So should i Keep it As Online or what ?

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    • Yes. :rolleyes:

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  • I'm using your configs as a base but also changing some to make it even more closer to "live".

    Some settings like "bosses_also_use_raiders_spawn_locations" are set to true. Do the bosses in the live version actually use the raider spawns? Also the Cultists in Customs are set to spawn in dorms but don't they spawn at the stronghold area only?

    Other than that, your config for Fin's AI is 👌 slaps harder than my mom

    Thanks 1
    • Damn ye you right about the cultists I never even looked at the spawn locations for them on customs, I'll add the scav base too then I guess.
      As for the raider spawn things Idk I never bothered modifying any of those true/false values just left those as Lua configured.

      Glad you're enjoying the fin configs haha I wish my mom could slap me just one more time... But I guess I have tarkov for that now :S

  • Will it break AI spawning, or will it spawn pmc/scav on top of each other if I add more spawn locations to the NPC list? Kinda bored of the AI spawning in the exact same locations every time I load into a map. It is fairly predictable and wanted to know if there was a list of spawn zones I could look at to add to the scav/pmc spawn waves

    • Spawn locations are always the same its just how they are 'weighted' you can choose to put more of a chance in one location but you will always know where to look regardless since this isn't live tarkov... It's SPT so it is going to be like this with however you choose to weight it. Bots do not wander and go to undpredictable locations.

  • So yea raiders is too hard lol...get tired of autoaim bots that all run to exactly where I am and of course kill me. Problem is that it's such a polarizing issue...either the game is batshit insane hard or piss ass easy with scavs that are shooting everywhere but in my direction. Wondering what "just right" would even look like in this case. If only that autoaim behavior could be toned down...it's ridiculous that you run and hide and they find you anyways lol.

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    • That 'AuToAiM' is the best I feel like I could configure it to without it actually being aimbot... There are ways to avoid their gunshots you're probably just eating them for all your meals of the day and got slow reaction times.. Also Raiders fall under the Medium AI category so the hardest AI's you will face are going to be the PMC's. ?(

      As for the 'finding you wherever you run' thing is completely out of my hands since it is a feature with Fins-AI-Tweaks' behaviour setting, Fin recommends leaving that enabled since removing that could make for dull engagements in your raids.

      You could remove the 'Aggressive' weight under the behaviours tab if things are too hard for you.

      If you feel like configuring things to better suit your preference that is not out of the question.^^

  • Hi, after some testing why USECs are always attacking i found that its something in your config because when I use default config from Lua...USECs are always friendly...

    any idea what can cause it?

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    • When it comes to the whole friendly PMC thing I cannot actually pinpoint exactly what causes that. It could be Fins AI most likely cuz of the whole behaviour thing but I still am not sure. ;(

      For me every now and then I'll have a friendly Bear but it is rare it seems. :/

    • well both times i was using FINs AI with disabled behaviours as pointed by FIN.... but with default config they wiggled and were not attacking me....but when i switch to any of your configs they shot me on sight... i tried to compare the files but didnt find anything related to it

    • Hm well I personally would like to murder all the PMC's with extreme prejudice so I normally don't really focus on trying to make them friendly... :/

      SO I can't really help with that... ;(

    • i will try to just copy some of your stuff like timers and waves to default config and see what it will do...because i have a theory...

      like when i was using default and i changed map rules to Normal and USECs were attacking but when i had it Avoid it was fine

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    • Alrighty good luck homie ^^:thumbup:

  • Hi Guys.

    I am new in Tarkov, never played the online content so I generally have no clue how hard it actually is.

    I am wondering is this mod was supposed to be this hard. I had:

    PMC pairs rushing me seconds after I walked out from spawn

    PMC spawn killed me (about 30 secs from spawn)

    PMC staring at a wall, then killed me (I thought he was a scav (scav run) and tried to wiggle him.)

    Aggressive Scav shot me at factory then proceeded to hunt me down even when I went into hiding (as PMC)

    Knifed a USEC only to have BEAR pairs rush me out of nowhere (no equipment run after losing everything)

    Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong or is this how Tarkov is meant to be played? Other than that great mod. I am pretty much want a challenging experience without being aimbotted. Vanilla bots are too easy but this mod kicks my ass.

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    • lol

    • I assume that's how it supposed to be played, huh? If that is how it is then it's me then. Thanks BTW. Great mod. Just when I got bored of the vanilla AI, this mod reeled me back in.

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    • I am on the fence about adding an easier configuration for fins, but I am not really sure if I should add it just yet cuz tarkov is meant to be excruciating. It wouldn't feel as rewarding even if SPT is entirely PVE.

      If I do not add it, you can still lower the general difficulty for yourself under the config editor for Fins-AI-Tweaks it can help if it's too painful for you to raid with the default config.

      Nonetheless I am glad you're still enjoying the configurations haha ^^

  • Hey Zico!
    Playing your preset has been great the past week or so, it has made the game significantly more enjoyable!

    I had a question regarding raider spawns on all maps. Everything was running perfectly earlier today, but I tried to edit some raider spawns (waves, how many spawn in each wave), and upon relaunching, I get this error when I am loading into the main menu:

    [ERROR] Trace:
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined at Object.generate_bot (F:\SPT AKI\user\mods\Lua-CP-SpawnReworkReborn\src\patterns\Lua-Default.js:1151:84) at SpawnRework.generate_spawns (F:\SPT AKI\user\mods\Lua-CP-SpawnReworkReborn\src\SpawnRework.js:114:81) at SpawnRework.load_config (F:\SPT AKI\user\mods\Lua-CP-SpawnReworkReborn\src\SpawnRework.js:53:14) at SpawnRework.core (F:\SPT AKI\user\mods\Lua-CP-SpawnReworkReborn\src\SpawnRework.js:40:8) at Function.getResponse (F:\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:56224:57) at Function.sendResponse (F:\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:56463:29) at Inflate.cb (F:\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:56498:22) at Inflate.zlibBufferOnEnd (zlib.js:153:10) at Inflate.emit (events.js:315:20) at endReadableNT (internal/streams/readable.js:1327:12)

    I know the error is on my end, but is there anything that obviously sticks out to you? I asked Lua about it on the discord, and he said, "Either you or Zico did something bad value for bot type or difficulty; which is it should String text but given something else like numbers."

    Maybe what he said was clear, but I just don't understand what he meant. In any case, thanks for the great preset man!

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    • if you were changing raider values make sure they all have a proper set up for all the raider lines.
      Meaning lines that look like this :





      Need to look like this :




      "raider_random_role_list":"followerBully, followerGluharAssault, followerGluharScout, followerGluharSecurity, followerGluharSnipe, followerKojaniy, followerSanitar",





      "spawn_time_delay_after_insta_wave": 90,

      "spawn_time_delay_for_each_min": 90,

      "spawn_time_delay_for_each_max": 120,

      "spawn_time_delay_accumulate_for_each_zone": false,

      "spawn_location_type": "random",














      Lines I named 'SPAWNLOCATION' need to have their respective bot zones for their map. You can just copy those lines that are ALREADY in your pattern file to the maps that dont have it, BUT only if that was the problem causing your issue cuz I cant say for sure. I've tested all the configs I set up and always created a new one based off the default preset in order to avoid mistakes, so whatever problem your getting has to be on your end, since you started getting errors after YOU modified it.

      Glad you like the configs though. ^^

  • Hey u psycho nice stuff. Im bleeding from my pooper every fight.

    1) SO i think u messed up somewhere because i got this:

    [INFO] laboratory [AvoidAllPmc] @ Generating Bots (MaxBotPerZone: 10)...

    ------------------------- PMC --------------------------

    [1] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [2] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [3] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [4] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [5] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [6] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [7] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [8] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [9] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [10] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [11] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [12] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [13] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [14] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [15] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    [16] 1 @ PMC [USEC Chance: 50]

    ------------------------ Raider ------------------------

    [17] 3-6 @ followerGluharSnipe

    [18] 3-6 @ pmcBot

    [19] 3-6 @ pmcBot

    [20] 3-6 @ pmcBot

    [21] 3-6 @ pmcBot

    [ERROR] laboratory - Triggered Raider doesn't have "pmcBot" difficulty, Skipping...

    [ERROR] laboratory - Triggered Raider doesn't have "pmcBot" difficulty, Skipping...

    [ERROR] laboratory - Triggered Raider doesn't have "pmcBot" difficulty, Skipping...

    [SUCCESS] === laboratory @ Bots Generated / Total 21 Waves ===

    I compared difficulty settings for triggered raiders and yours had difficulty":"normal, hard", instead of hard, i dont know, help)

    2) somehow after killing 2 PMCs (1 of them usec) in the results of the fight were only scavs. Also no tokens on them. what value is responsible for this.?

    Thanks 1
    • I updated the file for all configs, shouldn't get the pmc bot difficulty error, that was a mistake on my end lmao I thought it would randomize between the difficulties like on the other lines in the configurations but I guess not. Thanks for the note I probably would've left that overlooked and not corrected my mistake. :D

      Error shouldn't show anymore.

      As for the Scav or Raider issue you mentioned I do not know what you mean exactly..

    • Thank you for the respond

      1) so just for the record (cuz i moddified ur moddified files and not wanting to do this all over again xD) this is the line under the labs "triggered_raider_waves": you changed:

      "difficulty":"normal, hard", to normal for all of them and nothing else am i correct?

      *Update* nevermind compared new files and found changed things)

      2) About pmc thing , i was on reserve, got to the underground bunker where scavs and boss usually spawns.I walked along the wall when I realized that someone was sitting in close proximity to me, he sounded like a PMC bear (shouting in pmc russian), I killed him and immediately heard someone nearby shouting "contact" in english, I killed him, they both had no tokens, and they were sitting by ech other together in between the 2 trucks, I thought they were both PMCs, maybe were they raiders?

      3) I was asking Fin about the next issue, maybe you came across this issue? Does it affect anything?

      [INFO] Loading: Lua-CP-SpawnReworkReborn: 1.3.0

      [INFO] Loading: Lua-FleaMarketPriceUpdater 1.2

      [INFO] Loading: Fin-AITweaks

      [INFO] Fin's AI Tweaks: Created PMCs bot 'bear' inventory.

      [INFO] Fin's AI Tweaks: Created PMCs bot 'cursedassault' inventory.

      [INFO] Fin's AI Tweaks: Created PMCs bot 'usec' inventory.

      [ERROR] Error creating locales entry in locale items <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<this one

      [INFO] Fin's AI Tweaks: Finished

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    • AHH right by tokens you mean dogtags correct? :/

      PMC's will have dogtags and Raiders do not since they're classified as a kind of Scav.

      For the 'Default' configuration Raiders will spawn on their respective maps. ( Reserve/Laboratory )

      As for the 'Error creating locales entry in locale items' error I cannot relate. I have never received that error, therefore I cannot assist regarding that question. ;(

  • love the raider preset

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    • Ayyy glad you like it! If there's anything else you think I should change or add or something lemme know ^^

  • Downloaded the latest version of the mod and used only the zicoman-Default.json for Lua-CP
    and when spawning into a map i had this pop up,

    [ERROR] Lua-CP-SpawnReworkReborn - Spawn Pattern "zicoman-ChaosWIP" doesn't exists, Check the config file, Mod Disabled...

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    • Ah right sorry I forgot to revert the config.json file.
      I updated it, should be fixed now.

    • Thank you for the quick work, and i love the more difficult AI and PMC number's in your config,

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    • Glad you're enjoying the configs ^^

  • I am getting this erros :(

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined

    at Function.addSpawn (C:\Battlestate Games\Tarkov AKI\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:1055:54)

    at Function.changeMapSpawns (C:\Battlestate Games\Tarkov AKI\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:1172:23)

    at Function.setupBots (C:\Battlestate Games\Tarkov AKI\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:3670:14)

    at AITweaks.main (C:\Battlestate Games\Tarkov AKI\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:4599:12)

    at AITweaks.load (C:\Battlestate Games\Tarkov AKI\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:147:8)

    at Function.executeMods (C:\Battlestate Games\Tarkov AKI\obj\bundle.js:56092:28)

    at Function.load (C:\Battlestate Games\Tarkov AKI\obj\bundle.js:56040:15)

    at Object.load [as aki-mods] (C:\Battlestate Games\Tarkov AKI\obj\bundle.js:47451:15)

    at Function.load (C:\Battlestate Games\Tarkov AKI\obj\bundle.js:57170:27)

    at Function.main (C:\Battlestate Games\Tarkov AKI\obj\bundle.js:46148:9)

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    • Must be something related to the mods.

      Go to the authors mod pages and ask for support there. :nikitathinking:

  • 3 raids on custom no pmc all boots is scav

    spt aki 2.0

    Fin's AI Tweaks 1.19.1f

    Lua's CP Spawn Rework - Reborn 1.3.0

    zicoman's AI Configuration

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  • Are the PMC changes present even in boss variety config?

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    • I updated the description to give you a better understanding, sorry I probably should've elaborated. ^^

    • Thanks just 1 more question 3 bosses at a map means at same time or in waves?

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    • "All maps can spawn up to 3 Bosses."

      Meaning a maximum of 3 Bosses.

    • i get that...but im asking if they sawn at the same time...

    • all bosses each have a 30% chance to spawn with the 'Boss Variety' config.

      Up to 3 bosses can spawn. They may not always spawn with a quantity of 3. ^^

  • really enjoying the game with this config.

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    • Glad you're enjoying :)

  • how can I install mods like this ? can someone explain ?

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    • Read the installation tab in the 'Overview' tab.. :)

  • I have a small issue, I added default profile for Lua's Spawn and went through a few factory-day, but it seems I dont get any PMC spawn around... Not sure if it is something to do with config, I will try to rollback tonight and see what's the different.

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    • Yeah there must be something conflicting, the default preset for lua's is working fine for myself and a friend of mine.
      You just have to determine what it is. ^^

    • I will keep an update here if I manage to find anything useful

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    • I think i have found the issue, Fin's AI Tweak spawn feature is overriding everything, even with the config "Disabled all Spawn change" set to true.

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  • so played with your config alot. I see peps already mentioned customs. But on labs there are not spawning alot of raiders when you activate extractions. Button presses. Known issue?

    Also on woods the ai seem to only battle in the train yard, sawmill. New town in expansion. Rest of map is dead.

    Not played Lot of shoreline and reserve but will report back when the quest and playthrough takes me there ;)

    Ps messed around a bit with total raiders in config for labs seemed to help a little bit. But you know more than me

    Great config mod

    • For all the presets I left the PMC location weights as configured by Lua since he increased weights for specific locations only for the PMC's and left even weights for every other AI. Meaning that the you'll more than likely find more PMC's where you'd expect.

      If I were to evenly set up the weights for the PMC's as well as the Scavs there are more chances that you'll find boring gunfights or dead PMC's since the set quantity for the PMC's will then be scarcely spread out all over the map.

      I am sure there is a way to achieve what IMPR was saying but it could be at the cost of something else since these configurations can only work within the confines of the mods themselves, and since it is a modded Escape from Tarkov you can only do so much before something else starts to behave in away you wouldn't prefer...

      As for the Raiders I increased their minimum and maximum spawn count up a bit, so theres are chances for up to 6 but no lower than 3 spawns per wave for 5 waves throught the raids.
      The triggered raiders I left as per Lua's config. They have chances not to spawn but those chances are low.

      This is a modded tarkov so you can only do so much with it. PMC's are gonna die, there is gonna be free loot if you find their bodies. If I make the Scavs and Raiders too low a difficulty it will throw it out of balance a bit when you are fight them yourself.

      I am still fine tuning the configs to be as new balanced as possible, but by all means if things aren't to your liking nothing is stopping you from customizing things to better suit your preference. :)

      Thanks for the feedback homie

    • understood. Have a better understanding after the amazing reply. Will continue feedback. And will test around with config. Have a good one mate ;)

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    • so one more thing if i wanted more pmc so that they fight the scavs? what value do i change and where in the fia or lua config ? cause its way to few pmc spawning for quests

    • Just increase the pmc waves. I made it so they spawn individually to help prevent them from shooting each other immediately on spawn if they spawn hostile to each other.

      So all you have to do is increase the waves.

    • understood, do you have to change the value for boss chance in lua advanced spawn config where default value is -1 or do you have to increase the fin's value in ur config up from 30?

      because in my understanding the lua decides if there is gonna be a boss on map and your config in fin's decides which boss it will spawn, correct me if my hypothesis is wrong

      have had 32 raids and met a boss once even with the 2x chance config i am using the mod allinone, and it in its config have a increased boss chance option might this cause issues? have removed its "z" so lua is after it in folder

  • is there a way for the scav not to kill the pmc I find few of them in the raids

    • I believe that has to do with the possible irregularity when it comes to the behaviours feature with fins ai. Sometimes the Scavs and PMC's fight each other properly and the PMC's should kill them off since they are a considerably higher difficulty than the scavs but that doesn't exclude the Scavs from also using the same Aiming & Recoil modifiers as the PMC's since they're all considered AI..

      I've currently been trying to test some of that stuff, I'd like the PMC's to be stronger than scavs all the time but I can only do so much before it makes fighting Scavs yourself a boring task, which is not what I am aiming for.... :)

  • Having done a couple runs on Customs, the spawns there need a lot of work. The spawns seem overly concentrated on a couple key points and since the AI isn't roaming across the map it's causing the map to be dead outside of those map areas. If you go to those busy areas you end up with an absurd amount of free loot due to the PMCs and raiders killing each other when spawning together.

    Using current version as of time of writing.

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    • Yeah that could be because I left the spawn location weights as configured by Lua, so most of the weights for PMC's and Scavs might need some more looking into.

      Thanks for the feedback I'll do a few raids on customs and get back to you. ^^

  • thanks and sorry i'm using your modem and i liked it very good job

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    • No worries, glad you like the presets. :)

  • good afternoon could someone explain to me in simple words what or how the progression system would be

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    • Please go to Fins-AI-Tweaks for any questions regarding the mod itself. :)

  • When I try to download the


    it says that I don't have the needed access rights, the previous version, I can download.

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  • Any ETA on support the latest Fins AI with the progression system?

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    • Maybe 30 minutes from now.

    • You weren't kidding, great job!

      Love your config, btw.

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    • haha almost :)

      took me a bit longer than expected..

      Thanks glad you enjoy it ^^

  • keep getting "lua-cp is missing package.jason"

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  • Have you had any problems with pmc's and scavs being over weight, they want run and have heavy breathing all the time?

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    • Yeah this is the same for me, since installing this not a single npc runs anymore not pmcs not scavs not bosses no one, always slow walking and some of them loud breathing. I've checked through majority of the configs looking for whats causing it but I have no idea

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    • No I haven't had problems with PMC's or Scavs being over weight they seem fine for me and actually spawn with loot that doesn't give me a reason to think otherwise.

      If you are only doing a few raids on Factory and expecting immediate results you might be jumping the gun.

      PMC's, Scavs, Bosses and Raiders all move around and wander when they choose to for me, Bosses do spawn I just set them to a chance rate that feels like 'Live' to me. Some AI stay campy and that sort of thing is out of my hands because of the way behaviours work and might change when I update the presets to 1.19.0 for Fins AI.

    • I've done 4x raids on shoreline, 4x raids on factory and 4x raids on customs today literally done as tests, and still not a single npc was running. No scavs charging, no pmcs being aggressive. I shit you not I've spent the entire day here running around as a tourist hoping to spot a rare creature known as "not walking". Since I installed this mod, the only thing that remotely resembles a close to live feeling is that your config makes the ai shoot faster, shoot more, and shoot more accurately. As a live player I can tell you that I have never in 3000 hours watched a scav slow walk and be out of breath. Just for good measure I did yet another factory raid in the middle of writing this and stayed in the office building to listen and see if I could hear running footsteps. <2 minutes, a pmc yet again slow walked all the way from med tents to the office stairs and when he got close enough I could hear his out of breath noises. Killed him, scav wave spawned in, no other pmcs at all because not a single shot was fired other than me killing 2 scavs who wandered into office building aswell. Both, out of breath, and slow walking the entire way. I could hear the rest of the scavs slow walking across the factory and get this, before I left I lobbed an m67 at one that was walking away from gate 3 when he hadn't spotted me. He didn't give a single shit even though he yelled at the top of his lungs because of the nade at his feet. He continued to slow walk in the direction he wanted. The issue isn't a case of them NOT moving, they move. Just not the way they are supposed to be. I installed your configs less than 2 days ago and since then I haven't seen anyone move faster than if they were carrying 90kg of loot on them even though they aren't. I'm not sure if this is intended or not, or whether its a limitation imposed by Fin's mod but I can tell you now that after a solid day of testing this over and over, with all 3 freshly installed mods mind you, I give up.

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    • ALRIGHT bro no worries. All I am saying is that I am getting very DIFFERENT results than what you are getting and I don't really understand why exactly so all I can do is guess and say that it has to be something else thats conflicting with something.

      Sorry I couldn't help. ;(

    • It is definitely fin's ai that is causing all the ai to be unable to run, finally nailed it down. Going to test if default Fin's config is able to recreate it. EDIT-Thought i'd add that when only reworked spawns is used the ai move normally, not a problem with that one.**

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  • Any update plan for the new FIN'S AI TWEAKS version ? :)

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    • Yes I just updated the description about that.

      Problem is I don't know how long it will take me to get the difficulty to how I have it set up now since every update with Fins-AI-Tweaks seem to change a lot of things good and on some occasions bad, so patience is advised for the presets to become updated. :/

      For now ( at least for me ) things seem to work mostly fine with the updates these presets have been configured to. :)

      But by all means don't let that stop you from updating to their newest versions and trying things out yourself. ^^

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  • Zicoman is the man indeed

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    • Nah you da man dawg pog

  • I have this config as replacement for Bread and butter for now. I checked this mod page like every hours to see if there somethign new to try or not.

    I love your dedication to mention and include other suggestion. Good luck manne :)

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    • Thanks for the feedback homie! ^^

      All I'm doing is changing numbers and lines around for two mods that do ALL the magic, I figured people would prefer a quick and easy download for certain presets they'd like to use if they do not feel like changing the values around themselves.

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  • A great and easy config's to download

    Zicoman provides a great and easy to use config for those who play SPT-AKI but find the vanilla AI too easy to beat.
    The Default config gives the feeling of playing STALKER Anomaly on max settings, No Quick saves to save you here tho,
    But it gives you a real feeling of a challenge, Now when i figure that a scav boss is nearby i no longer just blindly rush at them, I check my ammo and gear to see if i'm ready for the battle.

    And if you see a PMC you better be ready, They will rush you, They will flank you, And if they hear the sound of a medkit you better have a full mag and quick aim.

    I 100% recommend using one of the configs provided by zicoman.

  • Very challenge

    This mod make us think we fight with real player =O

    The only downside is the bot's spawn location still predictable.

    Hopefully new Lua location version fix this problem someday ;(

  • Very nice

    A very nice mod,made by someone that know how the bots should feel,i love their behavior.One small recommandation tho,a lighter version as the game tends to lagg a bit towards the end.

  • Works

    Tested. This is a good option for people that aren't confident in changing mod configs. Bots are challenging but aren't aimbotting me. Spawn rates seem close to on par with live as well. Good mix of aggressive and normal enemies. Try this if you're lazy and still want a decent experience.